Tuesday, October 29, 2013


For those of you fortunate enough to get to come in early, you are in for a treat.

On Thursday, I have the pleasure of offering two wonderful classes.

From noon until 3 pm a wonderful new designer - Pepperberry - has shared with us one of her cute snowmen - Brrr...  This fun fellow just oozes with personality.

Brrr... will use great threads and embellishments provided by vendors such as Rainbow Gallery, Pepper Pot Silks, Caron, ThreadworX, Sundance, the collection, ThreadworX, DMC, Kreinik,  and Colonial Needles.

His sparkly face and rosy cheeks are highlighted with his cheery smile!  His 'knitted' hat is keeping his snowball head warm (hmmm will he melt?).  We will do some appliqué of padding with felt and stuffing to create the dimensional hat brim.  And what about that wonderful twisted pompom?   What fun! Don't forget his padded nose and his fringed scarf.

the collection snowflake sequins are falling everywhere and Sundance hex beads build larger snowflakes in the sky.  We will create borders with more bling!

On Thursday evening from 3pm until 6 pm a very colorful and fun fellow known as Blossom Bay shows up and is presented by Sundance Designs.  This guy has so much to offer!  Stitches, threads, sequins, beads, techniques galore that we will not be able to cover them all during the time frame but we will hit the highlights!  Sponsors include Sundance, Amy's Keeping Me in Stitches, Caron, Clover Designs, Kreinik, Painters Thread, DMC, Pepper Pot Silk, Vineyard Silk, River Silks, Rainbow Gallery and Colonial Needles.

The first thing we will cover will be needle felting on canvas.  Through the generosity of Clover Mfg. you will be using the ultimate in needle felting tools to learn how to properly outline the design area and then quickly fill in the area.  You will be exposed to silk roving provided by Painters Thread and wool roving provided by Clover Mfg. so you get to experience both.

We will do some silk ribbon embroidery with the beautiful River Silks ribbon.

A simple way to attach sequins will be illustrated using the never-ending choices of  Sundance Designs beading threads, beads and sequins.

Twisted lazy daisies give the impressions of faux bullions and these are created with threads from Rainbow Galleries, Kreinik and Vineyard Silks.

A quick demonstration of simple ruching with Kreinik will also be covered.

Buttonhole stitches are made using many silks, RibbonFloss Shimmer and the traditional DMC pearl cotton.

So as you can see, there is lots to cover in a short amount of time.

Friday is a full day with a wonderful Halloween piece designed and sponsored by Leigh Designs.  Listeners  is from the Familiars Series.

Oh gosh, where do we begin.  We have so many wonderful sponsors again.  Leigh Designs, Clover, Colonial Needle, Rainbow Gallery, Kreinik, Painters Thread, Pepper Pot Silk, River Silks, Needlepointer, Amy's Keeping Me in Stitches, Gone Stitchin' and Vineyard Silk.

We must stitch the fence first since it is white and the black fuzzies will interfere otherwise.

Next after the fence is we will needle felt the cat on the right by incorporating different colors of roving.  We will be using wonderful Clover Mfg. needle felting tools.

Then we will be experiencing different threads for the other two cats.

We will play with options for the moon.  One option will be to fill the moon with battlement couching.
We will have a choice of an alternate filling also.

See that little scarecrow?  Well, we are going to be stitching him with Silken Straw!  What a joy.

Saturday morning is going to be so much fun with Red Hot Momma  sponsored by A Collection of Designs.  Those of you who know me know that I just plain ole have fun stitching the pieces I do and I believe it shows.  Janet told me that I could be as 'trashy' as I wanted with this gal and I did not hold back.  But I told her when I finished her that any gal who wore Swarovski crystals should not be classified as trashy so therefore I considered her classy.  Sponsors include A Collection of Designs, the collection, Rainbow Gallery, Kreinik, Painters Thread, Pepper Pot Silk, Sundance Designs, Colonial Needle and ThreadworX.

A Collection of Designs Canvas No. 3055 works up rather quickly.  There are also two other companion pieces at this time.

The collection Swarovski crystals add a wonderful bling to this design.  Accents include Sundance beads that are added with matching Sundance beading threads.

ThreadworX specialty threads give that special touch to the hat.

Sunday morning finds another fun A Collection of Designs Canvas being offered.  ACOD No. 1788   Heloise  Hooty is all dressed up and ready to go!  Heloise has her bit of bling too as she seems ready to go shopping, to meet the girls, go to church, you name it.  Sponsors include A Collection of Designs Pepper Pot Silks, Rainbow Gallery, ThreadworX, Kreinik, Sundance, Colonial Needle, the collection,
Vineyard Silks and Clover Mfg.

Her feathers and wings are filled with a plethora of stitches,techniques and embellishments.  She, too, has Swarovski bling.  And she has a wonderful needle felted hat through the wonder of working with the Clover Mfg. needle felting tools.

So as you can see I will be very busy at market and I hope to see you in many of my classes!  I will have so much fun and hope you do too!

See you there!

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Diane Gasior said...

Sandy, do you have directions on how to build the large snowflakes using the hex beads. Love them.