Saturday, May 27, 2023

Phew Weee!  What a couple months we have had.

This has been a very hectic, grueling, emotional, traumatic and stressful few months at Arthur Acres.  Life has dealt a few bumps that has resulted in our decision to downsize from our 43 year residence. Those who know of our home know how much of a change/loss this is to us.  We felt it was time, however difficult it might be, to make this major change while we both had our health and ability to do so.  Arthur Acres has just become unmanageable for me to handle basically by myself at this stage in our lives.

So, after several trips to Good Will,  dumpster loads and hasty decisions we have gotten our 'stuff' to an almost manageable size.  I am hopeful that I will be able to get back on track and direct my attention to my love of needlework.

It is important that I add here that we would not have been able to get through  this  process as well as we did without the hard work, pushing, support, and love of our children.  Young muscles and unattached sentiments are quite helpful at times like these!

My next focus is the ANG Seminar being held in Atlanta next month.  I will be teaching techniques classes:  one is on Beards and the other is on Baskets!  Creating kits this coming week so that will be a good distraction from the boxes that still need to be emptied (but not critical).

Once we return from Seminar we will be concentrating on our upcoming Duo Designs Stitching Retreat at General Butler Resort State Park in Carrollton, KY in September.  We are very excited about this fun event in  a peaceful setting.

Then in October we will be heading abroad and enjoying our Greek Isles Stitching Cruise!  So looking forward to playing again aboard the beautiful Azamara ship!

Okay, enough about what has been distracting me here at Arthur Acres.

Duo Designs Stitching Retreat - September 2023

Can you believe we are processing registration fees for the upcoming Stitching Retreat featuring Gayla Elliott's Stitching Girls?  Where did the time go?

We have the full gamut of stitchers from beginners to the seasoned ones.  They hail from California to Pennsylvania! They are stitchers, teachers, designers, distributors, vendors, etc.  We are going to have so much fun and gain knowledge beyond the classroom!

If you are still considering joining us, do no drag your feet too long - the clock is ticking.  Just email us at so you can come play with us.


Our new/repeat class the Three Wisemen Encore has had its first session shared with participants.  Session II will be soon. This class is back by popular request!  It is not kitted, however.  Participants obtain their own canvas and supplies from the materials list provided.  Look out stash!  Here they come!

The 8-lesson packet is provided online through a private group.  You read the lessons at your leisure and stitch the same way.  You control your own schedule.  To enjoy this process with us just send an email to


Another fast approaching adventure is the Stitching Cruise to the Greek Islands!  Greece awaits us!  But, we just so happen to be going to stop and spend the first 2 days in Venice!  Who doesn't always welcome more time in Venice?  I may have left a Murano glass bead or two there from the last visit!

We have the good fortune to travel once again on the beautiful Azamara cruise lines!  Below is a picture of one of our last adventures with them.

As you can see, light for stitching is no problem!

This trip's exclusive design is fashioned after the beautiful area of Santorini.  Santorini Splendor  documents the fabulous blue theme of the area.  The rugged shoreline is evident with the constant movement of the water.  Flowers flourish to add color sprinkled all about.

This optional class kit is hand painted on 18 ct canvas.  There is a plethora of threads used including the addition of silk ribbon! The kit is $395.  Kit will be mailed to the participants prior to departing the States to those who choose to join this class.  This allows time to set up your supplies and stretch the canvas to your liking.  The stitch guide will be shared in Venice!  Email if you wish to have this Optional Exclusive Design to

Should you choose to not participate in the optional class you may bring something from your stash to stitch.  If this is the option you wish to pursue it would be helpful if you forward a picture of what you will be stitching and what area you desire teacher assistance. This will give us a heads up for ideas to bring your canvas to life

That's all the time I have for now - till next time.