Saturday, October 31, 2020


We had such a wonderful experience and the overall feel was that most everyone had a great show!  The Zoom feature gave us the opportunity to see some old friends and meet some new.  So great to chat about. I fear not enough took advantage of the Zoom feature but we managed anyway.  Some of us stumbled through and most all were learning at the same time and helping each other with ways to approach this new endeavor. We still have emails, public forums within the program, Face Time, Skype, etc. for communicating.  You can bet we needle pointers can manage to get what we want when it comes to our stash!  The difficult part, of course, is the necessity of waiting for the canvas painters.  Hopefully we can continue to move forward as they try to catch up and not be forced back by this pandemic situation.  Fingers crossed and prayers uplifted.

One of the hits in our booth were these sweet, sweet Long Neck Friends.  Such happy and colorful designs to work with. They are on 18 ct canvas (with special request of 14 ct available) and designs average about 6" x 10" give or take a little.

Did your local shop add these to their inventory?  These guys offer up so much to the imagination. We are currently working on Miss Dragon with her friend pretty Butterfly.  It has been suggested that we do Besties - Miss Ostrich as an online class - hmmmm.  What do you think?


Let us know if your LNS does not have these on order and we can provide you with some possibilities of shops that do.  These were in stock at market and a back up order was placed a couple weeks before market so should be getting more in a few weeks. Just email us at

If you would like to see other designs we have to offer go visit our website and peruse at your leisure and ask your LNS to order for you:

Speaking of canvases.. . .

Slowly the backlog of painted canvases are coming in.  We are trying to be very patient as this is not an incident over which anyone has any control.  It is what it is.  No use wasting energy on getting cross or upset with anyone - we are all in the same position.


Art Needlepoint is hosting such a cute project scheduled for November 9  - which will be here before we know it!  That is the scheduled first class posting of our cute guys Peanut Butter and Jelly. 

This class has been well accepted and we can't wait to share all the fun with you in our private Facebook Group. Yes, there are all kinds of threads, ribbons and beads manipulating going on here!

 I'm not sure how many openings there are so you might want to check right away with the host. Here's the link for all the info you need.

Look forward to seeing you in the classroom group!


Our next class will be the Lovable Llama from Gayla Elliott It is believed that the majority have received their canvases. Our first session will involve fairly traditional techniques that one would want to spread out over a period of time so that should buy us a little more time. I will be available and the lessons will remain online in the group well past the finish of the class so do not worry! So let's plan to move forward.  First session posting will be mid-November!  We still have almost 3 weeks so we remain optimistic that all the guys will be in their new homes by then.  I will do a quick check in the Group closer to class time to see who still might not have their canvases.  Please post in the private Facebook Page the status of your canvas and let us know as you get them.

Our next hurdle is thread!  The thread that is backordered for this design is used in one of the final lessons so we should be good there.

Next up will be the fabulous Two by Two - a Noah's Ark theme -from Strictly Christmas. We have waited a little while for this beauty.  GET YOUR CANVAS ORDERED!

I have already had so much fun with this design as I have been searching for unusual threads to help differentiate the different critters - we have b/w zebras, b/w cows and b/w penguins as an example.

I also have been stitching away as I get the various sections figured out and grouped into lessons. You are gonna love it.  As I stated earlier somewhere if you want to experience this fun journey but do not have any little ones around remember the children's wards at the hospitals, nurseries at church, day care centers, etc.  I'm sure your donation of this sweet, sweet design would be most appreciated!

This 8 session project will be $200 for the lesson packet.  Email us right away to join the group - email We will share our first class mid-January 2021.  Here's a closer look at another couple - there are probably a couple threads used on these guys with which you may not be familiar.

Then in mid-March we will begin Raymond Crawford's American Train! You can't get much more patriotic than this.

Notice our last car does not contain wreaths.  Raymond has a surprise for us that will be a bit more patriotic than the wreaths seemed to represent.  Can't wait to see what he has in store for us!

Each car will cover 2 sessions.  We cannot start these any sooner because the painters have promised a 'try to get them done by' date which is March. We are considering a little twist to this class.  How about we do 2 sessions a month?  This would mean the stitching could be done by June if one were focused and diligent!  Remember to enroll send me an email to  - the 6 lesson packet is $175. 

Drop me an email and tell me how you feel about this guy as a possible class.  I have been asked to consider it so need to have a good interest to move forward.

In case you haven't figured it out I have a weakness for cardinals so when anyone wants me to consider I am all for it.  Just send your thoughts to me at

So stay safe and try not to eat too much Halloween candy!

Saturday, October 24, 2020


Do you know what today is?  It is the first day of the very first Virtual Trade Show.  Needlepointers do not let corona virus rule!  This is a new adventure for exhibitors, buyers and organizers all so we are learning as we go.

For my booth, you the customer, may go see exactly what the buyer sees as available.  From there you contact the LNS and ask them to order for you.  If it happens to be in stock it will be shipped right away.  If it is not - of course there will be that wonderful wait period we are all learning.

So, hop over to our webpage - - and peruse the offerings - and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Needless to say, we will be quite tied-up for the next 3 days so please be patient with all involved and have fun!


 TWO BY TWO - Strictly Christmas

Noah's Ark Theme

Is this too cute or what?  I am so excited to begin playing on this design.  

This canvas design is approximately 10.5 x 13.5 and has such an impact on the subject.  Every little animal has space to be showcased! What an heirloom you will be creating!  

We plan to work on this cutie for 8 sessions.  We will begin mid-January 2021.  This will allow you to get the piece done in plenty of time for Christmas if desired.  Additionally we may see if we can double up on a couple of lessons and share 2 lessons in one month and do this twice. The 8 lesson cost is $200.  Email us right away to get in the class!

The more you look at this canvas the more you see.  We'll point out a few highlights each week.  Today let's look at these so sweet cows. Whatever will we do with this fabulous pair?  You'll find out soon enough.

If you would like to play with us on this design drop us an email at so we can add you to the class list and invoice you accordingly.  Also, order your canvas right away from your LNS.  If you don't have a LNS and need assistance just email us and ask that we provide contact information to shop that is kitting the class for us.

Don't have any little ones but would love to experience the fun we are going to have?  Consider donating to a children's ward at a hospital, church nursery, day care facility - numerous opportunities!

Lovable Llamas are being shipped bit by bit.  How exciting.  We will plan to proceed with beginning the first class session of this wonderful guy mid-November!  Stay tuned!

Also don't forget registration is ongoing for Raymond Crawford's American Train series!

Ok - gotta go!  Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 18, 2020


We now have more information on the upcoming Online Class hosted by Art Needlepoint - Peanut Butter and Jelly.

This class will be setup in a secret Facebook Group along the same guidelines of my regular Online Mystery Classes.  Several major differences however.  Art Needlepoint Company is handling all the canvas and kit details.  We will be posting lessons weekly - specifically every Monday beginning November 9th - for 7 sessions.  You will be able to send inquiries anytime and we will respond as soon as we possibly can. All activity within the group sends an alert to all members of that group.  

We have a few ground rules and they are posted at the beginning of the group discussion list and we ask all to read.


This past week was mid-month and involved posting lessons to our regular Online Mystery Classes.

Once again we say goodbye to a cute design - Merry Kissmas Eve from PLDesigns!  This class finished in time for you to display this whimsical design just in time.

This month involved finishing up Santa's accessories - his sack, mittens and fur trim.  We also added holy sprigs and the kissing ball!

We also shared a lesson in the Just Add Water. class from CBK designs. We worked on the tub and faucet this week.

Some activity is cranking up on our upcoming classes so be sure to get registered as soon as you can so that we can alert the painters.

First up will be Two by Two from Strictly Christmas.  So excited to get to start this precious heirloom - and that is what it will be when it grows up!

This preciousness will use up 8 stitching sessions (I hope I can get it all covered in that many).   Class fees for the total 8 sessions will be $200.00. This class looks hopeful for starting mid-January.  I need you to sign up as soon as you know that you are going to participate so we can alert the painters as to how many orders the shops need.    Just email us at to be included.

As always be sure to get your canvas ordered from your LNS.  If you need assistance please contact us and we can guide you to shops that are fully kitting the class according to materials used by me in the class.

Next up is the American Train from Raymond Crawford. 

Each of the 3 cars will involve 2 months sessions for a total of 6 sessions.  The price for the lessons will be $175.00.  Email us at to register.

Okay gang - gotta go work on Virtual Trade Show!  Later . . .

Saturday, October 10, 2020

 Fall in Full Force

Our leaves are falling unbelievably fast here at Arthur Acres.  We mowed 2 days ago and if you look out it looks like the leaves haven't been touched for a week.  That's what you get when you select a place for all its beautiful trees!  Gotta take both sides of the situation.  With our 4+ acre yard and our age we just try to keep the leaves away from the house.  Other than that we let them enrich the soil so to speak.

Don't have much time to prepare a proper blog today but I did want to share with you an upcoming class that you might be interested in.  We were originally scheduled to teach at a retreat in Maine this month but it had to be cancelled - who knows for what reason (yea, right!).  Anyway the retreat hostess has decided to offer the classes online.  So my sweet guys - Peanut Butter and Jelly - will be available for you to enroll if you so desire.

Check at www. for the full details.  The classes are expected to begin on November 9 and will have weekly lessons for a total of 7 lessons.  It is my understanding that they will be set up as private Facebook Groups like my classes. Art Needlepoint will be providing a few options.  Those who have nothing will want the full kits.  Some have already gotten their canvases so they have an option for that group as well. So be sure to check with them for the various opportunities offered to participate in this class.  We'll be working with lots of techniques and threads - there will be ribbon involved also. These guys were a lot of fun for me and brought back many fond memories of our mule back home on the farm in Appalachia.  We'd love to have you join us.  

That's all I have a chance to share today.  I am still in the throes of working on this Virtual Trade Show Booth and rework our website as well.  Be sure to let your local needlepoint shop know about the show.  There are tons of exhibitors and shops registered so there will be lots to see and take in.  You as a customer will have a chance to look over some of the booths as well - including ours Duo Designs, Inc.  Lots of pictures with accompanying stock numbers for you to share with your shop.  No prices on the wholesale only website however.  The attending shop owners will have prices for you. Kinda wild until at least the first of November around here.

Stay safe and be careful!

Saturday, October 3, 2020

 October - Autumn - Crisp Air

That is what we are experiencing here in Central Kentucky.

I am afraid that this month is going to suffer as far as my Blog posts are concerned.  As I shared with you I am exhibiting in a trade show for the first time in over 20 years.  Needless to say, I am consumed with trying to make it right.  

Online Mystery Classes

I will remind all that if you have not yet paid for your Lovable Llama class you will be dropped from the roster this Monday.  Be sure to check your emails - we don't want you to miss out.  Unfortunately many still do not have their canvases.  Fingers are crossed that those will start coming in to the shops in the next couple of weeks.

Registration is active for the Spring Welcome - next on our agenda. This class is a little different as it is a fully kitted class.  Email us at duodesignsinc@yahoo to join the list.  

Spring Welcome - PLDesigns

Keep in mind that we will begin Raymond Crawford's American Train Series in January 2021.  Email us at so that we can add you to the notification list.  This 6 lesson packet will involve 2 sessions per car. This 6 lesson packet will be $175.

Additionally, we continue to wait for word on the receipt of Strictly Christmas' cute canvas design Two by Two.  We are taking registration however so email if you want to join this class.  It will be scheduled for 8 sessions. This class lesson packet will be $200 for the 8 sessions.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures

Our travel agents continues to handle Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise reservation via email.  We are stitching away on our optional class project and should be able to share a picture before too much longer.  Contact Russ to get your favorite stateroom for this stitching adventure!

Gotta sign off for this week.  Remember to stay safe!