Saturday, September 26, 2020

 Temperatures drop.

We are having rather strange weather here but nothing too concerning.  It may be in the 40s in early morning, high 70s mid day and dropping down in the 50s by evening.  The days are beautiful though and we enjoy our walk out to the mailbox.

We have been frantically working on getting stuff together for the upcoming Virtual Market Trade Show next month.  We are anxiously awaiting the invitation to go to our booth.  This is a new adventure for the biggest majority of us so it should be very exciting.

It has been over 20 years since I exhibited so it is like a totally new thing for me.  We'll see how it turns out.  I am going to take some of my line-drawn class pieces and have them painted and offered as painted canvases. This included the Ladybug Tea that is the header to this blog page. I am anxious to see what happens with them.

I have some new designs that I am very anxious to stitch.  I am sad that I was not able to have stitched samples of all my offerings but that's just me.  We all know that the majority of new designs do not have stitched examples.

I will also be stating which designs have stitch guides - or I plan to if I don't run out of time - lol.  This will be helpful for those shops that do not do stitch guides for their clients but will be able to provide them if there is a need.

When the shops attend the Virtual Trade Show, in my booth they will be able to share a catalog with their customers.  This will enable you to tell you LNS what you want and they can order for you right away.

The drawback to the whole market scene will be that many of us will be awaiting canvases from the painters.  Not a problem because the largest majority of us are in the same boat.  Anyway get ready for October 24th and let your LNS know what you may be looking for! You will be able to see the catalog on our web page as well on the 24th - - so you can look and give a shout out to your LNS that there is something there that you cannot possibly live without!


A quick update on the Lovable Llama class invoices.  Those who may not have yet paid their PayPal invoice will be deleted from the class list.  This will happen Monday.  Thanks to those of you who have paid.  

I understand that canvases are trickling in a few at a time.  Stay patient!

So I must get back to the Virtual Trade Show preparations!  Stay safe everyone!

Saturday, September 19, 2020


One of the first things that we notice is how many leaves fill the skimmer baskets here at our pool.  Keeps hubby hopping.  Then we have these little sporadic spurts of a slight chill in the air - just an ever so slight breeze.  I don't mind fall but I sure do not look forward to winter.  Enough said


This past week was the monthly posting for our Online Mystery Classes.  

We had to say goodbye to our cute, cute, cute Scarecrow that is guarding the Fall Welcome Wreath created by PLDesigns.

This little fellow had so much going on that we made it an 8 session class instead of 6 sessions.  We still had some pretty full lessons though to get it all in but we made it!

Our Kissmas Eve class was dedicated to giving Santa his suit.  Cut trims on his jacket, etc.  Only one more session to go for this cute design.

The next class was Just Add Water.  This is a companion piece to one we did earlier Just a Sip. One reason we chose this design was because of some shared areas to make them compatible.  This lesson we concentrated on the wallpaper, the curtains and the topiary at the tub's end.


Well my blog postings might be a little sparse for the next few weeks.  We are going to exhibit at market which we have not done in over 20 years.  This year is it going to be a Virtual Market.  We are all excited about it as it is a new adventure for everyone and we'll be doing lots of learning and sharing.  We are also anxiously awaiting our canvases from painters which likely will not happen.  But, the shops know that and they know at everyone is in the same boat.  So we will be c concentrating on giving information so that the shops can order and be on the list for the inventory when it does arrive.

I am having so much fun preparing.  I do wish I had some turbo stitchers.  I feel pieces don't always show their full potential just as a painted canvas.  Many of us bring our to life with needle and thread.  I am introducing some whimsical designs that I can't wait to share.  Also I am retiring some of the more popular older class pieces and having them  converted to painted canvases. We'll be offering some stitch guides as well.  So things are very exciting around here right now.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

As I stated the last couple weeks, we continue to add stitch guides to our shop.  We pull in a few older designs as well as some of the newer ones.  It always surprises me what people are looking for.  So take a look.  The very one you are looking for just might be there!

Look at this guy!

Not sure of the official name but I call him Jellyfish.  He is from Melissa Shirley designs.

That's gotta be it for this week.  Until next time be sure to stay safe!

Saturday, September 12, 2020


Covid-19 can't keep a good stitcher down!  Most all of us have developed a new appreciation for our 'stash'.  While we formerly used to refer to our stash almost in embarrassment, we now embrace it with a new joy and love!  ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’• At least I know I have. (Well, actually I always have loved my stash.)

This past week we started our first class for the ANG virtual Seminar.  These guys have a lot on the ball.  I am sure our volunteers had no idea they would be faced with so many uncharted challenges to put on a seminar!  (you do realize that other than the event planners our group is comprised of volunteers don't you?) Hats off to all!  You are doing a great job considering all the obstacles that have been thrown at you!

My first class was for Crazy Needles Journey. Everything for Lesson 1 ran very smoothly!  Thanks to all those behind the scenes to make sure all are taken care of!

One session down and two more to go!  Lots and lots of things going on with this beauty!

This coming week we will begin another ANG Virtual Class Flags of Glory by Paul Brent artist.

This Virtual class will be made up of 4 sessions.  Can't wait to share!


Invoices are being processed for this handsome guy (or beautiful gal).

You still have time to join us.  Just send email to us at and we will get you enrolled in the class.  The 6-lesson packet is $150.  Students should be ordering their canvases and gathering their materials from their LNS now.  

For those who have already processed their invoices, an invitation went out to join the Secret Facebook Group.  There you will find the materials list.  You should have ample time to gather your goodies.  For those who need assistance please email us at and we will put you in contact with shops that are kitting the class with materials we used on the model.

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES  - hop over and join the group

This past week I have been 'filling' the Pacific Ocean for our Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Adventure set for April! I was lucky enough to get my model from the painters.  I'm trying so hard not to hop around much but as I stitch I always think 'wonder what blah blah would look like over there'.  Of course, I must do the blah blah and find out - so much for the Pacific Ocean for the time being. I'm anxious to get the model done to share with you!  It will be a true souvenir of our Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Adventure.  Be sure to check it out.  A brochure is on file in the Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventure Group - go join if you are not already a member. You can also email us at

ETSY Shop - duodesignsbySandra

With the scent of autumn in the air one's thoughts venture into all things fall and Halloween.  Check out some of our fun stitch guides over in our Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra!

I'll go back to the Pacific Ocean now.  Have a great weekend and please stay safe!

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Wonder how many of you thought back in March that we would still be in the same corona virus scenario this far down the road?  Amazing isn't it?

We are starting to get a whiff of autumn in little spurts here in Central Kentucky.  Seems it is cooling off tremendously between high noon and early evening.  But then again, we are in Central Kentucky in another day it might be a scorcher or pouring down the rain.

Today, however, was a perfect day.  The weather was wonderful and allowed us to have a very rare family get together. A small miracle as well getting everyone together in this small window of time.  We are so blessed and proud of our family.  Wish we could do this more often.  


I finished the Lovable Llama model for our online class and I am so pleased! This design is from Gayla Elliott. He materialized just as I had him pictured in my mind!  As I said last week I have decided to step out of the box and share a photograph of the finished piece instead of waiting until the end of the 6 session classes.  You still have the stitch mystery each month but I just knew that you would want to see him if you were on the fence about making the plunge of joining us.  We have a fun group signed up for this one. Many are repeaters and it is fun to see that there are also several new ones in the mix.    

Just email us at if you wish to stitch with us. The 6-session packet of lessons is a total of $150.  We post one lesson each month about mid-month.  Once we get word that most shops have the canvases in stock so they can service you we will reset the date for this handsome guy.

Canvases also arrived for this cute guy - Spring Welcome from PLDesigns.

THIS CLASS SIZE IS VERY LIMITED DUE TO NUMBER OF CANVASES AVAILABLE.  Class spots will be distributed by a first pay-first stay method.  Those on the notification list will receive an email advising of pricing options and when invoice is mailed.

 Dog Gone Good - I cannot find my note on who wanted the 18ct Dog Gone Good canvas.  Email me if it was you as I have located one.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - Private FB for our stitching and traveling friends

Exciting news on the home front!  The exclusive Hawaii optional project canvases arrived!  I cannot wait to begin stitching.  It takes so little to excite me!  And - No - I do not share the design until I have it stitched - looks so much more exciting with the threads, textures, sheens, etc.  Just hold on - coming soon!

Until next week stay safe and healthy!