Monday, June 24, 2013

Market behind me San Bernardino on the horizon.

What a great market.  I had so much fun in my classes!  I had quite a few of my 'groupies' and a new group labeled themselves as 'Sandy Arthur Virgins' - now that's a title!

We had two full days of playing.  One day we played with the Sundance Designs Quail:

We used interesting threads, techniques and the cool Fab Flowers!

Another day we played with Leigh Designs Jamaica from the Caribe Series.

Oh gosh!  Some cool stuff here too!

We made some wonderful new friends and it was great to visit with current friends.  There is always something fantastic to occupy your time at Market.

Well, must get packing to leave Weds. morning for San Bernardino.  More later.

Stitch with a smile!


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