Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We all can use a diversion every (or is it ever?) now and then and I found a fun one at Stitcherie.com where they are hosting a fun event known as Stitching Games 2013.  

The 'game' involves choosing a canvas (unstitched) that has about 10 identifiable areas in which to stitch.  Once a month we are given a clue.  With this clue we make a decision as to how we will interpret that clue and express it in a stitch, thread, coloring, whatever.  Total freedom.  The January clue is 'shape up.'  Ugh.  That can give some real negative connotations after the holidays huh? Anyway, go read the details and join the fun.

My canvas of choice is a Beau Geste canvas of a santa - what else!  For those of you who do not know, I have a weakness for santas.

My chosen area to represent 'shape up' is the chimney.  I look at this canvas and am trying to see how my santa can possibly get his big butt down this chimney when he obviously hasn't missed a meal and the chimney is a stationary structure that isn't going to expand.  This is how I am currently feeling about several pair of my pants so I can relate totally.

So I must get busy and stitch the chimney and post my results at month's end for all gamers to share.

Come on over and join the fun and I'll meet you there!  Oh, did I mention that there is a prize at the end?

Until later -
Stitch with a Smile!

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karen said...

Sandy, thanks so much for blogging about the game. I can't wait to see what you do with Santa.