Saturday, January 30, 2016


It was so good to see everyone at Callaway Gardens this year.  Seeing old friends is always a joy and adding new ones is a treasure.

My first class in Beading on Needlework was wild!  We had so much fun and it was my largest class. We had a fantastic room in which to work - loved the horseshoe shape - projector screen in the front, etc.  Also close to the exit door in case I had to escape quickly - LOL.

My next two classes were rather small but great nonetheless.  Our first day in Heloise Hooty was in a classroom where we froze our butts off!  We had to wear coats!  But, never fear, Pat Callihan was johnny on the spot and got our room moved during break so we could be more comfortable.  The room was smaller but we were okay.

The next class was a little larger, Pumpkin Spiced Tea, and we were a little more snug in the room.  However, we opted to stay put rather than take a chance on returning to our first room and freezing although we were assured that it was much warmer than a few days before.

Food was good and the staff very helpful.  If you have never been to Callaway you should treat yourself to the experience.  It is smaller than the huge seminars and, therefore, much more intimate.  You get to know your fellow classmates and share lots of wonderful meals, classes and just plain ole friendship.  I hope to see you there at future events!

After a few days at home (long enough to do laundry and get dry cleaning returned) I am packing to be off to Blue Bonnet Retreat!  This, too, is one of those smaller intimate venues.  I love their coziness and friendliness.  I taught there last year and was very impressed and am very much looking forward to returning this year.

My first class is a Ruth Schmuff design - Boston Terrier Cocktail.
The next class is the Pumpkin Spiced Tea shown above.  I will be teaching the Pumpkin Spiced Tea many times in 2016 so watch for it.

SNEAK PEEK:  Here are pictures of next years classes at Blue Bonnet - put them on your calendar.  They are both from JP Needlepoint's owl series - Blackbeak Hooter and The Black Queen.
I fly directly from Blue Bonnet to the ANG OK Chapter to a resort setting to teach my design the fun Crazy Needles Journey.

This piece was named because I wanted the seam treatments used in crazy quilts and the journey part came from the majority of stitches having names of countries - Hungarian, Dutch, Paris, Rumania, etc.

From OK I return home one day then I'm off to Houston for a week long retreat.  My daughter will be joining me for this adventure and we will stitch, visit, work, etc., with friends in a beautiful setting.

To fill in the void spots, we are preparing to start sending the invoices out for our next Online Mystery Class,  Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving Critters - which I choose to call Autumn Critters because it has a function that goes beyond our Thanksgiving holidays here in the state.  There are no pilgrims, just fall colors and foliage!

Invoices go out next week for $150 for a 6-lesson packet.  First monthly lesson will be posted mid-March.  You still have time to join us.  Just email me at  We'd love to have you play with us.

So, gotta go and work on models and stitch guides!

More later - remember to stitch with a smile!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

TNNA Winter Market was a beautiful event.

I was so impressed with all the booths.  Several of us were talking about how, for some reason, this market looked much better, more professional, and more calming than they have been in the recent past.  People were busy, and I understand that the shops that were there were buying,  but for some reason it was not with the urgency that has been sensed in the past. It was a very enjoyable experience!

I taught 3 classes and had a lot of fun.  My only complaint was that my hotel was at one end of San Diego and my classroom was at the other end - even the student/shop owners commented on it as well.  I logged 4.2 miles and was teaching in the room for 6 hours on one day so that gives you some indiction as to how much I was walking to and from my room.  But I loved it anyway.

Those of you so inclined, keep in mind that the EGA Sun Regional Seminar in St. Petersburg is coming up and  I will be teaching on April 29 through the first of May my Back To The Beach Ladies!!

Check out the details on the EGAUSA website or contact with specific questions.  I would love to see you there.

I have been working away on our current Online Mystery Classes.  We have posted Lesson 3 for Cats in a Dinghy - Annie Lane Designs.

This lesson covered the Dinghy and playing with some interesting threads.

We also posted Lesson 1 for Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories - Brenda Stofft.

This lesson took care of all the background areas.  We are now in position to begin playing with some fun techniques as this piece develops.

It is time for those who want to participate in the S.O.S. in CyberSpace Session II to notify me and get registered.  This is a limited size class and there are only a couple of slots available.  This is an embellishment class where you choose any canvases and ask questions for certain issues. Scroll down to the 2016 Online Class Schedule to read more about it.  Email me at

We are very excited about the upcoming Online Mystery Class selections and the new pieces we selected at the TNNA Winter Market.  Participants are already putting their names on the notification lists.  So, if you see something you want to join us in our playtime, just send me an email so that I can put your name on the notification list.  I need your email address to place you on that list.  Send email to me at

Now, for the current happenings, I am packing and preparing to leave for Callaway.  I will be teaching 3 classes there.  It will be so fun - Beading on Needlework is a 1-day class; Heloise Hooty (ACOD canvas) is a 2-day class and Pumpkin Spiced Tea is a 2-day class (see that needle felting in there?).

So, once again I am blessed with much on my plate and love it.  I hope to see you at Callaway Gardens!  Stop in and say hi if you are there.

In the meanwhile, be sure to send an email letting me know which Online Mystery Classes you are interested in receiving more information for.  Also, many shops are offering special discounts for participants in my classes once their participation has been verified so you want to be sure to take advantage of that discount.

Have a great weekend and Stitch with a Smile!


Monday, January 11, 2016


Wow!  That was fast.

I just returned home from teaching at the TNNA Winter Market in San Diego.  So many new things to see and decisions to make.

I actually got to spend some time on the market floor looking for some new things to play with in our Online Mystery Classes!  And I was not disappointed!  I found three right away that just blew me away and I want to share a sneak peek with you!

I have been trying to find a beautiful canvas for my Jewish friends and I think I have found it!  This beautiful Menorah from Tapestry Fair.   Beads?  Metallics?  Lots of bling, pretty stitches, and more.

AND, what I think is an exciting aspect of this design is, the company has also painted each candle individually so one could create ornaments if they would prefer!  One class can be used for both types of canvas!

 We are going to have fun!

A very happy canvas I found just abounds with possibilities!  I could not forego this beautiful Songbirds from Danji!

Look at all the colors!  Hmmmm, beads, dimensional stitches, fluffs, puffs, etc., etc.!

And then as I visited with Pat at the Pajamas and Chocolate booth , this cute canvas of trees just kept grabbing my eye!

I don't see this design as 'Christmas'.  That's not to say that it could not be if one so chooses, but I loved its simple line and felt it would offer a break from the more complex designs that we work with the majority of time.

Anyway, as you can see, we are going to be busy!  There'll be lots more details later as I work them all out but I wanted to share my finds with you!  I'm anxious to get your feedback!

Have a great week - - -