Saturday, April 30, 2016


As many of you know, we prepare stitch guides to fulfill custom requests in addition to the stitch guides that we write for various classes.

These can be viewed on our website at under Online Shop.  Guides are listed alphabetically by designer.  Prices vary greatly due to several considerations. Stitch Guides that have been written specifically for a designer tend to be much less expensive than a custom stitch guide for various reasons.  The main reason is volume.

Come have a look at what we have to offer at the present time.  Check back often because we continue to add to the list.  As this is not my primary employment, the additions may go a little slow at times.

Some designers represented are ACOD, A.Bradley, Annie Lane, Brenda Stofft, Charley Harper, Curtis Boehringer, Danji (Laurel Burch), Duo Designs, Eye Candy, JP Needlepoint, Kathy Schenkel, Lee Designs, Leigh Designs, Sundance, Susan Roberts, Tapestry Fair, etc.

Enjoy some views -

Webmaster is currently adding the following

This will be added after TNNA Summer Market.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I have been notified that all my classes made it for the ANG Seminar in New Orleans!  Yay! And two almost went to lottery - so here is info for you if you are planning to attend Seminar and want to get into some more trouble!

Can Do Hairdos is a fun class to play with different hair styles using different threads.  We will have a 10" x 14" piece of 18ct canvas with line-drawn rectangles in which to play.  A lot to do in a day! And the day is August 30! 

I have created a monster by introducing needle felting on needlepoint and love it.  More and more are getting on the bandwagon.  This class with introduce you to the proper tools, how to use them properly, how to approach a canvas and how to get great results.  While a black and white kitty is shown other color options will be available.  This guy will walk you through the techniques needed on August 31.

Papillion butterfly is listed as a frame weight but there are many opportunities for other presentations of this piece.  We will have one appliquéd to a velvet pillow top (the blue one), the purple one will be mounted on a dowel with ribbon streamers to enhance that potted plant, etc., and the orange one is an actual frame weight.  Students will have their choice of one of these three colors.  The project covers various ways to use beads to enhance your needlework.  The first day will cover various backgrounds in preparation for the beading.  Day 2 will cover the actual beading. The dates are September 1 and 2. Students have 3 color choices.

There are only a couple of spots left so if you hurry you can join us in these fun classes.  More information will be provided in the student letters.

Go to under Seminars and review all the classes that are available.  You will have such fun!

Would love to see you there.  Email me if you have specific questions not answered through the class listings on the ANG website.

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, April 23, 2016


If you are signed up for any of the Online Mystery Classes and you have not already do so, please order your canvases right away.  Keep in mind that it can take 11+ weeks to get your canvas after the shop orders it.  Also, not a bad idea to go ahead an order the other canvases for the 2016 series as well for the classes that you know for sure you want to participate in.. That helps spread the expenses and give you peace of mind that you have the canvas in-hand! Let us know if you need assistance - -

Preparing for teaching at the EGA Sun Region Seminar in St. Petersburg this coming week. Back to the Beach!

Isn't this a great piece to be teaching in a beach setting?  We will have fun - as always - with this ladies.  Can't wait.  Some appliqué, ruching, weaving, trapunto, beading, and much more!  


Are you going to the TVA Seminar in Huntsville this year?  If so, I will be teaching my Pumpkin Spiced Tea class - come by and maybe take some classes.  


It is amazing how quickly these lessons move once we start on a project.  We are currently working on Lesson 5 for Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories.  Unbelievable!  Lesson 4 had us adding more to the Rabbit's clothing, stitching the flower topiaries and the trellis.  This is in preparation for Lesson 5 which will start the flowers growing up the trellis.

Lesson 3 is in the works on the cute Thanksgiving Critters. We introduced the first critter - Mole - in Lesson 2.  

I think he turned out cute as he could be!  Now he anxiously awaits another of his friends to join him through Lesson 3. Whomever will it be?

And we will launch into Lesson 1 of the upcoming Pillow Collage!  

It is so wonderful to begin this project.  We have been working on it in the background by offering up the option of adding a chest under the pillows.  With this we provided instructions on how to paint that area if desired.  So, technically, we have already begun this project.

Also, some are working on the companion piece which has a few areas that are different that will not be covered in this class, but for 95% of the design the lessons for this one can be used on the companion piece.

'SPECIAL' Online Mystery Class:  Arctic Parade

This fun piece will have its first lesson posted June 15.  Right now most are just awaiting the arrival of their canvases and/or thread kits (no such thing yet)!  I have had so much fun just working through trying to determine how to sort out the various lessons!  WOW!  We are gonna stitch a lot of 'stuff'!  

As soon as I return from EGA Sun Region Seminar I will be preparing to return to Designers Desk in Geneva, IL on May 13-16.  If you have time you might want to check it out and come share an embellishment class with us.  We'd love to have you participate.

The shop has been put up for sale so we are getting in as much stitching as we can before a major change occurs.

In the meanwhile, browse down through older posts and look at all the fun we have planned for the remainder of 2016 and on into 2017.  We are currently looking at couple more designs to add to the 2017 agenda so if there is something you are dying to play with just let us know!

Stitch with a smile!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


You going to the TNNA Summer Market in DC? What a great opportunity to combine business and a mini-family vacation. Right there in our Nation's Capitol! Beautiful place to be - all the museums, landmarks, breathtaking. On the business side, however, remember there are great classes to be had before the market floor is open. On Friday we are presenting a full day of Leigh Designs 'Catch of the Day'. Look what is captured! A beautiful mermaid - beads, crystals, wonderful threads - all for you to play with from 8am to 5pm on Friday. Then on Saturday morning from 7:45am until 9:45am (just before market opens) we will present Lee Designs/Colonial Needle's Paddington Bear - isn't he adorable as he waves his hat - and his hat band is beaded on a mini-beading loom! Beautiful wools, metallics, silks and overdoes await your fondling. So, if you have not already done so, go to the TNNA website, click on Summer Market, Classes, and choose some to attend. We would love to see you there.

Also as a stitcher, tell your Shop to stop by and get these wonderful canvases for your stash!

Saturday, April 16, 2016


It was time to say goodbye to Annie Lane's Online Mystery Class - Cats in a Dinghy.  What a fun piece to work with.  We did a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  We had lots of traditional needlepoint stitches but done with such fun threads.  There was beautiful silks, glorious Dinky Dyes overdyes, Pepper Pot Silk, Trio (part silk,part wool), and Splendor silks.  There was Bella Lusso wool and Vineyard Merino wool. And, of course, as always I used a few unorthodox items such as Painters Thread shimmer, Rainbow Gallery sheens of Neon Rays, Silk Lame` and Patent Leather, Straw Silk from Silk Roads, felted balls, sequins, and metallic accents - as well as cotton!  We had happy fish swimming in a colorful ocean and happy cats that included some needle felting and couched DMC memory thread in their red little dinghy.  All in all it is a happy piece and fun to stitch.

Cats in a Dinghy - Annie Lane
Stitch Guide Available Shortly

Next we shared Lesson 4 of Brenda Stofft's Online Mystery Class - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories.

We fancied this guy up with his ruffled neckpiece, and began a garden.  Two topiaries stand beside him with fun threads creating a backdrop for ribbon roses in decorated pots with dots of beads.  Next on board was creating the trellis to prepare for the beautiful flowers that will soon be climbing up the way.

Anxiously awaited was Lesson 2 of Melissa Shirley's Online Mystery Class - Thanksgiving Critters.  I think the word 'Thanksgiving' adds a limitation to this design because is it a great fall/autumn piece and is applicable to most parts of the world that do not share nor know what Thanksgiving is or means.  This adventure involved stitching the mole who starts the line of characters.   He is now ready to be joined by another of his friends in Lesson 3.

Invoices have been processed, kits have been ordered and sent (for the most part), and class is about ready for Lesson 1 of the beautiful Online Mystery Class - Pillow Collage from the collection.

Those who want to add a bench under their pillows are busily doing so in preparation for the stitching to begin.

The 'Special' Online Mystery Class - Arctic Parade from Brenda Stofft is also in the wings and being ordered, painted and shipped.  This magnificent piece is not for the faint of heart as it is made up of two large pieces 37.25" x 30", as well as a beautiful face on 24 ct fabric.

We are all auditioning ways to set this guy up for our work sessions.  We are sharing pictures and ideas involving the various floor stands, stretcher bars and scroll bars.  He is going to be so much fun.  I am having fun just breaking down the various lessons and I haven't even taken a stitch as yet.  This 'Special' class has a class fee of $260 for a minimum of 10 sporadic lessons (which means no set schedule - lessons will be posted as I get them).

Orders are starting to flow for the next regularly scheduled Online Mystery Class - Happy Haunting Grounds  from Eye Candy.

Registration is currently open.  If you are registered and have not done so, order your canvas right away as you do not want to miss a beat.  Invoices will be mailed around the first of June and the first lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-July.  

Another canvas that should be on order is your beautiful Online Mystery Class - Robin Wreath from Melissa Prince.

Invoices will be mailed around the first of August and the first lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-September.

For the remaining classes for 2016 scroll down through older posts and read all about them.  And 2017 isn't too shabby either!  This is so exciting and colorful!

REGISTRATION:  To register for any of the current and upcoming classes simply send an email to and state that you want included on the notification list.

A month before lessons start, you will receive an email stating that invoices are being mailed.  Once payment is processed you are invited/included in a secret Facebook page.  There you will find the materials list, general information documents, and meet your fellow participants.  If you change your mind simply ignore the invoice.

So - if you are so inclined come join  us in any or all of these classes.  They are so delightful and I am blessed with wonderful participants!

Until next time - stitch with a smile.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Classes!  Classes! Classes!

Had so much fun with the various groups at Designers Desk in Historic Geneva, Illinois! Had some out-of-towners in addition to the locals - Kathy came from Milwaukee and Nancy and Peggy (don't know which one for sure) came from Florida - they are sisters.  Had a mother daughter team  Mel and Glorianne- yay - always fun.  David came and shared his completed buffalo felting from last trip - Jeanne who will help keep David on the straight and narrow and make him rip out -   Kathryn - my hero and limo driver is always wonderful.  Met Mary Ann who is an online student for the first time and had a lot of fun giving her a rough time.  There was Dottie,  Maryellen, Shirley  - Oh gosh I hate to do this for I am fearful as to who I have left out.

The group at Designers Desk is always very helpful but Missy is my right-hand man!  She makes sure they let me eat lunch - a girl after my heart.

Pat's group was busily kitting the threads and canvases for the upcoming Online Mystery Class - Pillow Collage.  Oh gosh, it is such fun seeing all those skeins and skeins of threads and cards and cards of thread, and ribbons, and beads etc., etc., etc.  Unfortunately I had to stay upstairs and teach so I could not play in all that heavenly stuff.

Pillow Collage from the collection

Still time to register:  Email  First lesson does not post until May 15.  Invoices are being processed now.

Off to catch a plane - - - more this weekend!