Sunday, February 28, 2016

See, I told you I was insane.

The lesson packet for the Brenda Stofft Arctic Parade is $260 not $200.  Please make a note on your records!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Twist my arm and flatter me a little bit and I'll do most anything.  A small group has decided that we will actually attempt this magnificent Brenda Stofft Canvas B-315 Arctic Parade in a "Special Online Mystery Class."

Yes, you are reading this correctly.  It is astonishingly huge!  Boy what detail!  The design area is actually 29" wide by 24" tall and is on 13 count.  The detail is unbelievable.

The face is on 24 count canvas - look at the cuteness.

There are so many beautiful places to look that it will keep you entertained forever!  See all the cute critters - white seal, bunny rabbit, raccoons, fox, lynx, polar bear, puffins PUFFINS!, penguins, snowy owl and of course the magnificent moose!

The technique possibilities abound!  So, how are we going to approach this 'Special" Class?

First of all, the teaching fee will be $260 - don't know if there are going to be 6 lessons or 25 lessons.

Second - and most importantly from my standpoint! - there is no set schedule for when a lesson(s) to be posted.  When I get to it or fit it in, you will be notified as usual through a Secret Facebook posting.

The canvas can be ordered through your LNS.  As always, let me know if you need assistance in obtaining yours.

This will be a smaller group but we will still have much fun none the less.

Email me at to express your interest and ask questions.

I am preparing to leave Houston now from a great Stitch Away at the La Torretta Spa and Resort.  It has been wonderful visiting with friends and meeting some new ones!  Hospitality is never an issue here.

I will be home a short time and then prepare to head out to LaJolla to teach at their Retreat for a week!

In the meanwhile - remember to stitch with a smile!


Sunday, February 21, 2016


Blue Bonnet is another great memory!  My first class for the Pumpkin Spiced Tea was fun and we had a lot of productive stitching.  It is amazing how some people can just whiz through stuff and others take a little more time.  I think it might have something to do with focus and a mission - if you are determined to stitch you will do so and nothing is going to stop you; while if you are going to visit and enjoy the camaraderie and get to know new classmates on your journey you, too, will accomplish your goal.  In the end all is covered and a new project is well on its way.

My second class was very, very unusual.  Several of my students had to drop out at the last.  Never fear, your kits are on their way - LOL.  So we were down to 2.  Last minute, one could not come because she had strep  throat and spared us the exposure - thank you very, very much although we would loved having you there to play with us had you been well.  Anyway the student that was left brought a custom painted canvas from Kathryn Molineuax (sp?) and after we discussed the actual class piece, we had a ball playing with the stitch guide I had prepared for her.  She had gone thread shopping prior to the Retreat so was well armed and ready to go!  It was quite a treat to work together on some of the issues.

After teaching at Blue Bonnet for a week, I jumped (well not exactly but I did manage to board) on a plane and headed to Dallas where I got to sit for 3.5 hours before heading on to Oklahoma City.  Nice quiet time, though, and I did get quite a bit done.

Donna was johnny on the spot and waiting for my arrival.  She filled me in on details of where we were and where we were going - Lake Murray - an Oklahoma State Park.  First she dropped me off at my hostess' home - Doris.  What lovely, accommodating people I was hooked up with.  After they made sure I was settled, Doris and got to visit and I was able to stitch some while we chatted away like to ole friends.  She got me hooked right away because she had made me some lovely potato soup for dinner and salad - I opted to forgo the other veggie offerings so I could eat more soup - my favorite!

I had an extra day so Donna picked me up and took me to the National History Museum.  One of my students (Ellen!) will be green with envy.  Oh my gosh, dinosaurs and snakes and turtles and fossils and prehistoric stuff is everywhere.  It was quite an adventure!  Who would have thought that these humongous creatures' skeletons were on display out here.  I had to get a fossil or two as souvenirs.

Next morning we were off to Lake Murray.  Lake Murray facility is undergoing major renovation.  However, the class room is wonderfully bright during the day, perfect for classes.  The room was near the back where we had full view of the lake - even a walk around deck for breaks.  And it was quiet  so we could work without interruption.  They kept us fed well too.

I taught a two-day class here for the ANG Group - Crazy Needles Journey.

We did many traditional stitches for background foundations and then lots of embellishing.  We ruched, made ribbon roses, bouillon flowers, Japanese ribbon stitch leaves, double Pekingese bands, chevrons, oat bead flowers , added sequins, beads and ribbons and much more. But most of all, we had fun!  This is a lovely group and I would tell anyone to join them if given the opportunity to do so.

Tomorrow Doris will whisk me off to the airport bright and early - we leave at 4:30 am - and I head back to Kentucky.  But, not to let moss grow under my toes, I will be back on a plane bright and early
Wednesday morning heading to Houston for a fantastic week with my daughter and friends stitching at the Lone Star Chapter's annual Stitch Away.

In the meanwhile I am working feverishly on the threads for our next Online Class, the Thanksgiving Critters by Melissa Shirley and the Pillow Collage from the collection.

And . . . more exciting things are in store as I continue to audition and add new designs to my 2017 lineup.  Wait until you see them!  I am so excited!

I am so proud of some of my online students who have been very generously sharing pictures of their Work In Progress.  My buttons are bursting . . . . .keep up the good work!

So off to what tomorrow brings - remember to stitch with a smile!


Sunday, February 14, 2016


Yep, it's almost that time.  The newest Online Mystery Class - Thanksgiving Critters from Melissa Shirley - is on the horizon!  Invoices have been mailed, payments are being processed and materials list compiled.  If you have not received your invoice email me right away a\

Today is the second and last day for Pumpkin Spiced Tea class at Blue Bonnet Studio retreat!  What a wonderful place to have a retreat.  I am looking from my balcony out at some longhorn steer, some alpacas and ponies and horses.  I believe they offer photo opportunities with these guys throughout the day.

Everyone has been very nice here and the staff go beyond making us comfortable - at least so far they have.  And Mary Alice and John are on the ball taking care of us in our classrooms, etc.  I am looking forward to returning next year to teach.  Please consider taking my classes.  They consist of Juli - JP Needlepoint - precious owls - Black Beak Hooter and The Black Queen.

Both are 2-day classes and lots of fun!

Well, better get down to the classroom before the natives get restless.  Those signed up for the Cats and Easter Rabbit - watch out - postings on the way!

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Invoices for Thanksgiving Critters were posted today and you should have them in your email.  Advise me at if you did not get yours.

Mercy!  What weather!  One day we have 12" of snow and a few days later it is in the 60s and above?  No wonder people are becoming ill.  I missed the snow here at home because I was teaching at Callaway.  But Callaway (this year) was cold and wet!  We did have a lovely day or two sprinkled in and a beautiful day to drive to the airport.  I missed being able to go to the Butterfly House this year.  Maybe next time.

SPRING?  What's this Spring stuff?  How about a happy Brenda Stofft Easter Rabbit?  He makes you feel Spring is in the air when looking at his happy face. Background from Lesson 1 in the Online Mystery Class is all done on this pretty boy!

In just a few days we begin working on Lesson 2!  Can't wait!  More fun in store.

And . . . people are still signing up and joining us for this guy!  Join us!

But, we also have the kitties in the dingy don't forget!  The background sky is in, the moon is in, the dingy is stitched, and we have two of the Cats in the Dingy stitched and ready to assist their mighty Captain.  This cute Annie Lane design is working up fairly quickly and has lots of challenges along the way.

FALL? Well of course Fall and Autumn!  Look who is next in the que!  It is the cute Melissa Shirley design of all kinds of little critters in the autumn attire!  Named Thanksgiving Critters though we refer to them as Autumn critters because Thanksgiving is too limited, and as I said, there is not a Pilgrim nor Indian in sight!

                                            Hmm?      Hmm?    Hmm?      Hmm?     Hmm?

Notification emails have gone out to all who expressed some interest advising that invoices will soon follow.  If you think you have registered for this Online Mystery Class and have not received an email from me, then I do not have you listed.  Contact me right away by sending an email to  If you did not register but want to join us you still can and need to send me an email right away telling me to include you - again at  

Invoices will be mailed in another week or so.  These will be via PayPal in the amount of $150 for the 6-lesson packet.  Contact your local needlepoint shop to get your canvas and threads.  Let me know if you need assistance in obtaining these items.  Once payment is processed you will be included in a secret Facebook page where you will meet fellow participants, obtain a materials list and read up on some general information, tips and rules.  Come on over.

First lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-March 2016.

In the meanwhile, whatever will I be doing with myself?  Well I've mailed off the kits and now preparing to get packed for Blue Bonnet retreat in Texas!  As I shared with you earlier, I'll be teaching Ruth Schmuff's Boston Terrier Cocktail for two days. Kinda want to pet him!
Next is a two-day session of my design Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  

Both these designs incorporate needle felting - one with wool roving the other with silk roving.

Then, without even going home, I'm off to teach at the ANG Chapter at Lake Murray, OK.  I'm excited because I have not taught in Oklahoma before.  I get to add another state to my teaching map.
This is my design called Crazy Needles Journey!

This piece is named for its crazy quilt layout and the journey is because so many of the stitches have names of countries - Hungarian, Dutch, French, Romanian, you get the picture.

Then it will be back home for one (yes I said one day) then I hop on another plane with my daughter/partner Teresa and we head back to Houston for a week of stitching and creating with each other and friends at the annual Lone Star Stitch Away.  Can't wait!

So back to the business at hand - finishing packing - jump on the plane for Austin - post the upcoming lessons for our fun Online Mystery Classes...

But.... don't forget working on those suggestions for the Needle Nook of LaJolla Getaway in March - Yipee!

I hope you are enjoying your life's adventure as am I!  Until next time, be sure to Stitch with a Smile!