Saturday, January 27, 2018


For the first time in a long time I chose not to attend the TNNA Winter Market.  So like the rest of you, I am looking forward to seeing the shared pictures of the new designs out there for us to consider.  If you see something that you strongly feel should be added toe Online Mystery Classes be sure to email me at

I have been enjoying stitching on upcoming class lessons (that looks like a lot of 'ing' words).  I just wish I could stitch faster and had more arms to do so!  Oh well I am most grateful for what I have.

Next new class on schedule is the Snow Happy Trio from Love You More.  This cutie has the first class scheduled to be posted mid-February.

Invoices for the upcoming class are being processed.  The shop is currently preparing thread/embellishment kits and/or canvases for those who asked for assistance, and polishing of the first class is in process.  Such anticipation!

Another time consuming event for me right now is working on upcoming class proposals.  Several are due or coming up soon.  I'm currently working on the one for ANG National Seminar in Houston 2019.  I'll share more with that later.

Bad weather is supposed to be returning to our area so I am not excited!  I'll just bury myself in m stitching and pretend it is not there.

Until next week remember to Stitch with a Smile!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


It has been kinda rough here at Arthur Acres since Christmas.  We have had freezing temperatures and snow.  This isn't nearly what a lot have had to face but it is still a hassle for us.  We have an old home that is poorly insulated so it is a challenge to make sure the water pipes do not freeze and burst.  After an outrageous electric heating bill and probably a matching water bill since we open all faucets to drip during these periods, we might finally be seeing the light of day!  The sunshine is beautiful and it is actually melting the ice and snow.  I never thought I'd say 39 degrees is wonderful!

The weather has not hindered my stitching rest assured!  I have been thoroughly enjoying my stitching time in front of my fabulous fireplace.

This past week we shared another lesson in each of our Online Mystery Classes!  Here's a peek at what we did.

Steampunk Cat from Brenda Stofft is now completed!  We said goodbye to this fancy feline.

The fifth session for Raymond Crawford's Santa Ornament Wreath was shared as well.

This lesson finished up all the ornaments.  Next month we'll do Santa and the background.  Stay tuned.

Rebecca Wood's large Gingerbread House found us working on the third session.
Don't the shutters look fantastic?

Next up is the first session of Brenda's Moon Gazer.

Coming as no surprise to my students I am sure, we began with the background areas.

Next up are two non-conventional classes, meaning a different type posting schedule.

Reindeer 1 from Raymond Crawford- series was the one with the pineapple blanket.

I never claimed to be a photographer.  I just can't seem to get a good shot of this beautiful thread and the subtleties of the fantastic snowflake background.  You'll see when you stitch yours though!

Another fun piece that we've already shared a picture of is the first of the Christmas Stars - 12 Days of Christmas from Raymond Crawford.

These are going to be so much fun.  A new one each month.  Can't wait to share the 2 Turtle Doves with you.

So in case there is nothing here to interest you, we have even more new designs joining our class line up.  OH:  Don't forget to look over to the right and click on the entire 2018 agenda.

February will bring on our new class the Snow Happy Trio from Love You More.

I have not stopped to count how many shades of white, textures of white or threads of white that are used in this design.  Phew!  There is still time to join us if you choose.  Just email me at and we'll get you on the list.  We are working diligently on getting together a thread/embellishment kit prepared to meet my request and we'll share that information with those who are class participants as soon as it is ready.  First class is scheduled mid-February.

Also on the immediate horizon is JP Needlepoint's cute, cute, cute Catitudes!

Registration is going on now so just email if you would like to join us. This design is available in 13ct or 18ct.

We are so happy to learn of the registrations at some of our upcoming retreats.  Check out the class at Winterthur Museum  in DE in March - Fruit and Flowers:

For details visit:

This Retreat is hosted by Art Needlepoint.  I was attracted to this venue when invited because of the inclusion of our youth.  The brochure states that participants may bring a youngster between the ages of 10 and 18 free of charge to attend class with them.  And the youngster will be given a canvas upon which they may try stitches to learn as we go.  Isn't that fantastic?  For more details check out the various links that are available.…
Here's an early registration link:
Contact Art Needlepoint right away to make your reservation.  And even more exciting plan to bring a youngster along to share the experience.

Immediately after that one is Needlepoint in New England hosted by The Enriched Stitch in CT.  

This Winter Cardinal from Maggie has so many techniques and stitches to share.  Yes that is a real plaid created on the side.  Contact for more information.  I'm not sure if they still have any openings but you can check it out.

I'm also fortunate enough to be stitching at the Needle Nook of LaJolla Retreat but that class is filled. Maybe you can get in next year if you decide early.

And we are also very excited that many are booking our wonderful Stitching Down the Danube riverboat stitching cruise for October 2018.  We'll be visiting 4 countries and having lots of stitching opportunities after fantastic included excursions.  Be sure to check it out - great perk is that everything except airfare is included.  Yep, that transfers, tips, excursions, drinks (as in stronger than soda), and so much, much more.  Contact our fantastic travel Liz at Viking Travel for all the travel details - - and me for the stitching details -  We'd love to have you join us!

Gotta get back to work.  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Good Afternoon!

I am out of town at a stitching retreat so fell behind on a blog posting this weekend.  However,
my Webmaster has added several new stitch guides over on our website.  Have a look see and let me know if you have any questions.


Lessons will be posted tomorrow for the active Online Mystery Classes!  Let me know if you need assistance in getting materials, etc.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018  - New Year - New Opportunities and Challenges

I'm sure many of you have seen the posting by someone that states something to the effect that the New Year is 365 new opportunities - 365 blank pages for the book of 2018 - what a great way to approach the new year.  We shall take each of the 365 days one day at a time and do our best to made each one reflect an accomplishment of some type - whether it be large or small is immaterial to me - it is just to do something that is worthwhile and positive. I am thankful and feel blessed for each day that is given to me and I try not to waste it nor take it for granted.  Not always an easy task but that is my intent.  I did not say that I am always successful.

In less then two weeks we will be begin sharing our 2018 classes for the Online Mystery Classes and Quickies!

Our new Online Mystery Classes for January 2018 include the first lesson in the Moon Gazer, a Brenda Stofft Design

This class will have lessons posted semi-monthly.  It is a new approach for us and one that is in response to some feedback that participants have generously provided.

The next new class will be one of the Raymond Crawford Reindeer.  This is a series of 4 Reindeer.  We will begin our coverage with the Reindeer that has the Pineapple Blanket.

While the design areas are different in this series, we will make every effort to complete them in such a way that they can be displayed together as a 'set' if the stitcher so desires.  This class is a little different also in that we are compacting a whole bunch of techniques, etc., into four lessons in order to get through the series of 4 in a little less time.  There will be the same amount of material, just divided a little differently than in some previous classes.

And the third new class is in our QUICKIE Series.  We are beginning the year with the Christmas Stars - 12 Days of Christmas from Raymond Crawford.  And, since I tend to be a little logical every now and then we will begin with the first day - the Partridge!

NOTE:  All who have paid to participate in the first Quickie Series have been invited to the secret Facebook page.  Please notify me right away if you cannot find your invitation.

Still time to join us so if interested just send an email to us at

The American Needlepoint GUild has issued their Seminar Brochure.  Be sure to check out the various classes I will be teaching.  

Be sure to check them out when you get your brochure.

Additionally, I will be teaching one of the three special classes for the Encore! group!
Beijing Butterflies 

In the meanwhile, our Webmaster has been very busy adding new stitch guides over on our website at  We are adding some guides that are the commercial version from previous Online Classes.  Check in often as new ones are added daily for the next few days.