Monday, December 8, 2014

Good chilly morning to everyone!

Well this hip replacement surgery isn't what it's cracked up to be in my opinion - or maybe I'm just getting too old.  I suppose since I can't see a lot of physical disruption to my body that I think the recovery should be going quicker than it is.  Of course I never was known for my patience anyway.  Some day this soreness will surely wear off.

In the meanwhile I thought I'd share with you the classes I will be teaching at the TNNA Phoenix winter market this January.  Please look over the information in the brochure and we would love to have you join us for these limited classes.

Thursday, January 8, I will be teaching 2 classes that are 3 hrs in length each.  I can't remember which is in what time slot so please forgive me as I do not have my brochure handy.

Leigh Designs has a wonderful Imari series out and we are sharing the Flaming Fowl  with you.  The beautiful Wonder Ribbon by the collection gives a fantastic dimension to this guy's tail and lets you know he means business.  Additionally, the collection has provided some beautiful sew-on Swarovski crystals to add lots of bling. Beautiful threads abound from companies such as Rainbow Gallery, Gloriana, Kreinik, Pepper Pot Silk, Vineyard Silk, etc., and lots of fun stitches will make this 3 hour time slot fly!

The other 3 hour slot is just as wonderful with a JP Needlepoint design - his mightiness Captain Blackbeak Hooter.  This entire series is so fun and they just keep adding more and more to the enticement.  We will be doing some needle felting for him, appliquéing wonderful kid leather and lots of fun stitches such as a double Pekingese.  Oh and we play with wonderful threads provided by Rainbow Gallery, Burmilana, Caron, DMC,etc., and some of the new threads out there from Kreinik, too, as well as new embellishments from Sundance.

Then skipping Friday because those are business classes, we will be teaching a really cute class on Saturday for Susan Roberts Needlepoint, Santa and Reindeer. Oh my gosh the cuteness!  We certainly will only be able to skim across these great techniques in the brief couple of hours we have. We'll do a little needle felting (Clover Mfg.), adding beads (Sundance and the collection), doing some specialty stitches, etc.  Wonderful threads are provided in the kit (Kreinik, Fabulous Fibers, Rainbow Gallery, Caron, Vineyard Silk, and more), and the detailed stitch guide will help with what we are not able to cover in class. Isn't that the sweetest little reindeer?

So dig out that brochure and select your classes before the spaces are gone.  I'd love to have you with us to play.

In the meanwhile, in case I don't get back over here, have a great holiday season!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good Morning!

Since we visited last I have acquired a total new hip!  This is what I consider my first major surgery so I am treading new ground here.

I made sure I had my stitching supplies all in order to bring to the hospital with me so I wouldn't be bored.  (I don't watch TV that much.)  I never  thought I'd be too drunk to stitch!  So I think I have managed to catch up on my sleep!

It was nice while in the waiting room to see so many doing needlework.  I saw knitting and crocheting  as well as my needlepoint.

However, I went to op room at noon, in my hospital room at 4 pm. and home in front of the fireplace at 5pm next day.  This seems weird to me!

My body/mind has not caught up with this 21st century technology!  I thought you were to go in, get pampered like crazy for a few days,then come home and get pampered some more. Well, I certainly am pampered at home so I got that part right.  I wasn't in the hospital long enough to get pampered.  LOL

This has certainly been a new adventure in my life.  And I am already tired from just writing this little bit . . . . so more later.

Remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  Today's the Day!

Today we sent out Lesson 1 of the Mod Ornaments Online Mystery Class.  I am very happy that we are at this point.  I know lots of people are anxiously waiting to begin this class - but none as anxious as I have been!

I am having fun stitching this design by Eye Candy!  I still have a few things to get stitched before I can call it finished, but the biggest majority of it is done and I love how it is looking.

Lesson 1 covers Ornaments 2 and 9 of the design and begins the green 'beads' on the background strings.  We're starting off with fairly simple stitches and techniques to get warmed up.  I plan to keep my students busy and out of trouble until next month when Lesson 2 is posted - LOL!

Here are peeks at No. 2,  No. 9 and part of a bead string finished.  

Those of you who missed the boat on the class, never fear, the next Online Mystery is going to be just as beautiful and exciting.  Keep watching for more news to develop!

In the meanwhile, stitch with a smile!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Needlepoint Now and Mod Ornaments in the Final Stages of Kick Off!

Looks like the Nov/Dec issue of Needlepoint Now is starting to hit the mailboxes!  It is such a great magazine!  And this month is especially special because one of my stitched models for Leigh Designs is on the back cover.  Merry Mistletoe is in Leigh's Russian Santa series.  His stitch guide is between the covers so be sure to explore and notice all the other wonderful projects along the way!

I am so excited that it is finally getting time to kick off the Mod Ornaments Online Mystery Class! I am anxious to share what I have been doing with everyone. It has been awhile in the works but it has been worth it from my end because it has given so many more the opportunity to participate.  We have a great group - many of whom are new to me and new to the idea of an online class.

It is so fun to watch a new project come to life.  Each lesson adds new bling!  Some in the form of threads.  Some in the form of beads.  Some in the form of mirrors. And, some in the form of Swarovski  crystals.  Wow!  I have stood my work piece on the hearth beside my recliner so I can view it as I work on other projects and ponder my next move for Miss Mod.  I continue to love it more and more.  And, I see different reflective plays as I move it or myself in the chair.  It gets more exciting as each piece of the puzzle is added.

Today I shared the thread list with the participants!  What fun they are going to have playing with all the great threads.  But just seeing all the colors and textures in a pile (I'm messy so my threads are in a pile) is wonderful.  It makes you want to jump in and just start stitching with everyone of them. At times like this I wish I had 8 arms like Jane Woods and Sharon Quick must have considering their productivity.

I will be sad when the actual stitching on this piece is over.  It has been such a joy to do.  Look at how bright and cheerful it is.  How can you not be happy when working on this wonderful Eye Candy Design?

Never fear however!  Another Online Mystery Class  anxiously awaits my attention.  It is beautiful and colorful in its own way too.  Not as much bling but great textures, colors and techniques. Keep visiting for more news about this exciting new class. Official registration for this upcoming class will start in December.   Registration will be open from December 1, 2014 through February 15, 2015.

So stay tuned as we follow the Mod Ornaments Class and start preparing for the next Online Mystery Class.

Until next time have a beautiful day and remember to stitch with a smile!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead . . .

I understand that the celebration for the Day of the Dead is from Oct. 31 through November 2nd.  In light of this (assuming that is correct) I am sharing a picture of the completed Mystery Class project Yolanda.  Tapestry Fair is the distributor of this wonderful canvas that is a rendering of the painting by Manuel Salas.  She was so much fun with all her beads and unique threads such as Silken Straw. Picture doesn't show it but this gal has plenty of bling and shine!

I remember a couple of years ago specifically telling Cassie Prescott when she was selecting canvases to have me do stitch guides for and present at TNNA market that I would NOT do those dead people. You gotta remember that I was raised in the mountains of West Virginia and I do not recall ever being introduced to the Day of the Dead traditions.  I just thought it was a weird thing that people loved skeletons.  Little did I know!  Finally this canvas piqued my interest and I did some research.  What a beautiful tradition.  I had no idea.  Such a respectful way to honor those loved ones that have passed on.  

Writing this brings back childhood memories of what we did in the mountains and how I recall in my adult years after leaving home (home was up a 'holler') that others thought we were weird.  At home we have family cemeteries that were up on a hill somewhere.  (We called them hills, you local guys would call them mountains - mountains are aplenty in WV but my personal experience  did not involve cemeteries there.)  Anyway, on Memorial Day we, family members, would pack food - and there was always lots of food  and we would trudge to the cemetery with hoes, picks, clippers, shovels and the like.  We spent the entire day cleaning the  cemetery.  We would take breaks to eat, play, nap and reacquaint with cousins, aunts and uncles we did not see on a regular basis. There were always preachers (and I mean PREACHERs who, as a child, scared the liven' you know what out of you), and there were always singers.  Oh the glorious gospel song fests that came from those gatherings!

So, I apologize for my ignorance of the beautiful meaning behind the Day of the Dead celebrations.  And I certainly meant no disrespect.  I did not have the knowledge at the time to appreciate the meaning and representations of this 'Day of the Dead' tradition.  And I marvel at the fact that we continue to learn no matter how old we get if we can just keep an open mind. 

John Waddell, a fellow teacher, is currently in Mexico and has been posting some fantastic pictures of the goings on while they are there during this celebration.  How colorful and joyful it must be to be there and participate in the surroundings of all the beauty, music, food, costumes, etc.  Thanks for sharing John.

Okay, back to reality - it is snowing here in Kentucky and I am not ready for that!

So I will get back to work and doing what I love.  Hope you too have the opportunity today to stitch with a smile and just ponder (we did that in the country too)!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

EGA Tuesday. . .

Okay, I'm not the world's greatest blogger.  I'm too busy having fun and I forget to take pictures.

We added the butte yesterday.  That sure was different and we created rocks.  Haven't added my mesa nor rocks yet.

Today we are adding felt to our dragon and stuffing him.

Then we added the eyebrows and the eye. Oh and his Arizona turquoise cabochon.  We understand our other turquoise chips, etc. are from China but his cabochon is from Arizona!

I forgot to mention that we started the wings yesterday and today we had to work on the wings more. And guess what?  We get to work on wings for homework!  Oops!  Didn't know we'd have homework.

Today's bonus was that we were invited to sign books in the Ruth Kern Bookstore during the lunch break. It was the least I could do for Ruth (and I'm sure the others agree).  We had too much fun doing this.

Someone was nice enough to take a picture of us all together - thank you Pam.  Front row Jane Nichols, me Sandy Arthur, Alison Cole, back row Ruth Kern (she looks great) and Anne Strite-Kurz. We were able to chit-chat a little but mostly work! Oh, did I mention miss lunch?  Hey, that's what power bars and crackers are for right?

Okay, gotta get to work on my homework and then real work I brought from home!

Later. . .



How do I describe my first face-to-face encounter with Alison Cole?  A delight.  We have gone back and forth the last couple of years via internet but I had never met her.  She doesn't know it, but we are soul sisters.  Why do I say this?  Because one of the first things she did was take off her shoes!  My kinda gal!  The only downside I have discovered so far is that she talks funny!  Well, this country girl will figure it out eventually - we gotta get her to slow down!

Isn't she just the cutest?  And she had teenaged children!  Unbelievable.  She is a delight and you must take a class with her if you have the opportunity.

I was fortunate enough to get into the wonderful dragon class.  What am I going to do with a dragon? I don't know but look at all the wonderful techniques!  I (how shall I say this diplomatically) am not fond of gold work.  I love to look at it, respect it, don't want to do it.  I sorta overlooked that little part of the project when I got so excited about it.  Thank heavens there is enough other stuff about this piece that will entice me to continue on.


I also was lucky enough to be at a table with only 2 chairs (all the others have 3).  And I had seen my table mate in the airport in Atlanta where she came up to me and guessed where I was going!  And she even guessed what class I was taking!  Wow!  Okay, I was carrying a large 20 x 20 piece of laced canvas, which happened to be the same thing she was carrying. Sheila is from Atlanta.  We did not get to chat in the airport as we were boarding but we are getting acquainted as we go.

Our class is quite different for many.  The lacing of the canvas and getting it our 'drum tight' and Alison's 'drum tight' are two different things.  Part of the class time involves her going around and lacing everyone's canvas so they are perfect.  Never fear, however, as she gives us plenty of busy work to do while she does this wonderful service for us all.

So far we have traced, transferred, ironed, and - wait - actually took some stitches.  Now, our stitches this morning are with these gawd awful tiny needles with tiny holes using tiny thread!  Oh, did I mention sharp - that and blood thinner medicines go together really well! But we will survive!

This afternoon we got to really get messy and paint our canvas, tyvek and tissue paper.  Now painting tissue paper works just exactly as it sounds - moves around, gets crumbly on itself, but it works.  We must let this all dry before we can use all this great creativity on our project.  Can't wait until tomorrow to really mess it up!

Oh, we got to stitch again.  This time we traced (a skill learned this morning),  transferred to felt, cut out the felt and then applied it to our silk.  Another prep step for the fun coming tomorrow.

I must say that I have been having a great time.  I have been seeing some of my students from previous classes and met some who have signed up for the Mod Ornaments Online Mystery Class.  It is always such a joy to see students face-to-face.

I dropped by the exhibit for next year's classes and they let me fluff up my pumpkin leaves since they had gotten flattened in the shipping process.  Much better now.



Monday, October 20, 2014

EGA National Seminar - Phoenix, AZ

Here I am in Phoenix. Boy is the weather different from what I left in Kentucky at 5 am. this morning.  I think I need to take down a couple of layers of clothing.

Although the flight was fairly smooth and uneventful, it was warm.  The air just wasn't working properly on the plane.  I had a good-sized gentleman sitting on the aisle seat, I was stuck in the middle (couldn't get my normal aisle), and a young lady at the window.

Well, mister aisle decided to hit on miss window the whole time.  Telling her how pretty she was, how smart she was, etc., etc.  This still going on after she 'mentioned' her husband.  Then, miss aisle was fidgety the whole trip.  "Oh I'm burning up" oh I can't stand this heat from the window, oh I'm miserable.  Then moves her computer over to encroach on my computer stating that she has to get away from the heat of the window.  Then constantly ringing for the flight attendant to tell the captain to do something about the heat.  I am amazed that I was able to get as much work done on the plane as I did.

So arrive at Phoenix.  Had I known the shuttle ride was a long as it was I might have opted for a private cab.  But it was a fun ride because 5 of the 7 were EGA Seminar attendees.  Needless to say we had no difficulty conversing.

Room is very nice.  Due to my screw up I did not get my early reservation in as I thought I had so I ended up having to take a suite.  Oh well, you only live once right?

Registration for Seminar is in a building next to the Resort, not inconvenient when moving about properly but it was a little tiring for me.  I located the banquet room, shop and book store.  I had a real treat because I got to see my ole friend Ruth Kern again.  We speak very frequently because she continues to carry my books but I have not seen her in a few years due to her not attending Seminars any more.  We understand this is her last go.  It will be ANG and EGA's loss and I personally will miss seeing her.

So after cleaning up emails I must now think about getting down to the banquet and getting my 'stuff' together for class tomorrow.  I look forward to a full week with Alison Cole from Australia.  It will be lots of fun and heaven only knows what will come out of this class!

More later,


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Houston Shop Visit . . . ABC Stitch Therapy

Here's a post I started and forgot to post.  I am now at EGA Seminar in Phoenix and seeing Marie is what reminded me that I had not posted.  The shop looks great and I think they will have a very successful experience.

Last week:

I arrived safe and sound in Houston.  Even though there were storms when I left home and storms along the way, and even though the captain told us the flight was going to be very rough the first half hour or so it was wonderfully smooth!  I was even able to accomplish some paper work along the way.

Got in on time and my friend Nancy was jolly on the spot.  It was great seeing her.  It has really been quite a while since we have been able to get together and play.

After a great night's sleep we hit the road for a quick shop visit.  I was taken to the newer shop just outside Houston called ABC Stitch Therapy.  What a wonderful shop!  It was a little hard to find although it is large and in a small shopping center.  The have only been at their location a little over a year I think and they don't have adequate signage for your first visit.  But, believe me, it is worth cruising slowly around the shopping center to find them.  The sign is tiny and over the top of the door where the address number is.

The ladies are absolutely fantastic hostesses.  Here I am with Elisa  and Marie the shop owner.

This time we talked Dee into joining us.

It was difficult to get these gals to slow down long enough to take a picture.  They always had time to assist in searching out a thread, toy, etc., but didn't want to spend too much time photographing - lol.

You see these gals are loading the trucks getting ready to host the shop for the EGA Seminar in Phoenix in a few days!  What a treat we are in for, those of us fortunate enough to be able to attend, and I am one of those.  Yea!

The thread selection at this shop is awesome and plan to spend quite some time searching out all the selections.  I could easily have gone out with three times more than I did and I will not share with you the $$$ I left there.  But it was worth every penny, believe me.

After we left the shop we crossed the road and went to a great Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Then we had to stop at a shop called Beadiholic.  I was able to restrain myself a little more there but they had fantastic crystals and cute ideas to play with.

Okay, had to get home and get ready for my classes that begin tomorrow.  I have two huge classes coming up.  Thursday and Friday I have 28 students signed up.  Fortunately some of them switched over to ghosting so even though we still have a large body count, it will be manageable.  Saturday there are 37 signed up.  Again some are going ghost and a couple, such as Sue Ella and Martha, will be helping assist with group as they took the class at Seminar as well.  Isn't that sweet of them!  We can't manage things without friends!

Well, gotta get to my passion and I'll try to report back in before too long!

Have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Going back to Houston, Houston, Houston. . . .

Getting ready to board that ole plane in a couple hours and heading to Houston.  I will be teaching two classes there to the Lone Star Chapter ANG.   Crazy Needles Journey is a fun piece that replicates a crazy quilt square with lots of seam embellishments.  The class is full to capacity and there are some that have signed up as ghosts to be able to get the class.  We're gonna play with beads, ribbon embroidery, ruching, and have a great time.

The second class, also sold out and plenty of ghosts, is about beading for needlework.  This class went to lottery at ANG Seminar in Chicago and continues to be a popular one.  

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends there and playing for the week.

Guess what else is in my suitcase?  Mod Ornaments Mystery of course!  I can't put it down.  And my mind is also whirling on the next mystery.  I am about to burst at the seams.

When I get home I get to start preparing to leave for EGA Seminar in Phoenix.  Gotta lot to do to keep me busy!

Keep yourselves busy too and remember to stitch with a smile!


Sunday, October 5, 2014



Today is our son's birthday.  Those of you who know me know that I am a morning person.  So, quite early I sent him a text message.  I told him happy birthday.  I add a question to him.  Do you remember what we were doing together a half-century ago - just the two of us?  His response:
"We were in the middle of a separation as I recall . . ."    I loved it.  For some reason that made me laugh!

Happy Birthday Tim!

 Another exciting event happened to us in this month.  Twenty-one years ago our daughter gave us another son by marrying Mark Kinberger.  Happy Anniversary Terri and Mark.

This is also the birth month of my Mother and Brother, both of whom are now gone.  My younger brother was born on my mother's birthday. They are missed.

So enough of reminiscing - I must get back to work!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I have had so much fun stitching on this happy, happy canvas.  How can you be sad with such festive and colorful areas of excitement all over the place?

I am getting inquiries concerning still signing up for the class even though registration is closed.  If you are still interested in participating in this class, email me privately at  Several shops are sponsoring stitch-ins at their shops and they have ordered extra canvases for the last minute 'can't resists' so we might be able to hook you up with someone who has the canvas or has it coming in the next few weeks.

Thread kits are being figured as I get the thread and materials lists ready for publication in the next few days.

So it won't be too much longer . . . . .

In the meanwhile, stitch with a smile!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nashville Needleworks Adventure.

Another wonderful class has come and gone.  What lovely hosts Lisa and Emily are!  I could not have asked to be treated any better!  Now I ask you, what better way to arrive at class than this?

Lisa Rusche, owner of Nashville Needleworks, buzzed by my hotel to pick me up and whisk me off to breakfast.  Afterwards she popped down that top of the fabulous blue T-bird, put on the Beach Boys, cranked them up (my request) and off we go singing "Daddy Took the T-Bird Away".  Well, Lisa sang, I probably grunted but it was fun anyway.  Breakfast wasn't hardly a block away from the shop and I wouldn't let her stop and so she graciously buzzed it around the block once more for me.  She is such a great hostess!

The girls at the shop, however, were most anxious to get started on their Wizard of Paws canvas.  No, they were actually chomping at the bit!  It is such a delight to work with eager students and people that enjoy what they are working on and happy to be where they are.  Needless to say, felting was a huge hit!  I don't think Lisa had any idea what she was in for!  I know she must have been happy with the orders for felting tools and supplies when all was said and done.

Those interested in taking this class can still participate by attending the upcoming seminar hosted by Blue Bonnet Studios.  Check out the details at their website

The gals had a surprise visitor on Saturday.  Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint had warned me that she was in town and that she'd like to come over to my class and visit while there, which she did.  It was a fun visit, with her and hubby, although far too brief for me because I had to work - - - - She shared her owl designs for everyone to see and they fell in love with 'queen.'

I am currently writing the stitch guide for her on the great Black Beak Hooter!

Even Black Beak has some needle felting!

On the second day some students brought in other canvases to get suggestions for utilizing their new needle felting on needlepoint canvas skills.  Such really cute things - we talked about bunnies,  lions and tigers,  oh my.

On the last day we worked on different beading techniques - when we could keep the beads off the floor that is.  Some discovered how great the Bead Master bead mats truly are! We started to get a little bunch drunk in the afternoon and the giddies started in.  Too much fun!  With 13 pumpkins to deal with we had several stitches to cover.  Some were familiar and some not so familiar.  The familiar stitches were pushed to the edge by inserting them into difficult situations for compensating stitches. But we got through them all and lost 'narry' (that means none in WV lingo) a student. Physically that is - I can't say about mentally!

We had such a grand time at Lisa's and those who had to miss and partake through ghosting missed a lot of fun.  I had a blast and I surely hope all had a wonderful experience! Thank you all - Vicki, Deby, Connie, Linda, Mary Fran, Amy and Denise (phew I think I got it).

And a special thanks again to Lisa and Emily for their hospitality!  Great memories!

Until next time - remember to stitch with a smile!


Thursday, September 25, 2014


Gosh, it can't be end of September already!  The good thing about that is that it is time for me to head for Nashville to teach (play) with Brenda Stofft's wonderful canvas of Black Cat with Heirloom Pumpkins, which I have dubbed the Wizard of Paws!

I don't normally drive further than three hours but my husband expressed an interest in maybe going with me so the decision to drive.  However, as time has gotten closer, like this week! he decided that he would really prefer to stay home, but he would drive me if I really wanted him to, etc., etc., etc., - in other words - he didn't want to go but would not say it.

Friends to the rescue.  I messaged a friend and asked her what she was doing and was she up to running away to Nashville with me to be totally abandoned while I teach.  She was up for it and said she needed to get away from the house for a few days - providing hubby would puppy sit - which he jumped on immediately.  Other than my prior pets, these are some of the sweetest babies you would ever want to be around and they will keep him company.

So my to do list before I leave in the morning:

*Kit two classes for Houston and get them shipped! (still waiting for a thread that I pray is in the morning mail): includes bagging beads, beads, and more beads.
*Print and package 70 stitch guides for shipping to class.
*Ship off EGA National Seminar class pieces.
*Finishing touches on a commissioned model and stitch guide (which might have to happen in the auto)
*Dr. appt concerning possible upcoming hip replacement (now when am I going to have time for that???)
*Hair cut
*Pack for Nashville
*Review slides and class notes

Oh, did I mention that I would like to stitch on commissioned other models and work on stitch guides?

I love it!  It is such a joy to be able to work at something you have a passion for.  That doesn't mean it is not work and that doesn't mean that it doesn't get frustrating and stressful at times, it just means that at least you love what you are doing and don't dread going to work each morning.

Okay, enough of this - I could have bagged 20 sets of beads in this time.

Stay tuned for Mod Ornaments update.  It is such an exciting Mystery Class!

Till next time, stitch with a smile!


Monday, September 15, 2014


That time really did fly.  The response to this class is absolutely mind blowing!  I am so thrilled to have so many joining me for this adventure.  You can still join us by contacting me at and let me know you want to participate.

If you think you are registered and if you have not received an invitation to join the Yahoo Discussion Group for the Mod Ornaments Mystery, please contact me.  It might mean that you are not registered for the class either!  I am so afraid some might have slipped through the cracks with all this activity.  Also, many of you said I want take, or I am taking, etc., etc., and I cannot use that as a commitment.  You must actually email me at and tell me you want to participate.

This may well be the last time you see my canvas without any stitching on it! And, I can hardly wait!

While the canvas is a scrumptious hot pink, lime green, orange, light blue, etc., and the threads are going to be so fun to embellish and bring this design to life, I will also be providing a more traditional color way for those who wish to use reds and greens instead.  But never fear, these colors will also have lots of bling and fun too.


                                                           H     U     R     R     Y      !


Monday, September 8, 2014


Registration for the online MOD ORNAMENTS MYSTERY CLASS will be closing in just 7 days.  Be sure to get registered so that you will have time to get your painted canvas before the class starts.

Once registration closes things will really start hoping!  The materials list will be released shortly after closing registration.  Shortly after that I will be able to provide contacts for where complete thread kits may be ordered is you so desire.

The Yahoo Discussion Group continues to grow.  It is not mandatory to belong to the Discussion Group in order to participate in the class.  Invoices and lessons are all exchanged outside Yahoo.  The Group is fun, however, as we learn a little about each other and see all the areas of interest that are expressed. We share different approaches to the lesson and provide support to each other through the process.

Please don't let this opportunity to enjoy a fun project in the comfort of your own home pass you by!  Join today while it is fresh on your mind.

Remember to stitch with a smile!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

COUNTDOWN - 12 days left for Registration

Mercy!  Can it already be mid-September (I actually typed August and had to backtrack - lol).  So it is, so it is.

Okay so we have 12 days left to accept Registration for the fantastic Mod Ornaments Mystery class.  Get on board while you can and get that canvas ordered.

Just look at this!  My goodness there are all kinds of possibilities lurking on this piece of canvas! can bet there will be lots of bling.

For those of you not into the  hot pinks and lime greens, I will be offering an alternate color way for the traditional holiday colors of greens, reds, purples, blues, golds, etc.

So, just send me an email telling me you'd like to participate and we'll get you registered right away.  Scroll on down and read earlier posts about the class.  It is made up of 6 monthly lessons posted at $25 each.  There is a Yahoo discussion group if you would like to participate as a member.  Individual invoices will be emailed monthly. Lessons will be emailed to you individually.

Would love to have you join us!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Only 19 days left to register!  Whaaaaaaaaa!  Where has the time gone?

You still have plenty of time to register for the fun, online, mystery class Mod Ornaments Mystery.

I was asked a kazillion questions about this great Eye Candy canvas and upcoming class.  Here are some brief refresher notes:

Design Area: 9” x 9.25” on 18ct.  Stretcher Bars:  13” x 13”
Design is Mod Ornaments #8242
Designer is EyeCandy available through Ruth Schmuff Designs

Six lessons - one a month for 6 months - Beginning November 2014.

Student is responsible for ordering their canvas and purchasing threads.  Some shops will be offering complete thread kits once I get the thread list finalized.

For more details, scroll down to the initial announcement on July 15 and read updates afterwards.  

If you are interested in participating just send me an email to  If you think you are registered and have not received an invite to the Yahoo Discussion Group you may not be on the list so please confirm by emailing me at

Hope you can join in the fun!

ANG Seminar - Chicago -

I have been teaching here in Chicago for the past 5 days and what a blast!  Everyone here has been wonderful - our own ANG core volunteers, TRG, and the Hotel staff.  But most of all, the students have been great.

Friday's full class on Beading for Needlework was great!  The students went away happy (I think) and many, many came to me and said they wished it could have been 2 days.  I also met many attendees in the halls over the next few days expressing to me how sad they were to not be able to get into my class as they were number 9 or number 11, etc., on the wait list.  This has led me to believe that I might seriously consider adding it as an Encore class for seminar after SC.  While the class is being taught in Houston in October, I could offer no relief as these classes are filled as well.  Many other chapters are asking about the class too, so we'll see what the future holds for Beading for Needlework.  Maybe there will be a workshop near you or maybe you can encourage your guild to host one.  It may be a worthwhile project for your group.
We played with attaching beads in different ways, making some cool comparisons, and sharing.  We had a good time!

My next 4 days were involved teaching Back to the Beach: The Girls Reunited.  Oh my goodness!  I knew I was going to have fun with this one too, but this bunch of gals were a mess - students not design!  We laughed, we poked fun, we played musical chairs, and we even got in some stitching.  

How many variations are there to boobs? Let me count the ways!  Poor Jennifer, Penelope, Susan, Clarencetta and Mary Ella will never be the same.  We had breast reductions, back problems, title waves, Queen Elizabeth replicas, and - Serendipity?  Detached buttonhole? Let's not even go there!

What a blast!  I do hope my students had as much fun those 4 days as I did and I will cherish every one of them.  Time went way too fast.  Too, too much!

And so, it is now time for me to put Seminar Chicago behind me and start focusing on my future endeavors.

I hope those here are having a great time - those I have encountered sure are - and I hope those who have not been able to will be able to attend a Seminar in the near future.

Thanks for everyone's support and have a great remaining Seminar and a great week!

Remember to stitch with a smile!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town (? is that right?)

Anyway, when someone says Chicago or San Francisco I immediately think of songs!  And I am singing because I am on my way to Chicago to teach 5 wonderful days of classes.  It is always so much fun to teach, stitch and visit at Seminar.  And while it is work and tiring, it is great to get to visit with friends that are only seen at the various seminars and conventions.  And it is also exciting to get to meet new students along with those who manage to return to my classes time after time.  What a comfort to see friends in the classroom, and I do consider them friends although this may be the only interaction I share with them.  And as I mentioned it is exciting to see what the new students bring to the table.

I am teaching the front 5 days this year.  I have never done that before, generally I have my teaching days all spread out.  This is good and bad.  It is good that it is ongoing and no down days in between. Is there such a thing as a 'down' day at Seminar - LOL - I don't think so.  Then it is bad that there is no break.   But that could also be good as it keeps me out of trouble and off the Magnificent Mile.  Well, at least it keeps me off the Magnificent Mile - I'm not sure anything can keep me out of trouble because if it is around I'll find it.

I'm struggling trying to get my computer, iPhone, etc., etc., set back up to where I was before 'the incident.'  (I think that's what I'm going to call this week - 'the incident.')  Things aren't going as smoothly as I'd like.  And, as my kids will be very quick to say, I do not have the greatest of patience when it comes to technology.  I haven't had the opportunity to do a trial run on the new computer with my projector and I sure hope it works okay when I get there.  If not students will be forced to deal with my crooked lines on the whiteboard.  Not pretty!  But, I taught before I had a computer and I can continue to do so without if necessary.

So, I am trudging forward recovering from 'the incident', and I am quite busy writing stitch guides and designing.  The new mystery class is going to be so much fun that I can' hardly wait to start it.  If you haven't signed up yet for the Mod Ornaments Mystery online class you still have a couple weeks before registration closes.  Scroll down a few posts to get all the details.  You have to smile when you see the canvas - it is so happy.  Drop me an email at if you want to sign up or if you have any questions.

Okay, I'm off to finish the packing and getting in my zzzzs before I hit the airport in the morning.

Hope to see you at Seminar!  If not,  you can be there in spirit by remembering to stitch with a smile!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Living with Technology!

What a week!  Okay, I have a strong suggestion for all of those who depend greatly upon
 iPhones and laptops.

Take a slow, quiet day, like Sunday at our house.  Wake up and make yourself a promise to not use the iPhone or laptop all day.  During that time, make notes of every time you start to use them and cannot and record how it affected your next action.

On Monday, when you start using the devices again, record everything you use them for, your passwords, and what you do with the information, etc.

At 5 a.m. Monday when I awoke I went to my devices as I always do.  Well, they are not where I left them.  I wake my husband and asked if he moved my computer and where did he put it.  He did not.  We begin looking around and we cannot find them anywhere.   Turns out the home we were staying in had been broken into during the night while we were sleeping.  Guess what they took?  Laptop, iPhone and purse.  This home did not have a landline - very techy people.  I have personal hotspot on my iPhone so I can access the Internet wherever I am - that is if I have a phone.  My husband, bless his heart (this is for you Laura Taylor), gets the hand-me-downs so his phone has nothing.  However, I could make a call at least.  So I call my daughter and ask her where should I begin.

For some reason I threw my ancient iPad (first generation) into my suitcase.  So my hubby and I go head for the nearest Panera bread so I can have Wi-Fi and he can have food (keeps him happy).   I immediately hit my bank accounts and change passwords.  Now we are talking 7 in the morning so there is not a lot I can do unless it is online.  I feverishly change passwords.

Call police, banks and credit cards.  So you know how my next few days were spent.  At this point I do not exist.  So we run around getting drivers license, social security card, insurance cards, bank cards, etc., etc.  And all this while trying to get ready to teach 5 days at the ANG National Seminar. I'm supposed to be remembering what I need to take to Chicago, not what I need to exist!

After all that, head to Verizon and Apple to get my devices that I have grown to depend on, so that I can begin functioning again.  Now, of course, I have to learn new stuff because everything is updated and of course it does not re-download the way I think it should.

This horrible experience has shown me a lot about my technological habits.  This is why I suggested the above.  I 'thought' I had everything in pretty good control.  It is amazing how many little passwords have slipped through the cracks and I can't recall them when I need to.  It is amazing how many instances we need numbers and need to remember how much 'stuff' we actually have.  Well, it has NOT been fun.

I am blessed, however, and I realize this is just stuff and there are a lot worse things that could have happened.  I am fortunate.  It is just that it is so aggravating!

Okay, I have vented.

Another sad note is that The Mystery of Yolanda ended this week.  It is hard to believe that it has already been 6 months.  I had fun stitching on her and I think the participants did too. You can't see all her beautiful shiny beads and gorgeous ribbons but she is a treat! Her stitch guide will be available through Tapestry Fair and later on my website so check back often.

Moving onward now, I am focusing more on the new online mystery, Mod Ornaments Mystery.

This EyeCandy design helps cheer me up and brightens my day.  It reminds me there is more than enough beauty to offset the uglies of the world.

So while thinking of the stitches for this beauty I will leave this posting by sharing with you some of my stitching.

I'm sure none of you recognize this stitch as it is a rare technique called reverse stitching!

This is only the beginning of the fun I am going to have on this piece.  I must confess, however, that I had to do the reverse stitching way before my recent adventure.  And I assure you the technique led to a great result in the end!  If you have not done so, there is still plenty of time to join in the fun!  Scan on down further in older postings for all the details.  Just email me a if you have questions.

Remember to stitch with a smile - I am practicing what I preach here!