Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies (June 26, 2013)

Guess what?  Today I am traveling to San Bernardino, CA for a week of classes.  It is going to be such fun! I will be visiting several of the surrounding guilds as well as teaching the cool Witch on the Town!

Today's stitch is the Byzantine.

This is another great all-around stitch to have in your arsenal.  It works wonderfully well for backgrounds.  How about certain water or sky possibilities?  Fill one of those Christmas packages under a tree, etc.

The sample diagram shows an open area between rows of stitches but this is not necessary if you choose not to inject another stitch such as a tent stitch, in a different thread, a bead, etc.

My stitched sample shows the main Byzantine stitched with a shimmer thread, and a tent stitch in a contrasting thread.

Many different visuals can be achieve with this stitch by playing around the the placement of the stitch, if interjecting a space, play around with the different threads for contrast, or even different stitches.  There is a vast array of possibilities out there.

Well, off to sunny (I hope) California and until next time

Stitch with a Smile!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Ladybug Flying!

For those of you who comment on the photo that appears on my blog - Ladybug Tea - this is to let you know that she is landing.

Ladybug will be taught at the Blue Bonnet Studio held in Lost Pines, TX, on February 15-18, 2014.

Go have a look and register away!  I would love to have you in class!

This design works up quickly and is ready to enjoy.  It is stitched on 14ct Zweigart Monocanvas - 14"x 16". Lots of interesting stitches:  Victorian step - in two directions, packed stem, mosaics, staggered chain, giant rhodes - two directions, byzantine variation, needleweaving picots, checkered scotch, overlapped oblong crosses, couching, satin stitches, to name a few of them.

The threads are great also!
Anchor Black Floss #403 or DMC Black Floss #310
Anchor White Floss #1or DMC White Floss Blanc 

DMC Size 3 Pearl Cotton – Dk.Green #904
DMC Size 3 Pearl Cotton – Lt. Green #907 
DMC or Anchor Size 8 Pearl Cotton - White

YLI RibbonFloss Black #1
YLI Shimmer Red  #019

RG Splendor Black #S801 (2 cards)
RG Splendor Red #S820  (2 cards)

RG Precious Metals-  Black #PM12  
RG Treasure Ribbon – Black  PR05 

Caron Watercolours Saffron #205 (2 skeins)

RG Fuzzy Stuff – Tan  #FZ20 

And some playful embellishments:  

Wiggly Eyes (optional)
3/8” Red with black Polka-Dot Ribbon
Size 8/0 black seed beads – 24
Black Brads - 4

Go check it out and come join us!


Market behind me San Bernardino on the horizon.

What a great market.  I had so much fun in my classes!  I had quite a few of my 'groupies' and a new group labeled themselves as 'Sandy Arthur Virgins' - now that's a title!

We had two full days of playing.  One day we played with the Sundance Designs Quail:

We used interesting threads, techniques and the cool Fab Flowers!

Another day we played with Leigh Designs Jamaica from the Caribe Series.

Oh gosh!  Some cool stuff here too!

We made some wonderful new friends and it was great to visit with current friends.  There is always something fantastic to occupy your time at Market.

Well, must get packing to leave Weds. morning for San Bernardino.  More later.

Stitch with a smile!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies.  (June 19, 2013)

Well, I'm on the road again.  Today I'm heading to Columbus, Ohio.  I will be teaching at the TNNA Market.  These are also so much fun because I get to teach designs many have not yet seen.  I am teaching one of the Caribe designs by Leigh Designs, Jamaica, and a wonderful Quail design from Sundance Designs. And oh, the wonderful threads we get to use. Anyway, I digress.

Today's stitch is the Alicia's Lace.

Alicia's Lace

Alicia's Lace can wear many looks.  Used with a light thread such a Kreinik Size 4 braid, or one strand of Rainbow Gallery Splendor, etc., it will present an open, airy look.  It is a great background stitch and works up rather quickly.

Alicia's Lace Stitched

When stitched with a heavier thread, however, like the top sample, it presents a more solid fill.  Personally, I do not like the top version.  I would not use that version as a background but rather as a fill for some area.

Okay, this is brief, but I have a lot on my plate today.  Have a great week.

Stitch with a smile!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies (June 12,2013)

Just back from a wonderful time at The Needle Works at Austin, TX, where Colleen is the hostess with the mostest!   Had a fun group both days.  We did the Crow Workshop by Leigh Designs on Thursday and Friday and Desert Garden from Sundance on Saturday and Sunday.  This is the most fantastic shop that I have ever been in (and I've been in a lot).  The class room is to die for!  Lots of room and well lit.  The staff is also top notch.  If you come away saying you had bad service there I bet there is something wrong with you because they are the best.

What's more exciting is that I am going back.  We have scheduled a class in January 24, 25, 26, 2014 for Peacock Pride!  Be sure to go to The Needle Works website and check out details!  She will be posting info soon.  I know she has it on her blog because there are already sign ups.

I'll be off again next week but this week I stay home and catch up.  The stitch I am sharing with you today is
the buttonhole stitch.

What a stitch!  This stitch is a great edging.  So if you do not want to do a binding stitch work the buttonhole stitch.  Another thing to keep in mind, this stitch is a version of the blanket stitch.  They are executed the same way but the blanket stitch is stitched much further apart and more open.

Another great use of this stitch is to make flowers.  Stitch it in the round and there you are.  It is a wonderful scallop clothing edge giving the impression of lace perhaps.  So you can see this is not a boring stitch.

In my stitched sample I am showing the buttonhole stitch (top) and the blanket stitch (bottom).

Experiment away and add another page to your notebook.

Till next time -

Stitch with a Smile!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies. (June 5, 2013)

Today I am traveling.  I am on my way to Austin, TX to teach at Colleen's The Needle Works for four wonderful days.  I am very much looking forward to it.  I know I will have great fun.  I will see some 'ole' friends and meet some new.  Life it always a blessing.

Well, it happened and it happened early in the game.  I posted one stitch on the blog but posted a different one on the Yahoo Group page.  Nothing like totally confusing myself.  So I need to switch today.

Today I am sharing with you a Dotted Giant Scotch stitch.  I don't know if there is such a stitch but that is what I choose to call it.  The Yahoo Group will get the Basketweave that you got last week.

This can be a good border stitch covering an area of 4 x 4 canvas threads.  Or you can place two rows side-by-side then have  8 x 8, etc.  You get the picture.  You can also use two versions and offset them.  It can be a great stitch to add to a horizontal or vertical line in a design.  And, of course, it is a good stitch for clothing and general areas that need a fill stitch.

Notice a couple of things with this stitched sample.  It is teaching more than just a sample of the stitch.  This sample is stitched on 14ct. canvas.  It is stitched with a size 5 perle cotton.  Now, you will notice that this thread does not give a total coverage.  The thread of choice for size 14ct. canvas is size 3 perle cotton.   The second thing I see from this sample is the pairing of two different thread sizes.  The stitch on the upper right corner combines size 5 perle cotton with Silk 'n Ivory.  Notice how the thicker thread comes forward?  Maybe that is an effect you want and maybe it isn't.  And, the bottom sample.  I have chosen to stitch one long stitch in the center with a decorative metallic thread, Fyre Werks.  Problem is with this stitch, I lose the 'dotted' portion of my Dotted Giant Scotch Stitch.  Maybe next time I'll backstitch that area as I did the top right corner sample.

Okay, it is all yours.  Stitch and enjoy and be sure to stitch with a smile!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Holey Moley!

Here it is Sunday and I leave for Austin on Wednesday!  The Needle Works in Austin  is my next destination.  Colleen is geared up for my arrival.  I hope I get to see Oliver or Olivia.  That would be such a treat.  Sadly Medici won't be there.

Thursday and Friday we will be playing with  Leigh Designs The Old Crows!

I always enjoy teaching this workshop.  There is so much to cover but we get through it!

Then on Saturday and Sunday we get to play with Sparkles!  Desert Garden from Sundance Designs will be on the table and it, too, has lots of interesting things going on!  I LOVE hummingbirds!

If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello!  Looking forward to my visit!

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile!