Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yea!  It is Wednesday and I remembered!  Believe me, that is becoming quite a feat!

We are having such glorious weather here in my part of Central Kentucky.  I am afraid that it will not last however, and it won't be long before it will start to get colder and colder and grayer and grayer.  I do, however, have my wonderful fire place and a barn full of firewood that my husband laboriously works to stock up for me each year.  If a tree falls, he hears it - sometimes he helps it!

Today I share with you the Ridge Stitch.

This is an oblong cross stitch that lays diagonally.  I also stitched it diagonally.  

The stitch presents a nice fill.  It also can create nice vertical lines if you should choose to skip every other row and fill that area with something else.  You can see the rows better in the orange version.  See how you can leave out the center row?

Have fun with the stitch.  Please share your progress with others.  We love to see how you are doing and what you choose to do with your stitches.  That is how we all learn.  

Remember to stitch with a smile - even when you reverse stitch (also know as rip it!).  Smiling makes it go better - at least I try to convince myself it does - LOL.

Have a great day!


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