Saturday, October 19, 2019


Just a few days away from leaving for our Mediterranean Stitching Adventure which begins in Rome. House sitter has been briefed, kitty cats promise to behave (yea, right), and what can be done has been done so not to worry.

Wishing safe travels to all and we'll see you there.  Lots to see and lots of fun stitching and surprises that I am so excited to be sharing with you!

To get information on our next stitching adventure - Tulip Time on the Rhine - be sure to join our Facebook Group Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures.  This trip in April promises to be full of beautiful, colorful blossoms.  We will be back with UniWorld this time on the SS Antionette!  We know we are going to be spoiled and well cared for. So exciting!

Online Mystery Classes
Lessons were posted this week for the Online Mystery Classes.  These guys are just speeding along!

We did more on Santa Tags.  We shared the jingle bells, some hanger creations and the stockings.

For our Gossips group we finished another of the ladies - this time the pink one on the right.

I'm having a difficult time deciding which of the Gossips is my favorite.  There is something special I love about them all!  I hate to see this class end.  Only one more session.

Just a Sip is moving right along too.  We added the wallpaper, the topiary and the towel.  Fun techniques for this design too.

The stitch for the towel is in my Can Do Hairdo book which is available in my Etsy Shop (duodesignsbySandra).  Come check it out.

We added more stitch guides to the Etsy Shop this week as well.  Be sure to check often as we are continually bringing in more of our stock.

Registration for new classes is going quite well.

Kissmas Eve from PLD Designs is a real cutie:

The beautiful Fall Welcome Wreath with Scarecrow is also from PLD Designs and promises lots of techniques in its vast selection of goodies. This design class covers 8 sessions instead of the usual 6.

If you would like to participate in either of these classes just send an email to and we'll add you to the notification list!

Till next time!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Goodness me!  Only a few weeks away from our Mediterranean Stitching Adventure!

Am I ready?  No?  Anything major to do? No?  Am I excited?  Yes!  Will it get done? Yes!

Will go to a bull fight - definitely not!  A flamenco show - definitely yes.

First up will be to finalize this month's lessons for the Online Mystery Classes.  These guys are so much fun!  Can't wait to share them with you next week.  Time really speeds by on these projects.  It never ceases to amaze me.

We are currently accepting reservations for new classes for 2020 including Fall Welcome Wreath

and Kissmas Eve

To register send an email to me at  More complete details can be viewed on earlier posts here.

HEADS UP!    NAN - is now ready for registration for the 2020 Assembly.  Go have a look at all the wonderful class opportunities that are presented.
I would love to have you enroll in my classes and come play with me.

A 2-day class Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources

And a 2-day class Winter Cardinal design by Maggie.

In the meanwhile, I am anticipating painting new designs in trying to decide whether to exhibit at Destination Dallas market next year.  I haven't exhibited in years!  I'm kinda on the fence about it and will need to make a decision soon if I plan to have product ready for the shop owners.  We'll see how the creative juices flow.  Plus I'm thinking of bringing out some of my previous class pieces and offering them commercially now.

My main concentration at this exact moment is to get my 'stuff' together for the trip.  My personal stuff that is.  Everything for my students is all packed away and ready to head to the airport in a few more weeks!  So so excited.

Just saw a notice this week about hotel reservation information for the upcoming ANG national seminar to be held in Tucson, AZ for 2020.

I am fortunate to be teaching classes there.  

Crazy Needles Journey

Ribbons, Beads, a kazillion techniques, oh my!  This piece got its name because stitches used have a 'traveling' feel to them - Hungarian, Parisian, Dutch, French, etc., get it?

Flags of Glory

A fun piece to work!  Playing with different shading, stitch manipulation, ribbons, beads, sequins.  Love this piece.

More later so stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend.  It is perfect here in Central Kentucky today.

Saturday, October 5, 2019


Oh dear!  It is hard to believe that in less than 3 weeks I'll be in Rome again!  What a lovely thought. Along with that thought comes reality as well.  Yikes!

Kits to prepare.  Well, actually complete.  You know how you have a million things that need one more this or that?  That's about where I am on the agenda.  Have my first extra bag almost completed for my wonderful participants!   This is one of the most exciting parts for me.

What secrets lurk within? ? ?

I'm getting ready to pull out the second extra bag and start stuffing it.  Yes, stuffing!  I'm not very good at packing - if it fits and it's within weight limits - I'm good.  LOL.  I so envy people who are much better organized and neater than I ever was or could be.  I just don't seem to want to give the time needed for such a feat.

Somewhere along the way I need to start thinking of what I intend to wear.  I'm not too hung up on that part of my life.  If it is clean I am mostly happy.  And I pray that I don't clash too badly to embarrass my friends and family.

Excursions are also on my mind.  There are so many wonderful things to consider that I am having a difficult time deciding.  We have already planned for the Amazing Azamara adventure in town and the white night event.  Sorta looking at one of the driving tours of the Amalfi Coast.  That sounds real appealing to Bill and me.  We are such wild people!

One of my most looked forward to adventures will be in Sardinia, Italy where we will have a special class on Italian Embroidery - Filet Embroidery - taught by Italian instructions (thank goodness for interpreters!) in Italy!  Can't get much better than this!  Italy!  Italy!  Italy!

While these finishing touches are happening for the Mediterranean Stitching Adventure, great activity is going on for our upcoming Tulip Time on the Rhine Stitching Riverboat Cruise in April 2020.

We have a great schedule for this adventure in April 2020. Plan to be there when tulips are in full bloom!

Of course riverboats are much smaller so it is more critical to make a decision to join us as early as you can.  The ship will only accommodate 152 (I think that's the number) of passengers.  We are off to a great start with approximately 24 already registered!  Come join us for the fun!  Never know what I might be up too. And there is a special discount for paid in full through October 31!   Email me at for more information.  Or hop over and join our Facebook Group - Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - to keep up with what is happening and our future plans.

Okay gotta get back to working on the Online Mystery Class Lessons for October. These need to be posted and shared before we head off to Europe!  Gotta keep ahead here!  Have a great weekend!