Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boy am I bad on the computer with this kind of technical stuff!  I have tried to adjust the pic in the heading some but I obviously need to keep working.  So I will say that this is a work in progress and it is hard to tell what you will be greeted with each time you visit.

Today I hope to finish Squashed of the Old Crow Series from Leigh Designs.  I am almost sitting on the doorstep hoping the thread I need will arrive.  If not, then I will need to wait until tomorrow to finish this one.

Never fear, however!  I have the wonderful Fast Friends to keep me occupied.  I know this is going to be a fun, fun piece to stitch.  Do you somehow get the feeling that I love my work?

I have to change gears here in a few hours.  I will be teaching the second session of a three-session lesson in Temari to the local ANG Chapter.  This is really a one-day class but since we only have a couple of hours after the meeting we needed to break it up.  It works out well this way for us.  We had so much fun with the first session I'm afraid to see what we'll end up doing tonight.  It is an introductory class to temari.  I am teaching 2 designs.  One is mine and one I have purchased permission from Barbara Suess to teach her Morning Glory design.  Here are the pics.  One is an S6 and the other is an S8.  The black one is Golden Royale and is an S6 marked ball.

The blue one is by Barbara Suess entitled Morning Glory and is an S8 marked ball. 

Aren't they pretty?

Well I'll be off to waiting for my thread until time to hit the shower for our fun adventure tonight.  Have a great evening all and be sure to Stitch with a Smile! 

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Like that photo better? Good luck with the header! I dread changing mine every time I get bored with my current look.