Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today would have been my Mother's and brother's birthdays.  Yes, my brother was born on Mom's birthday and she always said he was the best birthday present she ever got.  They always had the most visitors for their birthday because seems we used to celebrate trick-or-treat on the 30th back home.  Of course that was long after I left home because when I was home we lived on a farm way up a holler and there was no trick-or-treating so I certainly could be remembering incorrectly.  Anyway, we used to tease Mom about her birthday being on Halloween.  Things haven't changed much.  I no longer live up a holler but we live 'out' and have not had trick-or-treaters in the 32 years we have lived here.  I really think we miss something there because I think it would be fun.  That does not, however, stop my husband from buying candy - just in case - yea, right!  And it is not the bite size bars!

In recognition of Halloween, this week's stitch is the bat stitch. It has a Halloween flavor don't you think?  You do know that bats are helpful creatures don't you?  We have them in our barn and they are welcome as long as they 'keep their place' as Dad would say.  I believe 'their place' was anywhere as long as it didn't bother or interfere with him- lol!

These simple stitches can be used for backgrounds as bats flying in a night sky, for instance.  You can expand their wings even more if you desire.  They can be added as a decorative touch to clothing or motifs on items such as buckets or book covers.

They are quick additions to add a statement to your design.  Have fun.

Until next time, stitch with a smile!


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