Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Okay, so it isn't October 9, it is October 12.  I was so involved in the EGA Seminar in classes, visiting teachers, looking over all the wonderful upcoming classes, etc., that I did it!  I let Wednesday just slip right on by without a thought!  I truly apologize.  BUT, I did warn you from day one that this would happen from time to time.

This is another learning phase for me.  I am trying to figure out how to move my docs from my PC to the Mac.  I have the pics you see in this blog set up as jpgs.  However, when I save them out there in outer space so that I can use them here, they appear to have a grey and blurred background. So, I'm not sure what you will be able to retrieve here.  I think they might be a little better on the Yahoo Group.  Sorry, but I'm still struggling.

On this one, you will need to jot down the categories.  Maybe I'm getting lazy or maybe you are getting too dependent!  This is wonderful stitched horizontally  (just turn diagram) or vertically.  My stitched sample shows horizontally - and - surprisingly - I think this would make a good water or sky background when stitched with a lighter weight thread.  How about a roof?  Wallpaper?  Building?  Mountain? Skirt? Santa bag?  How about any place that has enough room to hold it?  Seems to me that the area size would just about be the only real restriction for this stitch.

Okay, gotta go play while I can.  Seminar is already half over!  Yikes!  

Have a great week and Stitch with a Smile!


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