Saturday, February 24, 2018

I wish I could share some of this rain with areas that really need it.  It is so saturated here and becoming very muddy at Arthur Acres.  The weather is what I always refer to as pneumonia weather. We have a beautiful warm time and then it suddenly becomes cool and damp.  I'm ready for Spring.

Working on upcoming lessons for March.  This is my happy place.  In addition we are setting up new classes.  Always exciting.  If you have been following you know that we have been invoicing for the upcoming Catitudes from JP Needlepoint.

I have made an effort to hunt out some different threads for some of you to experience.  And I have also designed a background specific for this piece as well.  So we'll see how the journey goes for everyone.  While Friday was the deadline to order and pay for the pre-ordered thread/embellishment kit for this class I'm sure the shop can prepare more kits it's just that they may require reordering some items outside the preorders so you would need to be more patient.

We have just gotten over a tremendous delay caused by Japan not sending the correct threads to RG and so have had to wait an unusually long amount of time to finish up the Snow Happy Trio kits.  The shop is working diligently to get these ready for shipment as soon as the errant threads come through the door!

This is a fun stitch as well.  I created a different arrangement of stitches for the first scarf covered in the upcoming lesson so happy about that result.  

Reservations are coming in for some of the new classes that are being added.  One class is the Penny MacLeod design Dana.  This is our first Penny MacLeod introduction in the Online Mystery Class Series.  Looking forward to working through this one.

If you would like to join us email at for details.

And, QUICKIES!  These guys are always fun and the new Butterfly Series from Burnett & Bradley promise to keep that venue going! Big decision is figuring out which one to start with first.

Such colorful designs - they just spell out happy stitching.  Again, just email us at for details.

Right now my top priority is preparing for the Needle Nook of LaJolla Retreat.  I am so honored to get to return and teach there once more.  We have such a great group of students and the shop personnel go above and beyond to make sure all our needs are met.  Hopefully I will get some pictures to post as we go along.

Have a great weekend and we'll see what we can come up with for next week.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


One very positive side of having these Online Mystery Classes is that I get projects stitched - for the most part. It forces me into a discipline that is not normal or second nature for me.  I like to stitch a spot, be comfortable with it and then put it in the closet or drawer.  Not here!  My students keep me on my toes on these and I generally am able to post a picture of the finished project (finished from the standpoint of stitching) at the end of the class.  For me that is almost miraculous.

What do I do with all these finished projects?  I stick them in a drawer!  Yes, that is correct!  I put them in a drawer.  What does one do with all these things?  I have no more wall space.  I have no more chair space.  You get the idea.  I keep thinking I might offer them up to shops for possible models.  Surely there is a life for them somewhere.  I just need to find it.

Then why do I stitch all these if I can't display them?  For me it is the journey of doing it.  I love to stitch and see what I end up with when all is said and done.  For instance, I am not Jewish.  But, I so loved and enjoyed stitching the Menorah from Tapestry Fair.  It is happy, colorful and provided a plethora of technique possibilities.  I did, however, purchase 3 of the individual candles and am finishing them as stand ups for the end of my mantel.

Another 15th of the month has come and gone.  That means we have posted more lessons for these fun classes.

We bid our farewells to the fantastic Santa Wreath Ornament from Raymond Crawford. Just look at all those techniques, embellishments, threads, colors.  And the design had large enough areas to  offer us the opportunity to try something (perhaps new) and not be married to it for a year to accomplish.  A very fun piece indeed.

In a totally different theme, Steampunk Witch from Brenda Stofft had her second session shared.  She gained a face, a fun collar and somewhat funky hair. This class has lessons posted every other month.

Another one of our fellow designs was also a posting of the second session.  The Reindeer with the pineapple blanket from Raymond Crawford.  We created the reindeer face, body, and part of the blanket for this session.
I'm leaning towards thinking of the ones with the eye closed as girls and the ones with eyes wide opened as boys - jury is still out on that one. I kinda get up close and personal with my projects.

Another Session 2 is also from Raymond Crawford and it is from the Christmas Stars - 12 Days of Christmas series. This month we did the Two Turtle Doves.  🎶 🎵 🎶

Session 4 of the Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood gave us a door and some candy as well as lights.

We have a new kid on the block this month - Snow Happy Trio from Love you More. As I am prone to do, we worked on the backgrounds for this first go round.  We did the sky and the snow.

Now we are ready to start playing with the Happy Trio - which one will it be?

And the final class posted is on the Nutty Professor Hooty Owl Banner from JP Needlepoint. This guy is in a class that is entitled something like No Schedule, No Deadline, No Stress.  This means that I post whenever I get the chance.  Well I finally got a chance to post a new section.

We worked on his tummy, his wings, his chest and gave him his pocket watch.  

Life is not stagnant so we are busily accepting reservations and requests to join the lists for upcoming new classes that are being added to the already full schedule.

We are featuring Dana - Life of the Party from Penny MacLeod. This happy lady has been added to the January 2019 agenda through student requests.

If you would like to join the very actively growing list just email us at and request to be placed on the notification list.

And as shared earlier, we are introducing a new Quickie! Series!  Eight wonderful butterflies from Burnett and Bradley.  
There is quite a bit going on in these individual designs.  Plenty to occupy two separate sessions that's for sure.  Scroll down through recent posts and see more of the designs.  The classes are all inclusive. That means canvas, threads, embellishments, lessons and shipping/handling.  WOW!  To join just email us at While definitely on the agenda for early 2019, we might be able to sneak in one or two before then.  Stay tuned.  

Getting ready to head out to LaJolla to the Needle Nook of LaJolla Retreat.  So many fun designs to work with.  You should check into this retreat for future enjoyment.  It always sells out early and Vicky and Faye take very good care of the participants and teachers as well!

Just saw where The Enriched Stitch has only 2 slots left in our wonderful Winter Cardinal class in April.  Check it out at their site for more information on all the wonderful classes they are hosting. They also welcome ghosts I believe.

Well I'm not getting any stitching done if I'm typing so have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


I have been asked to consider adding a Penny MacLeon design to our class roster.  A very sophisticated poll (tongue in cheek) was conducted and the winner is this cutie.  Dana - Life of the Party.  Email me at if you would be interested in taking a class and be added to the notification list. It is very popular and I am pleased with the response and registration already in just a few days.

The design is on 13 ct canvas.  The class will begin the first of the year - Jan. 2019.  So plenty of time to save up and get ready.


I am so excited about the butterfly designs from Burnett & Bradley.  These will be our new Quickie! Series classes.

This means that a design will be presented in a maximum of 2 sessions.  I'll share more as details develop.  In the meanwhile please email me at to be included on the notification list. Canvases have been ordered and I can't wait to start stitching and planning. Lots of fun possibilities.
These designs vary in size from approximately 4" x 5 - to 7 inches.  Very manageable.  They are on 18 ct canvas.  As canvases must be ordered ahead, there will be a $35 deposit required once I get my ducks in a row.  The balance (which will vary depending on threads, beads, ribbon, etc.) will be due one month prior to the first lesson being distributed!

A few closeups:  

Aren't they lovely.  And room to do some fun techniques. There's more designs too!  I can't wait to start stitching them!  Where is that mailman????

Another specific request involved that green character design from Raymond Crawford:

Being the focal point of a wreath gives us many options for decorating the various ornaments. This guy cannot be added to the agenda until mid-2019 if there is enough interest.

Or this happy colorful wreath:

This design takes me away to a beautiful, serene beach somewhere.  Again, if there is enough interest this guy will be added mid-to late- summer 2019.

And, don't forget our wonderful Stitching Down the Danube riverboat stitching cruise!  I received the optional class canvases and I am excited to be putting the kits together so we can begin sign ups.  There will be a limited number available.

Okay enough dreaming.  Next week we will be sharing another group of monthly lessons from our Online Mystery Classes.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 3, 2018


It is so much fun to see what pictures individuals choose to post and share with us of what they saw at the TNNA Market in Vas Vegas.  So diverse!  There surely was something for everyone.

If you wandered over to JuliMar and Friends room you may have seen a couple of designs that I created a stitch guide for.

Ladies In Wait: #1

Not only does this design have loads of color coming at us but there are lots of stitches and techniques shared in the stitch guide.  Watch for it soon on our website under the stitch guides menu. Scheduled for this upcoming week.

Another fun piece was the beautiful goldfish.

Goldfish:  Day Dreaming

Online Mystery Classes:

I understand that kitting is almost complete for our upcoming new class - Snow Happy Trio!

Snow Happy Trio - Love You More Designs

As usual, we are going to have fun with this one.  Shiny, bling, felting, beads, who knows what will be in store!  Hope you are joining us for this one.  Email me at - still time to join in the fun!

Don't forget to register for the March class of the Catitudes from JP Needlepoint Designs.

Tee Hee Hee!  That's all I'm gonna say!

Be sure to check out our upcoming classes for the full year.  Just click on the featured agenda in the right-hand column of this blog.  And, if there is something fun and special you would like to see us feature, just get a group together and contact me.  We'll see what we can work out.

To register for any of our classes just email me at 

And what better way to pass the time on these dreary days we are experiencing here in Kentucky than to dream about our upcoming Riverboat Stitching Cruise. We continue to have new people join in our adventures. Did you know that on our riverboat stitching cruises that all the excursions are already paid for and included in your total price? That's right. There are no extra fees for the excursions. No tips either! When Viking Travel and UniWorld say our cruise is all inclusive from the time we get on the ship until the time we disembark they mean it! That also includes transfer fees! Check out the brochure of all the excursions we have the option to take without extra charge. The brochure is in the files section over on the FB page Needles 'N Fins! If you are not in the group just ask to join. This is so exciting!

Riveboat Beatrice

We are visiting 4 wonderful countries! Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Hungary - oh boy!  Can't wait.  Plans are accelerating at Arthur Acres!  So many needlework options - - - be sure to stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile.