Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Morning!

Gosh, it seems forever since I have made a post.  Maybe because it has been forever.

I have been quite ill since the first of the year and that is very unusual for me.  Upon inspection by my family doctor we discovered that this nasty feeling of weakness, tiredness, horrible cough, etc., is really and has been, pneumonia.  After stuffing my body with antibiotics, plenty of rest and fantastic spoiling by my husband, and of course proper supervision by an old cat of 22+ years who is himself dying, I can safely say that I am on the mend and I believe starting to feel like my old self.

Things have been happening during this period, however.  Time does not stand still fortunately.  Class selections for EGA and ANG Nationals for 2015 took place the past 2 weeks.  I was honored to have some of my classes selected for the EGA National 2015 to be held in San Antonio.

Here is my new pride and joy   Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  She is such a pretty autumn piece.  Keep in mind that she is just off the stretcher bars and has not been setup nor framed.

She has needle felting added with silk roving - yes silk roving not wool roving.  We are going to have so much fun with this piece.  It is on 14ct. canvas and will work up quickly.  There are lots of fun stitches and threads provided for this 2-day class. Of course I had to throw in a little stump work techniques.

The other class was requested by EGA and is the popular Diamonds and Rubies.  This lovely ornament is a self-finishing design and will be offered in three color ways so you have many choices. 

It has been reformatted to be presented in a more relaxed paced 2-day class. This will even allow some turbo stitchers to finish the ornament and possibly start the finishing process before heading home.  There will be step-by-step demonstrating of finishing in class so that you can make your own needlepoint into the lovely finished product as photographed above.

The downside to this great news is that since EGA got to select first this year, ANG will not be able to offer this class this year.   So, since I proposed the same classes to ANG, I will not be teaching at ANG 2015.  This is the first time in many years that I will be absent from ANG National.  I will miss it terribly but I look forward to my new adventure at the EGA Seminar and hopefully will be able to return to ANG 2016, wherever it may be.

In a few weeks I will be teaching at the NAN Seminar in Troy, Michigan.  To The Beach
is the class that is being taught, and as always, is going to be lots of fun.  The gals signed up for the class seem to be excited and I know they will not be disappointed.

Until next time, remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

WOW!  Here it is February already.  Where is 2014 going so quickly?

I have been fighting a terrible cough ever since I left TNNA market.  And in spite of my impressions of the south and Alabama, I am freezing while I am teaching down here at Serendipity in Tuscaloosa.  I must say however, that the hospitality is very warm and makes up for the cold weather, sort of.  Every one is wonderful in spite of my short temper and barking cough.

Just wanted to remind those of you already signed up for The Mystery of Yolanda that if you have not already done so to be sure to contact your favorite LNS and order your canvas to give them time to get it in for your first lesson.  Those of you still wanting to participate you have time to join in.  Just send me an email at duodesignsinc@yahoo.com  and we will add you to the list.  I will be setting up a private yahoo group in a few days and you will get an invite to join.  Some have advised that you prefer to receive private emails and not participate in the group and I will respect your wishes.

The first lesson will be invoiced and sent in March.  I am getting excited!


Remember to stitch with a smile and those of you who are fighting the freezing weather hang in there!