Saturday, July 29, 2023


Each day we manage to get through a box or two.  Believe me, at our age and the heat that is a major accomplishment.  While there is no rush I still desire to get through all this stuff so I can at least have some idea where something is or at least the vicinity of its location.  Hubby is unable to help unfortunately so that makes the process even slower.  Our living part is in pretty good shape.  We can eat, sleep, bathe, etc. enjoy the TV and our surroundings. 

My issue is 'my stuff'.  You know all the crafting, Cricut, needlepoint canvases, threads, etc., etc., etc.  I just cannot bare to let it go but it is silly to hold on the way I am.  I will need to find someone to start listing some of this for me.  I have way too many Melissa Shirley Stockings, halloween stuff, partially stitched class pieces etc., etc. that someone might value and cherish and free them from the doom of living their remaining years closed off in a box or container of some sort.

As I said, we are moving forward.


Just around the corner.  I am so excited to be preparing for this event.  It seems a lifetime ago that I was teaching a group when in reality it was only a few weeks before our major downsize.

Two classes are on my agenda.  One is on Beards - we will cover different techniques using different threads and play with various ideas for different facial effects.

The next class is on Baskets.  So many possibilities and it is tough to choose just a few that we can fit into the time span allotted.

We're working through the Online Classes as best we can and hope all are doing well.


Here's another one of those things that is creeping up on us!  Just a couple months and we will be on our way.  Purchased our airline tickets this week so it is closer to reality!  

Santorini Splendor - optional class kit.

Our travel agent has scheduled a Zoom presentation from Azamara so contact her if you would like a direct link to the event -

OK - gotta go do another box to meet my quota today!