Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nashville Needleworks Adventure.

Another wonderful class has come and gone.  What lovely hosts Lisa and Emily are!  I could not have asked to be treated any better!  Now I ask you, what better way to arrive at class than this?

Lisa Rusche, owner of Nashville Needleworks, buzzed by my hotel to pick me up and whisk me off to breakfast.  Afterwards she popped down that top of the fabulous blue T-bird, put on the Beach Boys, cranked them up (my request) and off we go singing "Daddy Took the T-Bird Away".  Well, Lisa sang, I probably grunted but it was fun anyway.  Breakfast wasn't hardly a block away from the shop and I wouldn't let her stop and so she graciously buzzed it around the block once more for me.  She is such a great hostess!

The girls at the shop, however, were most anxious to get started on their Wizard of Paws canvas.  No, they were actually chomping at the bit!  It is such a delight to work with eager students and people that enjoy what they are working on and happy to be where they are.  Needless to say, felting was a huge hit!  I don't think Lisa had any idea what she was in for!  I know she must have been happy with the orders for felting tools and supplies when all was said and done.

Those interested in taking this class can still participate by attending the upcoming seminar hosted by Blue Bonnet Studios.  Check out the details at their website https://www.bluebonnetstudio.com/store/skuBB401-15.

The gals had a surprise visitor on Saturday.  Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint had warned me that she was in town and that she'd like to come over to my class and visit while there, which she did.  It was a fun visit, with her and hubby, although far too brief for me because I had to work - - - - She shared her owl designs for everyone to see and they fell in love with 'queen.'

I am currently writing the stitch guide for her on the great Black Beak Hooter!

Even Black Beak has some needle felting!

On the second day some students brought in other canvases to get suggestions for utilizing their new needle felting on needlepoint canvas skills.  Such really cute things - we talked about bunnies,  lions and tigers,  oh my.

On the last day we worked on different beading techniques - when we could keep the beads off the floor that is.  Some discovered how great the Bead Master bead mats truly are! We started to get a little bunch drunk in the afternoon and the giddies started in.  Too much fun!  With 13 pumpkins to deal with we had several stitches to cover.  Some were familiar and some not so familiar.  The familiar stitches were pushed to the edge by inserting them into difficult situations for compensating stitches. But we got through them all and lost 'narry' (that means none in WV lingo) a student. Physically that is - I can't say about mentally!

We had such a grand time at Lisa's and those who had to miss and partake through ghosting missed a lot of fun.  I had a blast and I surely hope all had a wonderful experience! Thank you all - Vicki, Deby, Connie, Linda, Mary Fran, Amy and Denise (phew I think I got it).

And a special thanks again to Lisa and Emily for their hospitality!  Great memories!

Until next time - remember to stitch with a smile!


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