Saturday, August 19, 2023


This past week I was given the privilege of being a faculty member of the annual ANG Seminar.  The location was Atlanta, GA.  We have done Atlanta before but we were in Buckhead this time.  

The Hotel was very nice and our classrooms were comfortable and nice as well.  My students for both classes were spectacular!  I am always so lucky to draw the bestest of the best students! We have fun but get the job done! The time just flew by.  Seems we just got started and then all of a sudden class was over.  

It was so great to see fellow teachers and previous students in person again.  It seemed like forever since we were together in this venue.  I know next year will be just as amazing.

DUO DESIGNS STITCHING RETREAT - Carrollton, KY - September 22-25, 2023

Now that this event is behind us we are focusing on our upcoming Stitching Retreat in September in Northern Kentucky. People are still signing up and as long as the Resort can fit them in we will accept them.

Teresa Kinberger has been working diligently on Boss Lady by Gayla Elliott.  She has added some fantastic threads to a mix of fabulous stitch techniques.  We can't wait to share them with you.

We're excited to see how the framing turns out for this piece.

I, Sandy Arthur, am working on the Stitching Girl with her Horse. This is an exclusive design that Gayla Elliott created for the Retreat.  You will be the only ones able to get this design for some time so enjoy the exclusiveness.  I, too, love playing with unusual threads and techniques.  We have lots of unusual things to share with you.

In addition to the class days, the nights are also filled with stitching, surprises, prizes and camaraderie.  As many who have taken our cruises and played with us before well know, it is always wise to leave some extra space in your luggage.

We also plan to have a 'stash' table where you can bring some things you no longer plan to stitch or use and leave them for someone else to love. Heck, you might find something you have been looking for too.  Think of threads, tools, canvases, stitch guides, etc.  We are not permitted to sell items on the premises so keep that in mind.

Friday evening we will host a Reception where those participants will have the opportunity to meet the artist, Gayla Elliott.  You will register at this time and receive your Welcome Bag.  After the reception we will have dinner and some stitching surprises.

Hope you can join us.  Email us at for details and if you have questions.  A good time will be had by all!

Saturday, August 5, 2023

 SATURDAY Rolls around again already!  Mercy!

Still in the transition mode here at the Arthur Abode. Slowly but surely a tub here or there becomes empty.  A great deal of my time right now is working with the VA on setting up appointments with specialists, getting his medications back in line etc.  They have approved his ramp for this place and should be installing it next week sometime.  Progess.

We're finding our way around pretty good.  We have the grocery store and with Bill we go at least twice a week,  If up to him we'd go daily.  We've found a couple restaurants new to us that Teresa and Mark introduced us to and we've been able to find them again.  Of course Burger King is almost walking distance and we somehow manage to go by and get our 50 cent soft cone on a regular basis.

Bank and Post Office are very handy too!  The VA is actually about 30 minutes away.  The first couple trips it seemed to take forever.  Not so bad now that we are use to the road - interstate all the way. But upon reflection it took me 25 minutes to get to the VA in Lexington on a good day - lol.

We'll see what the new doctors bring next week.  Our first visit Monday is one mile away! 


Well this time next week we will be at Seminar. Looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in quite some time.  I know it will be wonderful.

Duo Designs Stitching Retreat - September 22-25 - Carrollton, KY - General Butler Resort State Park

Upon  return from Seminar we will be putting our noses to the grindstone preparing the finishing touches for the DDI Stitching Girls Retreat! Just seemed like yesterday that it was so far in the future and here we are.  Canvases are being stretched, goody bags are being assembled, surprises are being played with, and on and on!  Can't wait to see you.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - Stitching the Greek Isles

Right off the back of our fantastic Retreat we will be heading to Greece for our 11 day adventure.  We start in Venice for 2 days as a little plus then hit the Seas.  Azamara Pursuit is a wonderful ship and we thoroughly enjoyed our last adventure on her.  Watch the Needles 'N Fins Group and the Stitching Events Group for the link for the Webinar that Azamara put on for us to highlight our upcoming trip.

Optional Class Kit

Our Travel Route

For more specifics on any of these events scroll down to earlier posts.  As always, email if you have any questions -

Stay safe until next time.