Saturday, December 4, 2021


Uniquely Yours With a Twist was such a fun experience.  We started off with major Internet issues, equipment problems, then life got in the way with family health issues.  But hey, we still managed to have a great time as we worked through each hurdle.  Certainly the participants may take full credit for the success of this first session. As anyone who will listen has heard me say time and time again, I have the greatest students!  They make me better! The results that have been shared are spectacular!

We plan to start Uniquely Yours Season II December 15 (just around the corner) so if you would like to join us send us an email right away to

Uniquely Yours Season II is made up of 10 Zoom sessions where you are challenged to move out of your box and comfort zone.  Maybe you just need that extra nudge to get that canvas out of the closet.  Maybe you  have hit a brick wall and have been stalled but need an extra push.  How about a fresh outlook at how you approach your stitching?. We are a sister/brotherhood that shares ideas and encouragement.  No negativity is allowed in our Zoom rooms!

Our sessions are made up of 30 minutes where you experience various stitches or techniques.  These are illustrated as you watch actual stitch execution. You will receive - prior to the actual meeting - an email of the diagrams illustrated so that you may follow along and read the diagram as it is shown to help you understand how the stitch is added to your canvas,  You may print the diagrams for your personal use.

There is still time to join this next group of stitchers as we play.  For more information email us at and get registered!  First session begins Wednesday, December 15, 7 pm EST.  Come join in!

Our One-on-One sessions have so much to offer. We have the luxury to study your canvas together and hear what you would like your project to end up like when it grows up.  We have had some beautiful canvases to play with and seen lovely results but, most of all, we have developed some lovely new friends and strengthened some current ones as well.


Our upcoming Online Class registration - The 3 Wiseman  - is doing well.  We have folks who want their printed. canvas to be on 14 ct., some 16 ct and some 18 ct so we are covering all grounds.

Payments are spread out for your convenience.  First, when you register, shortly thereafter you will be invoiced for the printed canvas - $86 plus $16 S/H.  Then about a month prior to the first class posting you will be billed for the lesson packet which will be 8 posted lessons in a private Facebook Group for $225.  A third option will involve an optional thread/embellishment kit prepared by a needlepoint shop to assist those who do not have the luxury of a local needlepoint shop.

If you wish to join us on this adventure just email us at so we can add you to the list.  There will, of course, be bling!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Saturday, November 20, 2021


This will be a quick update of what's happening at Arthur Acres.  Hubby is going through some bumps and is back in the hospital again.  So we are dealing with his issues - which, of course, have priority.

So just an update on the Uniquely Yours Series of Zoom sessions.  We are drawing near the end of our first series and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The students projects are turning out amazingly wonderful and they make me very proud.  I am so pleased that they are enjoying themselves.  Actually to the point that most, if not all (I haven't double checked) have enrolled for Season II sessions.  We are in open enrollment so drop us an email at if you would like to join us or more information.  There are 10 sessions in a series and the dates work around holidays and contracts. The next series is scheduled to begin mid-December of January - depending on how hubby progresses.

We have some Chapters signed up for these Sessions for their National Teacher Series.  The next one begins January 2022.

It looks like the 3 Wisemen are passing the cute Buffalo Check Cardinal for our upcoming Online Classes.  

This is a very economical class as it is on a commercially printed canvas and is available in 3 mesh choices - 14, 16 or 18.  The design area is approximately 11 x 14.5" and the cut canvas is 15 x 18".  The classes will incorporate 8 sessions of online filed lessons in a private FaceBook group.  Lesson fees are $225, the canvas is $95 plus S/H (which includes a beautiful color print of the original painting) and threads from your stash or LNS.  If you need assistance for materials we will be working with a shop to offer kits so that you will have the exact same threads and embellishments used in the lessons posted.  When signing up a deposit of the canvas price will be invoiced.  The teaching fee will be invoiced a few weeks before the class begins.  Tentative date for beginning is March or April.  Email to sign up at

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - sign up to join the FaceBook page

As shared earlier, this riverboat stitching cruise for The Netherlands has been sold out for quite some time.   An unfortunate incident has provided an opening so if you have always wanted to go and needed a roommate, now's your chance.  It is a first come first served situation so don't drag your feet if interested.  Contact our agent Liz at right away.

AND, get yourself registered for our Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise.  We'll have lots of fun and some great surprised planned but we must have the minimum interest to register with the agency to go forward.  Check with Liz as above.

Until next week - have a great Thanksgiving (wonder what kind of Thanksgiving Dinner they serve at the hospital?)

Saturday, November 13, 2021


Cape Cod - oh my!  My long weekend at Osterville Needlepoint was fabulous!  We had such wonderful projects with which to play. It is always so nice to see repeaters join us for the fun.  

Tomorrow will be the Grand Opening to celebrate the new ownership of the shop.  Kathleen Harlow has hit the ground running!  She is introducing some new threads and expanding some already in stock, adding new artists and playing with store hours to better accommodate the needs of stitchers in the area.  Be sure to stop by the shop and partake of the free pizza from the pizza truck and musical entertainment from Kathy!

Didn't have enough time to take WIP pictures unfortunately!

We are  currently planning our return trip!  So exciting.

Each week gets progressively better!  Now, if life would just quit interrupting we'd be all set.  

We are about to wind down our Uniquely Yours With a Twist weekly half-hour sessions.  Gosh where did the time go?  As we wind down on this group, we are preparing for the next step up - Uniquely Yours Season II. These weekly 30 minute sessions will include some stitches that are a little more complex than those shared in the first 10 week session!

Be sure to email us at if you would like additional information and would like to join us!  Each session includes a pdf of the stitches shared in the video for that week's session. The sessions are on Wednesday night, 7pm EST.  We have a repeat aired on the following Saturday at 1pm EST.  Participants may choose to attend one session or both sessions.

In the past we have hosted Online Mystery Classes where we reveal the lesson mid- month for the design being taught. This coming year we are going to mix them up some.

Our proposed line up includes this darling Buffalo Checked Cardinal.  He will be stitched so the picture will show the end result - no mystery.  

The six (6) lessons for this guy will include a plaid variant! To participate in the class you are required to make a non-refundable deposit towards the purchase of the canvas.  We must order the canvases soon in order to have by April.  

Email us at  for details.

This beautiful printed canvas will follow the Mystery format.  The Three Kings canvas will be available in 14, 16 or 18 count mesh.

Beautiful colors promise an interesting use of stitches for the lovely flowing garments. This class may require 8 sessions instead of the normal 6.  More later on that.

All classes will offer a fully kitted version of threads and embellishments for those who desire to purchase same from the chosen shop.


It won't be long until we get together again for our riverboat stitching cruises.  We have so much fun!  But as seen here, we work too.
Our Netherlands cruise is sold out and we are excited to be planning our daily adventures for that wonderful time.

We are, however, now in the throes of planning for our upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise.  Email us at to request your brochure.  We'd love to have you join us.

Saturday, October 30, 2021


This is no April's Fool joke.  We are lining up our next 6-session Online Mystery Class for 2022.  Mid April (around April 15) we will begin our first session for the Buffalo Check Cardinal class - provided there is enough interest.

This cute guy is on 13ct canvas and is cut to 12" x 12".  The design area is 8" x 8".
As is the norm now a-days, the front time is approximately 4 months. If you desire to register for this class you must make a non-refundable deposit of $50 so that we may order the canvases.  Should you decide to drop from the class you will have the option of paying the difference to receive the canvas only or lose your deposit.  No supplies would be considered for this portion of the transaction.  There will be a full kit option provided by a selected shop as we get closer to class time.  The class fee will be $175 for the 6 lesson packet plus the balance for the canvas ($55) and will be invoiced in March 2022.  The optional kit information will be provided later for those interested.

Email us right away at if you choose to register for this class.  Should there not be sufficient interest to go forward with a class the deposit will be returned.  


These books have taken on a life of their own!  We are so pleased with the tremendous support from you all by purchasing these babies.  Check with your local needlepoint shop to get yours now! These are in stock!

Check our website for listings of shops that carry our products.  They will be happy to assist you.

Must get back to stitch guides for next week's Cape Cod Retreat!  Woo Hoo!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

 Summer is officially gone at Arthur Acres!

Pool has been closed!  Oh dear!  Seems we just opened it!  The cover is a testament to the fact that Fall is in full swing.  It is covered daily with leaves - which hubby dutifully sweeps off.


This week we released yet another of our Pocketbook Series Books.  Treasured Techniques is fast becoming a favorite!  

There are 65 pages of fun techniques and tips!  These were shipped out to the shops this weekend and they will have them soon.  Better call and reserve your copy right away as they will go fast!

While you are at it make sure you have all 6 of the Series!

Uniquely Yours with a Twist - Zoom Class

Conquering the Nobuko!

Milanese madness
Circles she said

Uniquely Yours Season II - Begins December 8, 2021 with repeat December 11, 2021.

Have you registered for the next exciting session of challenges?  We provide the stitch - you provide the placement.  We are having such a great time with the first sessions that we are excited to get into the next bunch of offerings!  These sessions are for 30 minutes weekly and last 10 weeks or episodes (holidays and prior commitments may push the calendar a little).  Participants may attend both sessions and many do.  The second session - Saturday - is a repeat of the Wednesday one. In addition to the Zoom gathering you will receive stitch diagrams in a pdf format that you may download if desired so that you can follow along with the actual detailed stitch demonstration.

To register just email us at

Saturday, October 16, 2021


The new Pocketbook on Baskets sure hit the ground running!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and for encouraging your LNS to order more, More, MORE!  (tee hee!)

Check it out. If you do not have a LNS go to our website - - and look under Shops - all those shops currently order from us and should be able to help you.

Also, just to bring you up-to-date, here is what we currently have going on in the book world. 

AND the next one is at the printer's as we post here.  Can't wait to share it with you!  


I know I say it all the time but my students are the greatest!  Here are some of the results of the  latest class:

These samples are from our current Uniquely Yours with a Twist class.  Registration is open for the next session - Uniquely Yours Season II - which will begin on December 8. There are 10 sessions that are 30 minutes in length.  Because of holidays, etc., the Season II will go beyond 10 calendar weeks in order to fit in all 10 Sessions.   These Sessions are aired twice each week - Wednesday at 7pm EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST.  Participants have two opportunities to attend the same Session - and many do. For more details just email us at

NEEDLES 'N FINS - riverboat stitching cruises

As we watch the rules and guidelines change daily, we continue to juggle our lives to include our upcoming Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise.  This trip has been sold out for quite awhile.  Our agent is trying feverishly to get hotel rooms for the last 3. We have 54 coming to play with us - the great majority of whom are stitchers and the rest who carry our packages and pay our bills!


On this past particular trip we had the sweetest butler who gave every lady in class a long stemmed red rose.  He even wore his tux.

He even helped me separate beads, etc.

Wait a minute , , , , that's not stitching!

For the newer registrants who may not be aware, we have an Optional Stitching Project if you would like to purchase it as a souvenir of our journey. Contact us at for details. This is not required.  You may bring a project from home on which you would like assistance.
While this cruise is sold out, we are working on our upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise.   April 13-22, 2023.  Wow what a trip we have in store.
Look at all the ports we will be stopping and visiting.  I love these type cruises because we can step foot on real land every day most of the time.

If unable to open. the brochure, just email us at and we'll gladly send you one to look over.
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe>

Until next time

Saturday, October 9, 2021


A new title has joined our POCKETBOOK SERIES!  Tisket, Tasket, Lots and Lots of Baskets are being shipped as we post this .

The new Pocketbook is 55+ pages chocked full of detailed diagrams and colored pictures of the finished techniques!

The book covers lots of suggestions for creating baskets, rims and handles.  

Check with your LNS and get yours today!

Another door closes . . . 

My three classes for the ANG Kansas City Virtual Seminar have now been completed.  Although I certainly missed the f2f interaction with my students, we managed to have a good experience anyway.  Many have already finished either their Heloise Hooty, Vessels, or the Conventional Techniques with Unconventional Resources.  While it was wonderful sharing with students we are all looking forward to a return to the f2f venues next year for our 50th Anniversary!  Fingers crossed!


Things are settling down with the quirks and setbacks created through Internet being (as the message that is blared out to me on the computer) UNSTABLE.  We have managed to work around some disadvantages and the classes seem to be moving along smoothly. 

Our Uniquely Yours With a Twist has had its fourth session and we are pleased with the results.  I love the way the students are reading their canvases and making very wise, and sometimes unique, choices as to where to use the stitch featured!  They are all learning from each other's choices and having fun doing it.  Many have already signed up for the second session that begins in December.  Send an email to if you are interested in getting more details.

Very creative participants!

The One-on-One Sessions are also going fabulously!  These classes are so personal and on point to what the participant wants to accomplish!  Love it!  

Along those lines we have been requested to consider shorter duration sessions.  So, we will begin offering an abbreviated round of One-on-One Sessions.  These sessions will be made up of 30 minutes for the 10 week period.  If interested in setting up your very own personal class just email us at


Various Guilds and Shops are slowly reverting back to live, f2f classes.  At least that is my explanation for the sundry proposal requests we are getting.

Coming in November (sold out) we will be teaching in Cape Cod, MA at Osterville Needlepoint.  This fantastic shop just changed owners so we will be going in under new management.  I anticipate no noticeable change however.,

The last week in January we plan to be at The Black Sheep in Orlando teaching the Wacky Flamingo and Can Do Hairdos.  Contact Anne for details.

We're also working on the contract for a guild in Minnesota for August 2022 so we'll see how that goes.  

I am traveling sparingly so picking and choosing my classes for the near future.

Until next time stay safe and Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, October 2, 2021


Gosh we barely get through one Saturday until another is upon us!  I suppose that means we have a full life with much going on and we are not focusing on what day of the week it happens to be.

We are having a lovely Fall here in Central Kentucky.  My husband states at least every few days - I believe this is the most beautiful fall we've had in a long time!  And he has been fortunate to have experienced many!

Zoom Classes

I'm about to tame this Zoom monster that I have been experiencing!  Zoom and Internet have not been very nice to me.  But never fear - we do not give up!  My Uniquely Yours With a Twist students have been so wonderful and patient.  I'm sure I would have thrown in the towel long ago if it were not for their encouragement.  

We have several venues going on.  We have the Uniquely Yours With a Twist which was our first stab at a little different approach.  Although a 10 week class we added 2 bonus sessions to afford the opportunity to get some kinks out.  I am so thankful that we did!  My students are really into this little twist of doing things and are achieving spectacular results!  I am so proud of them all!

Love this approach to a recently shared stitch and the combination of threads and stitches

Here's some peeks from some who have shared:

Fantastic texture!

Then we have the One-on-One classes which are all 10 weeks in length.  These are so focus is strictly on the participant and what they are working on and where they would like some guidance.  These sessions remind me of almost just sitting and chatting with a friend as we work through kinks or stumbling blocks.  I think these are really going to be some of my favorites.

And we have some Chapter contracts for the Uniquely Yours With a Twist.  These sessions will be private to the contracted chapter.  It is so nice that they have each other handy if needed.

Coming soon with be Uniquely Yours Season Two. This series of stitches are a bump up from the more basic techniques in the first session.  This series will probably begin mid-December.  Let us know if you would like to be included.  Just email to


My three (3) classes with the 2021 Seminar will be over this coming week.  All lessons have been shared and we will have our wrap up Zoom sessions this week.  A lot was learned on both sides here.  I wanted to share my videos on needle felting with the students.  However, they were too large.  What to do?  What to do?  Well, after a couple failures, we decided to take them to YouTube.  The links were shared with the participants and it seems to have worked out well.  

The work that the students have shared with me has been fabulous.  It always makes me so proud when my students succeed!


Playing with a new idea for this job great class setup we have enjoyed over the years.  Our next class will still be the traditional online download of once a month.  However, I am contemplating the addition of Zoom sessions as well.  

A beautiful canvas by JP Needlepoint (you know - Catitudes and Dog Gone Good, etc. -  has been calling my name for some time now.  This one is of Japanese lanterns.  Now I do not have one oriental thing in my house.  The appeal this canvas had for us was the opportunity it affords for sharing so many diverse techniques.  I'm checking on the availability of the canvases before making a commitment to teach it.

Off to stitch guides!  Stay safe and enjoy Stitching!