Friday, November 7, 2014

Needlepoint Now and Mod Ornaments in the Final Stages of Kick Off!

Looks like the Nov/Dec issue of Needlepoint Now is starting to hit the mailboxes!  It is such a great magazine!  And this month is especially special because one of my stitched models for Leigh Designs is on the back cover.  Merry Mistletoe is in Leigh's Russian Santa series.  His stitch guide is between the covers so be sure to explore and notice all the other wonderful projects along the way!

I am so excited that it is finally getting time to kick off the Mod Ornaments Online Mystery Class! I am anxious to share what I have been doing with everyone. It has been awhile in the works but it has been worth it from my end because it has given so many more the opportunity to participate.  We have a great group - many of whom are new to me and new to the idea of an online class.

It is so fun to watch a new project come to life.  Each lesson adds new bling!  Some in the form of threads.  Some in the form of beads.  Some in the form of mirrors. And, some in the form of Swarovski  crystals.  Wow!  I have stood my work piece on the hearth beside my recliner so I can view it as I work on other projects and ponder my next move for Miss Mod.  I continue to love it more and more.  And, I see different reflective plays as I move it or myself in the chair.  It gets more exciting as each piece of the puzzle is added.

Today I shared the thread list with the participants!  What fun they are going to have playing with all the great threads.  But just seeing all the colors and textures in a pile (I'm messy so my threads are in a pile) is wonderful.  It makes you want to jump in and just start stitching with everyone of them. At times like this I wish I had 8 arms like Jane Woods and Sharon Quick must have considering their productivity.

I will be sad when the actual stitching on this piece is over.  It has been such a joy to do.  Look at how bright and cheerful it is.  How can you not be happy when working on this wonderful Eye Candy Design?

Never fear however!  Another Online Mystery Class  anxiously awaits my attention.  It is beautiful and colorful in its own way too.  Not as much bling but great textures, colors and techniques. Keep visiting for more news about this exciting new class. Official registration for this upcoming class will start in December.   Registration will be open from December 1, 2014 through February 15, 2015.

So stay tuned as we follow the Mod Ornaments Class and start preparing for the next Online Mystery Class.

Until next time have a beautiful day and remember to stitch with a smile!



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I'm pretty sure someone is exaggerating my productivity! Or there are two people named Jane Wood and you are talking about that other one.

Sandy Arthur said...

LOL! No pretty sure I have the right Jane Wood!