Monday, December 8, 2014

Good chilly morning to everyone!

Well this hip replacement surgery isn't what it's cracked up to be in my opinion - or maybe I'm just getting too old.  I suppose since I can't see a lot of physical disruption to my body that I think the recovery should be going quicker than it is.  Of course I never was known for my patience anyway.  Some day this soreness will surely wear off.

In the meanwhile I thought I'd share with you the classes I will be teaching at the TNNA Phoenix winter market this January.  Please look over the information in the brochure and we would love to have you join us for these limited classes.

Thursday, January 8, I will be teaching 2 classes that are 3 hrs in length each.  I can't remember which is in what time slot so please forgive me as I do not have my brochure handy.

Leigh Designs has a wonderful Imari series out and we are sharing the Flaming Fowl  with you.  The beautiful Wonder Ribbon by the collection gives a fantastic dimension to this guy's tail and lets you know he means business.  Additionally, the collection has provided some beautiful sew-on Swarovski crystals to add lots of bling. Beautiful threads abound from companies such as Rainbow Gallery, Gloriana, Kreinik, Pepper Pot Silk, Vineyard Silk, etc., and lots of fun stitches will make this 3 hour time slot fly!

The other 3 hour slot is just as wonderful with a JP Needlepoint design - his mightiness Captain Blackbeak Hooter.  This entire series is so fun and they just keep adding more and more to the enticement.  We will be doing some needle felting for him, appliquéing wonderful kid leather and lots of fun stitches such as a double Pekingese.  Oh and we play with wonderful threads provided by Rainbow Gallery, Burmilana, Caron, DMC,etc., and some of the new threads out there from Kreinik, too, as well as new embellishments from Sundance.

Then skipping Friday because those are business classes, we will be teaching a really cute class on Saturday for Susan Roberts Needlepoint, Santa and Reindeer. Oh my gosh the cuteness!  We certainly will only be able to skim across these great techniques in the brief couple of hours we have. We'll do a little needle felting (Clover Mfg.), adding beads (Sundance and the collection), doing some specialty stitches, etc.  Wonderful threads are provided in the kit (Kreinik, Fabulous Fibers, Rainbow Gallery, Caron, Vineyard Silk, and more), and the detailed stitch guide will help with what we are not able to cover in class. Isn't that the sweetest little reindeer?

So dig out that brochure and select your classes before the spaces are gone.  I'd love to have you with us to play.

In the meanwhile, in case I don't get back over here, have a great holiday season!