Saturday, October 9, 2021


A new title has joined our POCKETBOOK SERIES!  Tisket, Tasket, Lots and Lots of Baskets are being shipped as we post this .

The new Pocketbook is 55+ pages chocked full of detailed diagrams and colored pictures of the finished techniques!

The book covers lots of suggestions for creating baskets, rims and handles.  

Check with your LNS and get yours today!

Another door closes . . . 

My three classes for the ANG Kansas City Virtual Seminar have now been completed.  Although I certainly missed the f2f interaction with my students, we managed to have a good experience anyway.  Many have already finished either their Heloise Hooty, Vessels, or the Conventional Techniques with Unconventional Resources.  While it was wonderful sharing with students we are all looking forward to a return to the f2f venues next year for our 50th Anniversary!  Fingers crossed!


Things are settling down with the quirks and setbacks created through Internet being (as the message that is blared out to me on the computer) UNSTABLE.  We have managed to work around some disadvantages and the classes seem to be moving along smoothly. 

Our Uniquely Yours With a Twist has had its fourth session and we are pleased with the results.  I love the way the students are reading their canvases and making very wise, and sometimes unique, choices as to where to use the stitch featured!  They are all learning from each other's choices and having fun doing it.  Many have already signed up for the second session that begins in December.  Send an email to if you are interested in getting more details.

Very creative participants!

The One-on-One Sessions are also going fabulously!  These classes are so personal and on point to what the participant wants to accomplish!  Love it!  

Along those lines we have been requested to consider shorter duration sessions.  So, we will begin offering an abbreviated round of One-on-One Sessions.  These sessions will be made up of 30 minutes for the 10 week period.  If interested in setting up your very own personal class just email us at


Various Guilds and Shops are slowly reverting back to live, f2f classes.  At least that is my explanation for the sundry proposal requests we are getting.

Coming in November (sold out) we will be teaching in Cape Cod, MA at Osterville Needlepoint.  This fantastic shop just changed owners so we will be going in under new management.  I anticipate no noticeable change however.,

The last week in January we plan to be at The Black Sheep in Orlando teaching the Wacky Flamingo and Can Do Hairdos.  Contact Anne for details.

We're also working on the contract for a guild in Minnesota for August 2022 so we'll see how that goes.  

I am traveling sparingly so picking and choosing my classes for the near future.

Until next time stay safe and Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, October 2, 2021


Gosh we barely get through one Saturday until another is upon us!  I suppose that means we have a full life with much going on and we are not focusing on what day of the week it happens to be.

We are having a lovely Fall here in Central Kentucky.  My husband states at least every few days - I believe this is the most beautiful fall we've had in a long time!  And he has been fortunate to have experienced many!

Zoom Classes

I'm about to tame this Zoom monster that I have been experiencing!  Zoom and Internet have not been very nice to me.  But never fear - we do not give up!  My Uniquely Yours With a Twist students have been so wonderful and patient.  I'm sure I would have thrown in the towel long ago if it were not for their encouragement.  

We have several venues going on.  We have the Uniquely Yours With a Twist which was our first stab at a little different approach.  Although a 10 week class we added 2 bonus sessions to afford the opportunity to get some kinks out.  I am so thankful that we did!  My students are really into this little twist of doing things and are achieving spectacular results!  I am so proud of them all!

Love this approach to a recently shared stitch and the combination of threads and stitches

Here's some peeks from some who have shared:

Fantastic texture!

Then we have the One-on-One classes which are all 10 weeks in length.  These are so focus is strictly on the participant and what they are working on and where they would like some guidance.  These sessions remind me of almost just sitting and chatting with a friend as we work through kinks or stumbling blocks.  I think these are really going to be some of my favorites.

And we have some Chapter contracts for the Uniquely Yours With a Twist.  These sessions will be private to the contracted chapter.  It is so nice that they have each other handy if needed.

Coming soon with be Uniquely Yours Season Two. This series of stitches are a bump up from the more basic techniques in the first session.  This series will probably begin mid-December.  Let us know if you would like to be included.  Just email to


My three (3) classes with the 2021 Seminar will be over this coming week.  All lessons have been shared and we will have our wrap up Zoom sessions this week.  A lot was learned on both sides here.  I wanted to share my videos on needle felting with the students.  However, they were too large.  What to do?  What to do?  Well, after a couple failures, we decided to take them to YouTube.  The links were shared with the participants and it seems to have worked out well.  

The work that the students have shared with me has been fabulous.  It always makes me so proud when my students succeed!


Playing with a new idea for this job great class setup we have enjoyed over the years.  Our next class will still be the traditional online download of once a month.  However, I am contemplating the addition of Zoom sessions as well.  

A beautiful canvas by JP Needlepoint (you know - Catitudes and Dog Gone Good, etc. -  has been calling my name for some time now.  This one is of Japanese lanterns.  Now I do not have one oriental thing in my house.  The appeal this canvas had for us was the opportunity it affords for sharing so many diverse techniques.  I'm checking on the availability of the canvases before making a commitment to teach it.

Off to stitch guides!  Stay safe and enjoy Stitching!

Saturday, September 25, 2021


Other than a few days of rain - and I mean heavy rain - we have had the most perfect weather the past couple of days here at Arthur Acres.  It is amazing how quickly the temperature drops from the 80s to the mid-40s and 50s.  That is one of the major beauties of Central Kentucky.  We generally have four very distinct seasons. One, which will remain nameless here, I prefer to stay very, very short.  Do not care for snow except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!


Zoom Classes are progressing along.  Zoom has not been my friend!  My students, however, are pure jewels!  They are being so patient as we are trying to work around this Internet thing. I'm excited to share the next sessions for the Uniquely Yours With a Twist!  I love the way I see it turning out.  My students are having fun with the challenge of figuring out what to do with their canvases.  I will say that they are brilliant!  I love what they are doing.  And I love how they are interacting and sharing with each other.  So much fun and enjoyment as we share the love of our favorite art!

This student . . . .

        chose to add bright tile to one of the adobes  --

 This student nailed the perspective !

And what a creative use of the stitch!                                                                              Bravo!

Is that not one of the cutest bellies you've ever seen!

We were thrilled to have chapters inquire and contract for Uniquely Yours With a Twist for their chapter project.  What a great way to share a national teacher! Technology has allowed us to keep moving forward even if in a limited space! No pandemic is stopping us from pursuing our passion.

One-on-One is garnering more and more interest as word gets around.  This is an individualized class where you are the star and my total focus.  While it is not a stitch guide we discuss and demonstrate stitches for any questions you may have.  Additionally, we share pdfs of stitch diagrams for you to keep with your project as you work along.  

Some students are starting a brand new canvas for their adventure.  Others have hit a brick wall and want to get past their funk  Still others are rekindling an 'old flame' of their needlepoint past and starting anew.  The sessions are you specific.

One-on-One is a 6 week course and each session is one hour in length.  Email us at for more specific details or to discuss your  specific situation.

We would love to have you join us in any of our sessions!  Just email with questions and we will work from there.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, September 18, 2021


Our first lesson in the Uniquely Yours With a Twist series is well on it's way!  We shared the first session Wednesday (and had some storm resulting bumps as well as user error) I  and we will have a makeup class today, Saturday, for those who could not attend Wednesday.  Such fun canvases.  Each day we can't wait to visit the private FB Group and see how everyone is applying what has been taught!  Everyone is doing such a great job and it is so fun to watch as each shares their experience! We are all very excited!  

Are you aware of our new Zoom classes?  Here is the next one that is an ongoing event.  

One-on-One with Sandy

How about your very own private lessons with no interruptions or sharing of instructor time?  The One-on-One Zoom sessions are all about private tutoring. The sessions go for 6 weeks each. They are 1 hour in length with a short break.  The day and time for the class is set by you!  Once selected all 6 of your sessions will be on the same day at the same time each week.  You provide your own canvas and threads.  We ask that you provide a good quality picture of the canvas.

    *You will receive a pdf of the stitch diagrams discussed each week. You may print them out                 for your personal use.

    *You will receive thread and embellishment suggestions for each area discussed.

    *You will receive hints for executing various techniques.

    *You will receive a live demonstration showing how to execute each stitch discussed.

    *You will have a detailed discussion about how to read your canvas to make determinations for developing a stitching plan.

    *You will discuss how you want your canvas to look when finished:  open stitches or solid coverage; beads-no beads; ribbon-no ribbon; dimensional stumpwork techniques?   

Classes fill quickly so be sure to reserve your day of the week and time for your very own private sessions.  Email us at for more details and questions.

We have a full gamut of happenings here so far.  We have WIP that have come to a halt because there is this 'brick wall' that has appeared; we have beginning stitchers who want to learn our art; we have seasoned stitchers who are seeking a different point of view; we have a place for YOU!  Come on over and have more fun!

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra            

We continue to add items to our Shop as time permits.  This past few days we have started adding some lots of skeins of DMC Medicis Wool.  There are many more colors available and we'll add as we can.  If you are looking for a certain color, however, just email us and we'll check for you -

We have also added a limited number of self-finishing pendants for your needlework, painting, sewing, etc. 

We used this for our Grapes pendant 

Here's some uses for the round ones:

Lots of fun possibilities.

When these are gone - they are gone!

Additional stitch guides this week too:

    Needlepoint:  Lily Wreath  Raymond Crawford Design

For you cross-stitch lovers we have added Autumn Lace which makes a great insert.

Enjoy your week and stay safe!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 11, 2021

We will NEVER forget.  Like many of you I can clearly remember where I was and our total disbelief as we watched what was transpiring before our eyes on the live news casts and playbacks on the television setss.  We were in disbelief and numb.  The day was spent glued to the television and weeping.  Weeping for the unbelievable loss of so many.  Weeping for the courageous responders.  Weeping for our wonderful country.  Weeping for the beautiful world that we were losing. We have never been the same since.  God bless America!

Today will be a very somber day as we watch the 20 year anniversary remembrance activities unfold on the television once more. We must keep our faith and continue to move forward. We will remain strong and resilient! 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

 September 4


September 15 will be our first Zoom Session for the Uniquely Yours 12 Session Class.  We are also having the same class on the follow Saturday of each week.  Since the classes are not recorded for general distribution of these events, the second session provides the opportunity for everyone to watch twice in case they did not fully grasp the stitch.  More importantly it provides everyone a second chance to participate in the Sessions if one cannot make the first one. 

This class lets you use what you already have - your own canvas, threads, and embellishments.  We provide you a new stitch for the week and you decide where it is best suited for your canvas!  The stitches are not meant to be complicated but rather provide a challenge as to how and where you are going to use them. There will be some variations when possible but not so many as to intimidate - this is what we want to avoid!

In addition to the Zoom Session, there is an active Private FaceBook Group where you can all discuss the stitch shared for the current week and how you plan to use it.  Everyone is currently sharing their canvases with the group so we can all see what is being worked on during this 12 Session Event.  

The fun just keeps mounting!  Some more new canvases added this week!

So hurry over to and get registered! The total fee for the 12 Sessions is $100.  You will be sent a PayPal invoice for that amount.  Once registration is processed you will receive an invitation to join the private FaceBook Group.  If you are a friend you will immediately be included; if not a friend send me a friend request so we can add you.  FB is not letting me add non-friends for some reason ? ? ?

The canvases shared with the group to date guarantee that there is much fun and sharing in store! 

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

As many of you are aware, we have lots of Stitch Guides listed in our Etsy Shop and that they are instant downloads!  Look at this recent beauty:

                                                     Stitched by S. Jamieson
Isn't he magnificient?

Okay, I must be off to trying to figure out this technology stuff - which I am terrible at doing!  Have a safe weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!

Saturday, August 28, 2021


Yep, we are definitely in the South this week!  Supposedly temperatures are to start dropping soon and get us in the mid to low 60's.  We are looking forward to that break.

This weather gives us a great excuse to stay inside and work on our upcoming Uniquely Yours With a Twist Zoom Classes starting soon.  We are continually seeing new canvases as participants share with the group what they are going to be working on.  I am so excited to see the wide diversity represented in those chosen.

After the Zoom Class is over, participants can gather in their private Facebook Group and share their thoughts as to where and how they plan to use the taught stitch of the week or how they may be going to adjust it to use on their particular canvas.  Maybe they see the stitch in a particular fun thread.  Maybe they see the stitch in a very specific space.  Or maybe they are challenged to find a space to use the stitch that might require thinking outside the box.  Whatever it is, it should not be dull nor boring!

If you would like to join us just email us at  This is a 12 week adventure beginning September 15 with makeup date of September 18.  The weekly classes will be each Wednesday at 7 pm EST and Saturday at 1 pm EST.  Mark your calendars.


We are on our way.  Kits have been mailed and scheduled dates involving classes have been shared with the appropriate groups, We are all getting excited to start the individual projects! Just a few more days until our first Zoom introduction.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

This past week we managed to get some of the smaller canvases download into the shop.  Have you seen the Vehicles series?  So cute!


There is also a submarine, a helicopter and a train engine as well as a Cloud and sunshine if making a mobile. These can be cute stand ups, ornaments, hand toys, etc.

Check them out - very manageable.

We are also starting to add some of our cross-stitch chartpaks to the Shop.  This week we added Colors of Christmas It has been a long time favorite of ours. This can be a needle roll, pincushion or insert.


I trust you have made copies of the notebook pages and are ready to get going.  

The first stitch I am going to share with you is the skip tent stitch. This is a stitch that can multi-task!  It can be a background stitch, clothing, flooring, plants, animals, almost anywhere you can see using a semi-open fill.  

The stitch is worked similar to the basketweave - which means diagonally.  Just follow the numbering.

Enjoy and stay safe!