Saturday, November 25, 2023


Thanksgiving is now behind us.  I must say, however, that our celebrations are nothing like Thanksgivings past.  As time has taken more and more family and friends the circle grows smaller and smaller. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were our family contributions for many, many years.  Bake that turkey (minimum 22-25 lbs), stuff it with dressing, baked sweet potatoes, cranberry salad, potato salad made by hubby, watergate salad, deviled eggs, green beans - cooked and also casserole, homemade pumpkin pie, etc., etc.  Now it seems the norm for our age group is to have dinner out as family is so scattered and schedules are so varied and full that is the most convenient option for all involved. We were blessed to have both our children with us, however, and thankful for that special gift.


This past week we posted the mid-month lessons for the Groups.

Sea Shells on the Shore had its final session.  Finishing up were the two starfish.

French knots were the main feature of one of the starfish and students who stayed with it should be French knot experts!

A second ornament was shared with the group in Ornaments Galore from JP Needlepoint designs.

Additionally the Three Wisemen - Encore had another part of this fabulous piece to stitch.

We are currently auditioning designs to consider for future online classes.  Your input is welcomed.  Just email your request to

Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra

So excited to announce that the popular To The Beach,  Cruisin' Stitchers and Hawaii  handpainted canvases are back in stock over in our Etsy shop.  Hop over and take a look.  Digital stitch guides are also available for instant download.

Remember also there is still time to join the JP Needlepoint Ornaments Galore class and there are a few canvases readily available.

Until next time . . . 

Saturday, November 11, 2023


We seem to be settling in pretty well here in our new Abode. We are slowly but surely adding hubby's specialists as they can work in new patients.  The drive is becoming more comfortable for me as it is becoming more familiar and not too bad.  We have avoided rush hours so that might help.

It is becoming very busy around here as the snowbirds are flocking down. I don't even know the full timers like ourselves much less those who just come down part time.  This will ease up as time goes on and we intermingle more.  It amazes me how much people go in and out - seems like constantly.


This area of our lives seems to be starting to fall back into place - thank goodness.  This coming week we will be sharing the final session of Sea Shells on the Shore by JP Needlepoint. Unbeknownst to me at the beginning of this class selection, I will have a new piece of needlework to display in our new Abode.

We will be sharing the second session of the Ornaments Galore class as well. Christmas pieces always are special to me as I find they provide an outlet for sharing many techniques, special threads and fun embellishments.  You could still join this class if you would like.  Just email us at for details.

The Three Wisemen Encore class will also have its next lesson posted to the group!

ETSY shop - duodesignsbySandra

Our Etsy shop is your place to find most of our instant downloadable stitch guides.  We don't have all of them listed so if there is one you are seeking just ask and we'll let you know if we have it. We also list surplus class canvases heere as well as our own designs.

Now, you are the first to know of a special we are hosting.  Since our address has changed all our book covers now have the old address.  This is not a critical difference but one we will be changing as we deplete our inventory.  One step we are taking to help with this depletion is running specials through the end of the year.  Our first special involves our first set of books - Shapes of Needlepoint.  This is a series of 4 books.  The books have received the prestigious Literary Award twice from the American Needlepoint Guild - once for the publication of the first 2 Series and then again for the last 2 Series.  Series I covers Circles, Squares, Triangles and Rectangles; Series II covers Diamonds Hearts, Octagons and Stars; Series III covers Corners, Hexagons, Ovals and Parallelograms; and, Series 4 covers Diagonals, Horizontals and Verticals. Currently the set of the 4 Shapes of Needlepoint retail in our Etsy Shop at $200 plus S/H.  Our special offers the set of 4 at $150 plus S/H ($20- US shipping only). This price will be honored through the end of 2023 or until the current inventory is depleted.  Email us at to order and we will send a Paypal invoice right away.

That's it for this week folks - remember to Stich with a Smile!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Our snowbird kids - Teresa and Mark have arrived for the winter!  We are so excited.  Things are really buzzing around here as more and more snowbirders arrive daily - it is almost like grand central station! 
Although we have activities year round here, it moves to a whole different level when the winter residents arrive. A party-type atmosphere vibe sorta moves in!  Woo Hoo! 

Stitching around and on the Greek Isles!

Teresa and Bill on Water Taxi on the Grand Canal going to hotel in Venice

Top priority - Gelato!

On the ship and working!

There is a large screen for students to view if desired.

Students at work!

Class is in session.

Teresa intensely working on her mosaic at Mykonos Greece.

Teresa creating Windmill Mosaic on Mykonos Island of Greece

I chose the very 'exciting' interpretation of the oldest cathedral on the island for my mosaic.

Reminded me of kindergarten  days.

A few didn't make it for the group photo.

To enjoy the sites and beautiful scenes of this cruise be sure to go to the group Stitching and Needlework Events - Bruce Hart generously shared the trip through the lense of his camera and as always he did not disappoint.

Next stop - USA!

While the trip was great and the company even greater, it is always wonderful to get back home.