Saturday, September 28, 2019


Just a few short weeks until we head off for our marvelous Mediterranean Stitching Cruise 2019!  Excitement abounds!  Here at ArthurAcres we are busy making name tags, putting the final touches on the goody bags and preparing for our daily drawings!  Additionally we are concentrating on the wonderful surprises that we will be sharing with you in our structured time at the hotel and on the ship!  I am 'busting' to share with you all!  This is the really fun part of the trip for me!

This cruise is taking place when Halloween comes along and the ship Azamara Pursuit has a special Halloween Party and prizes for those who choose to dress up and celebrate.

I believe all my ducks are in a row on the exclusive class we are taking in Italy taught by Italian instructors (with interpreters of course), on an Italian technique.  I am beside myself with excitement and tell anyone who will listen.

Hope to learn some particulars on the handmade netted background - intriguing to me.

Come join the Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures group to keep up with the latest in the best intimate stitching cruises available!  In this group we share ideas of desired stitching adventures that are combined with cruising.  Our preferable way to travel is by riverboat.  However a few choice destinations require a slightly larger boat.  The Mediterranean ship is for 600 people and the Hawaiian ship is for 2100.  Still quite smaller than the large ocean liners (which is what is required for the Alaskan cruise).  I taught my last class on a huge ship over 15 years ago and have never looked back.

Our goal is to provide stitching that is related to the areas we are visiting or traveling. In the past we have offered optional class kits that have been designed by Duo Designs, Inc., or a guest designer.  Participants may bring their own projects if they desire to do so and seek stitching help if needed. There have been some surprise projects as well that also include icons of the various regions.  Drawings include items that are also area related.

Here are some of the projects and surprises from some of our most current stitching cruises!  What memories!

Dawn modeling her bracelets
 Jane shared her stitched luggage tag

  Color choices for bracelets to make

Mediterranean Stitching Memories promises to have more goodies and surprised to share!



What ever will be in store for my students when we get on the Mediterranean?  I know they will be just as excited to discover what I have in store for them as I will be in sharing!  Can't wait!

If you would like to join us on a future adventure just join our exclusive Facebook Group - Needles 'N Fins Stitching Group and discover what we are up to! We'd love to include you in our next cruising adventure.  We're doing Tulip Time on the Rhine in 2020 and possibly Hawaii Island Hopping in 2021.  You don't want to miss a thing!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Well there were lots of wonderful new items at the Dallas market - as usual.  So much to try to soak in.  I do not see how shops make the decisions of which to choose and which to leave behind.  Of course the major trick is to know your customers but with all the temptations the designers throw at them it makes for very tough decisions.

We gave a sneak peek last time of two new designs that we will be hosting as an Online Mystery Class for 2020.  A tentative date has been set so get onboard!

First up will be the Fall Wreath with Scarecrow available through PLD Designs, Inc. (This was formerly JuliMar).

Fall Wreath with Scarecrow

This wonderful fellow is on 18ct canvas with a design area of 12" x 12". The canvas is cut to approximately 17.5 x 17.5.    The first scheduled class is tentatively set for mid-February 2020. Because there is so much involved on this one there will be 8 sessions.  The price of the 8-lesson packet is $175.  To join in this fun group email me at  The interest is wonderful and we are going to have a great class!  We will be working 'out of the box' so to speak on this one.  Some unusual embellishments, maybe not-so-familiar threads and who knows what else. Can't wait to start - well actually I have already started!

The other design that has been added to the class list is the very cute kissmas eve also from PLD Designs.

kissmas eve

This is such a sweet design.  It is painted on 18ct canvas and the design area is approximately 9" x 10".  It is on a cut canvas of approximately 14.5 x 15.5.  The first lesson is scheduled to start May 2020. There will be 6 sessions for this design.  The 6-lesson packet will be $150.  If you would like to play with this group email me at so I can add you to the notification list.

Both these classes are being well received and I am excited to start sharing my thoughts and ideas with you!

Also, we will be working with a shop to provide canvas and/or thread kits for those who need assistance.

There is a third new class for 2020 that has already been introduced that is At the Seashore from Sandra Gilmore.

At the Seashore

The first lesson for this class will be mid-January 2020.  It is a 6-lesson packet for $150.

It has been a while since I explained the Online Mystery Classes and we have had a good number of new people join in following the blog so I'll briefly explain what's happening. When a new Online Mystery Class is announced there is already a good number of interested participants - this makes it worthwhile to spend the time to create the lessons, etc.  

About 2 months before the scheduled class those who have asked to be on the list will receive an email stating that a PayPal invoice for the lessons is being emailed.  If the invoice is paid you are part of the class.  If the invoice is not paid you will receive one reminder.  If still not paid you are dropped from the interest list.  There is no obligation to be on the notification list.  Also at this time, there will be a call out asking for those who need assistance obtaining their canvas and/or threads.  I will ask permission to share your contact information with a shop that will be kitting the class using the exact materials that I have used stitching the design.  All transactions are between you and the shop.  I do not get any kickback from the shop(s).  This is merely a service for those who do not have a LNS.

Once invoices are processed the participants receive and invitation to join the secret Facebook Group which they must accept to get in.  This is where you meet other participants, where materials are listed, where lessons are posted and where corrections are made when needed.  The participants may ask any questions they like for clarification, etc., as we go along. I do ask that students not provide instructions as there needs to be only one chief and that will be me in these classes.

So - - we would love to have you join us for any of our upcoming classes.  Just email us at and we will place your name on the notification list.

SOOOOOOOOO Excited!  Mediterranean here we come!

We have contracted for an exclusive class in Sardinia, Italy!  We will be taught an Italian technique (filet embroidery), by an Italian teacher in Italy!  Won't that be fabulous!  How often can one have an opportunity like this!  The space is small so the class will be very limited!  Registration was on a first-come/first-served basis.

We will be spending the first part of the morning touring the Casa Saddi museum and tasting some of the local products.  

If I understand correctly we will be able to purchase some of the wonderful items we were tasting.

Then for the next 3 hours we will be so fortunate to have Mariangela Porcu and an assistant teach her technique for creating this wonderful pendant!

I feel so blessed to have been able to pull this together.  It has been quite a journey - especially since I don't speak Italian and the excursion is outside the cruise lines and our travel agent agendas.  I could not have done it without the help of wonderful generous friends who assisted with the contacts and arranged to have the contracts translated (back and forth - back and forth - back and forth), and continue to assist with bank transfers for prepayments,  reasonable transportation arrangements to the museum, etc.   What a wonderful group we are fortunate to be a part of!  I have some big favors to repay that is for sure!

That's it for this week - enjoy these beautiful days while you can (at least it is beautiful here in Central Kentucky).

Sunday, September 8, 2019



Registration opens October 1, 2019.   Would love to see you in my classes.  My first 2-day class is Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources.  It is taught on Saturday March 21 and Sunday Marach 22.

The second class is Winter Cardinal from Maggie.  This is taught on ________-

Some exciting new Online Mystery Classes for 2020!  Be sure to email me if you want to sign up!  These are from an artist that I have not featured before and they are distributed through Juli Mar Needlepoint.

First up will be the longer class - Fall Welcome Wreath.  

This guy will involve 8 lessons instead of the normal 6.  The 8-lesson packet will be $175.  The design is listed as 12x12.  Look at all that stuff!  Be sure to email me if you want to join in.  First lesson will be February or March 2020. Email at  

The second new class is Kissmas Eve!  This is also from JuliMar Needlepoint!

The design is listed as 8 x 10.  This whimsical kiss under the mistletoe will be covered in 6 lessons.  The 6-lesson packet will be $150.  The first class will probably start in May 2020.  Email me if you would like to join the group at  It is going to be loads of fun too!

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures
As we have told you before the Mediterranean Stitching Cruise has been sold out.  So excited but sad for those who did not get in.  I am busily preparing goody bags and lots of fun surprises for my participants.  But . . .

Don't miss out on the next one.  Tulip Time on the Rhine Stitching Adventures will be sailing on April 16 through 26, 2020.  Email me  - - or may agent Liz - - for details and a brochure.  You can also find a brochure in the files section of the group Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures.  If you don't belong be sure to sign up now to follow out upcoming events.

Gotta go - have a great week!

Sunday, September 1, 2019


As I shared last week, ANG national Seminar is over.  This week I moved on to Napierville area to teach at the Stitchers Garden.

The classes are all full so I'm not going to be able to slack off any with this bunch. We began our adventures with What to do with Ribbons and Such.  This techniques class has been around for awhile but still remains popular.

Friday we did the Beading on Needlework techniques class.


We included a few little surprises in this class of making a star and a daisy edging trim.

Then we tackled the colorful, happy canvas from JP Needlepoint - What's That?  For me "That' is Succulents.

Here is photo of all 28 of 'em!  Yep!  28! We are plowing through them - one at a time. It is a 3 day class and after this is over it may need to be a 4 day class.  We shall see!  Such fun!


While in town I was able to have dinner with our great travel assistant Liz! She took me on a private tour of their fabulous offices.  Beautiful building, great location and very nice offices.  I met lots of smiling faces.  Looks like a happy place to work.  I also met Gwyn who will be joining us on our Tulips on the Rhine Stitching Adventure.

Registration for this adventure in going great guns but I have some news.  The price of the trip will increase the end of the month from UniWorld!  If you are sitting on the fence about coming with us you might wast to consider making a decision right away in order to save a few dollars.

Our route

Our beautiful ship!

I was most excited to meet one of our trip participants for the first time in class also.  Patty is from Paducah and is a very active volunteer at the fantastic National Quilt Museum right in our state of Kentucky.

I will warn you ahead of time that Patty is passionate about her quilting and rightly so!  We are going to have a great time.

Connie and Ellen were in classes as well.  Connie will be on the sold out Mediterranean cruise and Ellen will be on both.

Gotta go and prepare for class.  This bunch is serious about their stitching!

Later . . .