Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Look out Long Beach here I come!

Well, I've been away for a few days doing some touch ups and finishing touches for TNNA. 

The slides are all ready for the classes.

The kits are all ready for the class (except still waiting for one thread which will be shipped to the hotel).

The teaching plans are in place.

Business cards, address labels and brochures packed and ready.

All the gadget chargers ready to go in the suitcase.  Medicines all filled and ready to go.

 Airline tickets in hand.  Hotel reservations confirmed.

Cat sitter confirmed and reminded.
                (Yes, that's a cat.  he's helping me bead - can't you tell?  He decided to take a break.)

Dry cleaning picked up.

Hmmmmm, seems like something is missing???? Oh wait, do I have room left to pack some clothes?  (I'll stick some in my husband's suitcase - he'll never notice!)

See you there!

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