Saturday, July 27, 2019

Some Relief!

Weather is finally cooling down a little!  I imagine that lots of rain has had something to do with that result.

My Stumpwork Patriotic Angel is on her way to Hampton Court Palace for the Royal School of Needlework Exhibit.  With her red, white and blue and her American flag I do not think there is any doubt that she represents America!  I am very proud of what she represents.  Safe travels my angel and have a safe trip back home next year!

Fingers have been busily working on JP Needlepoint's What's That - which I choose to call Succulents. There are 28 plants on this design and very little room for basketweave.

I will be teaching this piece at Stitcher's Garden in Naperville (outside Chicago), IL late August.  It will be lots of fun and a lot of techniques will be shared. For some reason I could not settle for basketweave on any of these plants.  I worry about something being too busy but this piece just kept telling me that I had to do a stitch for this one, or another stitch for that one, etc.  All in all I am pleased with the final results. Maybe I can share a photo with you next week.

National ANG Seminar - Houston, TX

Kit preparation has consumed most of my week however.  Kits have been shipped off for the ANG Seminar in Houston and Models for ANG Tucson 2020 and ANG Minnesota 2020 have also been shipped.  They have also been received so a sigh of relief there!


The Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise is SOLD OUT!  Sadly, we had to turn a few away.  But now they know all about us and are looking forward to future trips.

Kits for the Optional Project were completed and mailed for the Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise this October.

It is always a sigh of relief once kits are actually done and out the door.  It is at that point that I feel a sense of accomplishment. I can't wait to share some of the techniques with the stitching participants.  Those who are not doing the optional kit should bring a doodle cloth in case you want to play with some of the techniques.

Now I am trying to get the straps created for the tote bag - I am very excited about where this is going so fingers crossed that all my ideas work!

Tulip Time on the Rhine - April 2020

Yep, people are registering for this wonderful riverboat stitching cruise!  We will be returning to one of our favorite lines - UniWorld!  And we will be arriving when the tulips should be in full bloom.  It is no wonder why this is a popular stitching adventure.

For some reason I have been drawing tulips lately!  Hmmmm!  To join us just email me at or Liz at  There is a brochure in the file section but we will gladly forward your very own copy if you prefer.

Okay have a great weekend and I am back to my favorite pastime - stitching!

Saturday, July 20, 2019


But first . . .

I am beside myself.  This week I received an email from the RSN (Royal School of Needlework - UK) requesting permission to exhibit my Patriotic Angel Stumpwork piece in their upcoming exhibit at Hampton Court Palace 2020!

'Dear Sandra,
Faces and Figures in Embroidery exhibition
I am writing to ask if the RSN could borrow your stumpwork piece, as pictured, for the forthcoming exhibition at Hampton Court Palace.

The exhibition begins in September but we will need the piece here by Monday 19 August 2019 ready for hanging/displaying. The exhibition will continue until March 2020 and the piece would be ready for collection/return by the end of March 2020.'

Well my Angel may fly but I must get my feet back on the ground and get back to work!  I am so blessed! 
Santa Tags from Strictly Christmas got the letter tags filled in.

Gossips - We dressed our first Gossip in her red-white-blue finery.
This piece is so fun.  Such a happy, colorful design.  This lesson was about adjustment of stitches.
Spooky Tags from Strictly Christmas

As you know, I love embellishments! Look at those shoe accents!
Lily Wreath from Raymond Crawford Designs
We added the conch shell and the pineapple this month. We did a little twist on this one.
Mid-August will find us adding a new class to the lineup - Just a Sip from CBK Designs.
Students are still enrolling so there is still time if you would like to join us.  Just email me at  The 6-packet lessons cost is $150 with you obtaining your canvas and threads from your LNS.  If assistance is needed we are working with a shop that kits the class for us.


Gosh the clock is really ticking on our upcoming Mediterranean Stitching Cruise!  The packages will be mailed within the next few days for those who chose to purchase the optional kit.

Those who are bringing something from their stash are busily hunting for just what exactly they want to play with while we are all together.  Can you imagine anything better than being with like-minded people, floating on the water and being spoiled crazy!  It has to be the next thing to heaven.  Such beautiful friendships develop. Hope you are amongst those coming with us.
Did you see the ad in Needlepoint Now for our next adventure - Tulip Time on The Rhine Stitching Cruise?  We'll be setting sail in April 16-26, 2020.  If you would like more details go to Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures Facebook page (join if you are not in the group) and review the brochure in the files section.  If you would like your own copy of the brochure just email me at and we'll click one over to you.
We should be there during the full bloom time of all the wonderful flowers - mainly tulips but there are others believe it or not.
This is our smaller ship since we are on the river once more!  They are so pleasant and serene.  UniWorld does a fantastic job of spoiling us in every way possible.

Contact Liz our travel agent with any travel questions you may have and she'll get you taken care of.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

It is hot in Central Kentucky!

We have been courting the 90's here and that is hot for us.  At least I think so.  The morning humidity makes it impossible for hubby to mow as he must wait until the grass dries.  Any excuse - right?

Busy working on the Online Mystery Class lessons which will be due up in a few days.  I've said it before - it is probably a sin to enjoy what you are doing so much.  Stay tunes.  Next weekend we'll share some peeks at what we did for this round.

Live in, around, near Chicago?

Stitcher's Garden, Naperville will be hosting my classes for a week at the end of August!  We'll do two techniques classes - one is Beading on Needlework

And a second class is What to Do with Ribbons and Such

Additionally, we are teaching a 3-day project class on JP Needlepoint's What's That!  I chose to call it Succulents because I thought it better described what the piece was about.

Can you even imagine the techniques and threads this piece uses?  I believe there are 27 plants!  My word!  We'll go crazy with creativity!  Come join us!

Contact the gals at the shop to see if there are any openings.  Their website is

Check out our ad in Needlepoint Now that just came out.  It is about our Tulip Time on the Rhine Riverboat Stitching Cruise.  Email for more details at or our agent

Back to stitching 

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Be sure to check out the special sale of class canvases over on our Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra.  Limited time and Limited number.

Where has this year gone?  We are already halfway through 2019!  So hard to absorb sometime.

I was blown away on the 4th by a surprise posting from the Royal School of Needlework.  They posted  July 4th wishes to Americans and they featured my design used to complete the Diploma for Stumpwork -

I am both humbled and proud!  (Is it okay to be both?)

I've been busily kitting for various events and stitching for others.

At the ANG Seminar in Houston in August this I am teaching 3 classes.  Registration is closed so we have our numbers and know how many to prepare for.  Canvases are all ready and now getting all the threads gathered.

If you are in Houston be sure to come by.  The Exhibit is free to the public and you can see some beautiful, breathtaking needlework on display.  Also, next year's class offerings will be displayed.  I'm teaching 2 in Tucson 2020.  The Crazy Needles Journey piece can be placed as a box top and reminded me of our crazy quilting when I was home on the farm quilting. The Journey part comes in because most of the stitches are named after a place - Dutch, Scotch, Parisian, Romanian, Hungarian, French, etc.

The next class will be the beautiful Flags of Glory.  There is ribbon work, beading, running stitches, and lots and lots more to get involved with in this design.


You can still sign up for our next class Just a Sip!  She is going to be fun too and we may offer a companion if there is enough interest.

Possibly. Not sure

Email if you want to join Just a Sip - - and give me your thoughts on a second class.

Have a safe week - be mindful of the heat.  Look in on your elderly neighbors!