Saturday, August 29, 2020


That means that I am one year older than I was for my last post!  Believe me, I'll take everyone that I am blessed with. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes.  I was blown away by the fabulous attention!

Not much to report on this week.  Been busy stitching models for upcoming classes so we can get the thread kits figured out.


Our first virtual class for Seminar 2020 is scheduled to have the first session September 8.  It is so wonderful that the classes can go forward. This new venue also opens doors for many who could not otherwise participate in these great class opportunities!  Thank you ANG for going forward!

Our second virtual class still awaits the canvases.  Fingers crossed for that one!


I am so excited as to how these class models are turning out! 

If possible I am more in love than ever with Lovable Llama! from Gayla Elliott.  I have kinda stepped out of my regular routine and decided to share with you a picture of the completed piece before classes start.  I wanted you to see that this cute guy is definitely worth waiting for! I think many of you will be introduced to some threads you have not used before and maybe even a few techniques! Be sure to check back in next week as he will be all decked out and ready to meet his public!

Next up is Spring Welcome! from PLDesigns.

Received the wonderful news that the canvases are on the way!  So actually Spring Welcome will start before our sweet Llama.  Stay tuned - update coming real soon on kit information and starting class date! Also a picture of the completed project will be shared soon!  Stitching and designer interpretation can make such a difference in a painted canvas.


I was raised with a phrase that was something like - necessity is the mother of invention.  Well Merry L goodies has taken that saying to heart and has created some fun and colorful lanyards to help us manage those pesky but so necessary masks!  Not only are they practical and useful they are stylish and colorful - I love happy colors.  Have a look see and send Ellen an email to get your special Mask Lanyard.  Check out Merry L Needlework Accessories!

Merry L has always been a wonderful supporter of our various endeavors and we love all her goodies - magnets and fobs to die for!

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

Be sure to check in to the Etsy Shop and see the new stitch guide that are added weekly.  Such fun!

Well that's pretty much it for this week.  Be sure to check back next week to see our handsome boy!  Stay safe and in good health.

Saturday, August 22, 2020


Our first face-2-face class in what seems like an eternity has been completed without any incidents.  Thank God for that safety and care.  We had our Covid test this morning as a precaution after our return and allowing the incubation period to pass and thankfully it is negative.  We stayed in isolation as a safeguard however.  Was really weird -after 58 years together being separated in the same house - hmm.  At least it was temporary and for a good  cause.

An interesting thing I learned on this trip for me was that I have been pronouncing Osterville incorrectly!  I don't know if I have it correct still but at least I am aware that I might be wrong and can apologize for my incorrect rendering.  

Hospitality was out the wazoo from these wonderful people.  Classes were great fun and students were marvelous!  I am so blessed and appreciate all the support from so many!


We are now concentrating on our online virtual seminar classes. Soon all of ours will be ready to go and I am anxious to share!  We are awaiting two more threads and all these stacked up packages can hit the post office.  YAY!


The goal is to start a new Mystery Class soon - like within the coming month or two at the most I hope!  Next in line is Gayla Elliott's Lovable Llama! I received some exciting new threads for me to try and I am most anxious because they look as if they would be perfect!  I am always looking for something different to share with you guys you know!  The sad news is that the canvases have not yet arrived at the shops - bummer.  But that's okay!  We'll just start this sweet guy in October.  Believe me I think you will agree that he is worth the wait.

Such a sweet, sweet face.  And I discovered there is a very similar camel!

NEEDLE 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - FB group for those who love to stitch AND travel

I have been told that travel interest is picking up bit by bit.  People are getting anxious to put this corona virus episode of our lives behind us and hopefully move forward.  Happily some are looking towards our stitching adventures.  

First up is our Island Hopping in Hawaii.  What better place to loose these dull, draggy feelings?  Such happy colors, sunshine and lively music!  We are ready and anxious!

So much to see and do!  And while resting, we'll stitch!  Check with our agent Russ at for specific details!  

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

Been having fun adding some new stitch guides to our Etsy Shop.  A few here and a few there begin to add up.  Still have a bunch to add so check back often!  Maybe the one you are looking for is here in the stack!  We had Penny MacLeod, Charley Harper, Colors of Praise, Brenda Stofft, Melissa Shirley, just to name a few!

Sneek peak!

Until next time stay safe and follow the Covid-19 guidelines to stay healthy!

Saturday, August 15, 2020


Arrived safely at the Boston airport without incident.  But there should have been none as I processed my papers as requested, had my Covid test (48 hours before landing) which was negative, and submitted all documents telephonically as indicated before I ever left Kentucky.

Flights where not real crowded but they weren't sparse either.  If you wanted a drink you had to ask for it.  My only issue was I almost froze to death - no blankets either.  I guess I'll start carrying my own.

I was met at the airport by my lovely hostess Kathleen.  Kathleen is great.  We don't just drive where we are going, I get a personal commentary of what I am passing, where I am going, etc.  We also take little detours and the long way around sometimes. It is wonderful. The history here is unbelievable.

First stop, of course, was the shop Osterville Needlepoint Shop.  Oh my!  What a lovely shop.  Windows with natural light to die for! Wonderful space!  Threads beautifully displayed for all to see and feel (and of course purchase).  But what is also wonderful is that if they do not have it they will get it for you.  

The shop setup is such that the students are well within the 6 ft guidelines.  You walk in the door with your mask on; you use the hands sanitizer first, your temperature is taken and then you get to enjoy a little bit of heaven for us Needlepointers.  The shop even has two or three of those HEPA filter machine things that run all night (sorry I don't the real specifics of what they are called and what they do but they are running all night too and doing their job to keep us safe!)

Of course there are cute,  cute,  cute canvases.  If you like mermaids this is the place to come.  My favorite canvas was this one, however:

Is this me or what?

A Kate Dickerson and Melissa Shirley trunk show came in while we are here so that is fun too.

I gotta admit that one of my favorite employees of Osterville Needlepoint is Daisy.  Isn't she adorable?  Daisy is a beautiful giraffe (8 ft tall I might add) and her job is to showcase unique, mostly one of a kind needle minders made by Kathleen.  But the wonderful thing about Daisy's treasures is that all proceeds from sales go to the Cape Cod Food Bank.  Magnets are available for $15.  Check Osterville Needlepoint Shop FB page and their Instagram page to see the ones that are available.  Scroll through older posts too and see which one(s) strike your fancy. - hard to settle for one especially since it is for a good cause. How neat is that?

How can you not love that face? Look at that lipstick hanging down from those plump, lush lips.

First day of class was wonderful and so fulfilling.  (I erroneously stated in my post day before yesterday that my first day was Boston but I am not in Boston - I just landed in Boston).  I was amazed at how great the students are about wearing their masks.  So respectful.  Students were eager to learn, open to new suggestions, and willing to try.  Can't ask for more than that. 

Second day was just as wonderful.  I had a pleasant surprise on this day as 4 of my students were from my backyard - Cincinnati.  Those who know me know that I am having a blast.

Third day brought more new canvases and challenges.  I love being able to share something new to someone. An extra bonus was to get to see my friend Ann from NY who just moved to Cape Cod - moving van wasn't even unpacked yet - and she stopped to say hi.  That was very special for me.  

Today is the last day of embellishments - bummer.  Sunday will be a techniques class.  We will be having a few more people than during the daily embellishment classesso we want to be sure to do our due diligence in the social distancing field.  This class is a lecture type class so no real movement going on from place to place. A tent has provided extra room if needed. All is well.  


Working on Lovable Llama in an effort to begin sharing him next month maybe.  The canvases are now available so it is both hopeful and exciting to see activity on that front.

Just email us at duodesignsinc@yahoo to join the class if you desire.  This is a 6 session class and the lesson packet is $150.  Order your canvas and supplies from your LNS.  If you need assistance just ask and we'll steer you in the right direction to get what we are using for this 'lovable' guy. Once you become a member of the class you are invited to a secret FB page and there you will find the materials posted.

Spring Welcome from PLDesigns is on stretcher bars and active. I am very pleased with this guy's progress.  No word on the canvas shipments as yet though.  Remember this class will be a full kit with additional felting tools option to make sure you have available the proper tools for the best result.  I am anxious to return home because I am at the point where the felting can begin! Email to join us -

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - FB group for stitchers who like to travel

Reservations continue for our upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise.  NCL is really working hard to make sure they have dotted all their 'i's and crossed all their 't's.  Be sure to contact Russ at for all the information.  It is my understanding that space has been decreased to assure our safety so be sure to make your reservations early.  April isn't that far away!

Gotta get my head together to play with another group of lovely ladies today!  Always so exciting!  Such beautiful projects!  Did I mention that I feel very blessed?

Have a great week and please stay safe and well.

Saturday, August 8, 2020


Well it has been March until I have really been 'anywhere.'  I am to fly to Cape Cod to teach f2f for 5 days at Osterville Shop.  So excited!  They even have the cutest face masks for us!

What a memorable item to have.!  We have some of the most fantastic and diverse canvases to work on too.  Lots of new stitch guides will be heading to the Etsy Shop in a few weeks.  I also learned that they have rented a large tent and we will be having classes outside if the weather holds.  Isn't that sad to have to teach outside at Cape Cod (tee tee).

I know I've left some out but you get the general idea.  There is Patti Mann, Labors of Love, CBK, Maggie, Needle Crossings, Stitches by the Sea, Colors of Praise, Ruth Schmuff, Melissa Shirley, Sandra Gilmore, Penny MacLeod, Shelly Trubbey, Westerville, ACOD, a custom design,  and the diversity of designs for my upcoming week is amazing!  What a great outing this is going to be!


Look at the beautiful name tags we teachers received for our Virtual Seminar!  The volunteers did a fantastic job.  That is a beautiful bead that is used for the pot.  We have a pocket on the back to hold our credit cards, room keys (NOT this year), etc.  Thank you so much for the beautiful work and the contribution to our Guild! Where would we be without our volunteers.


We are so pleased to learn that some of the designers are receiving canvases!  YAY!  Our Two by Two, unfortunately, is not in that group.  We will need to move it down the road a little as we cannot start it mid-September.  Lovable Llama, on the other hand, is being shipped so we will be moving it to start a little sooner.  Instead of November we will aim to be starting the Llama in October.  I can't wait to play with him.  I'll keep you posted.

In the meanwhile you can still sign up for these classes if you have not already done so.

To register for any of these classes just send an email to  We are considering adding Zoom discussion sessions for the Spring Welcome as an added bonus.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

We continue to add stitch guides to our shop - a few here and a few there.  Key watching and check in often.  

Be sure to stay safe and well!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

AUGUST!  Really?  AUGUST! 

 My birth month! I am thrilled to make it to another August!  Even in this crazy world we are currently experiencing!  We have learned that if we turn off the TV news, etc., it is really a beautiful place this world we live in.  Of course, we don't venture afar much normally so with these new rules it has not had the same results as it would on someone much younger I am sure.  We tried to have a picnic/swim party today with the grand/greatgrands and kids but that all went amuck.  First, of course, was the weather.  We are supposed to get a nasty storm today - all day.  Thankfully that has not materialized but the threat did its damage to cause us to postpone.  This may have been a blessing in disguise.  One of our great-grands got a call stating that teacher had tested positive for covid so we know where that went!  We are awaiting Monday testing as a precaution. Quarantine guidelines made it unwise for participation in our already delayed 'party'.  Then SIL decided to fall and spend a big chunk of the evening in the ER acquiring stitches.  So because of the outside exposure to who knows what at the hospital that kinda sealed that decision not to come to the 'party.'  So hubby and I are just going to 'party' by ourselves.  Oh, and here is what the storm is looking like at Arthur Acres.


Some very small canvas orders are starting to dwindle in.  Still have not gotten the most important one for the time - the Hawaiian optional class design!  Of course!  Why should we expect differently.


Still handling registrations for the upcoming classes so be sure to get on the list of those you are interested in.  Just email us at  You may refresh our offerings by scrolling through some past older posts.

Arctic Parade - if you are taking this class and did not notice, we have posted the first embellishment packet for those who are interested in purchasing.  Go to the secret FB page and have a look if you missed it.

Quick little poll.  Let me know if you would be interested in attending a huckweaving (aka Swedish embroidery) class.  We would be teaching you how to make this placemat.  Haven't priced it out but can do so quickly if there is enough interest.  This probably would be a one session class only.  It was taught at a seminar a few years back.  

Well things are very quiet around here today so I will just go back to my stitching until dinner time.  Although, as most of you know, Hubby does most of the cooking, our children have gifted us with the Home Chef meals.  For some reason Hubby seems to think they are much better when I prepare/cook them.  Wonder if the fact that he cooks everything on high might have anything to do with that?

Please stay safe and healthy.