Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's Wednesday.  Here's your very first page for your new notebook.  But first- delay, delay  (ha.ha), I have some other things to share with you.

You are going to stitch all these wonderful Stitch Sample pages of stitches used for needlework.  You are going to put them in a loose-leaf notebook.  But wait, how are you going to find exactly where you put them?  If you put them in a category, how do you remember which category you chose since many stitches fit in many categories?  If you put them in alphabetically, what if you want a background stitch but you can't remember what the names of the stitches were that you prepared as samples?  Here's what works for me:  Spreadsheets!

 I prepared a spreadsheet called Stitch Sample Notebook Samples.  I named each column across the top for the categories in my notebook (Backgrounds, Sky, Clothing, Bushes).  Then I listed the stitch names down the far left vertical column.  I would write the name of the stitch - say cross-stitch - and then I would put an 'X' in the appropriate column(s).  So let's say I have cross-stitch as a background, clothing and sky.  I would put an 'X' in each of the columns.  However, the category where I actually filed the sample would be a capitalized X in bold.  So now I know where the stitch sample is actually filed, but I also know the different categories it could represent.  This way I can sort the stitches alphabetically and still know where I placed them in my notebook when I want to look at them, and still know what stitches might be appropriate for backgrounds, buildings, etc.

Those of you who come up with other systems, please share with others in the group. That's the main reason I created the Yahoo Group - sharing. Different things work for people differently.  I, for one, can only share what works for me - a bit of tunnel vision don't you think?

Okay, so here goes!  Our first page of our Notebook is going to be - drum roll please - Double Brick Stitch.

Isn't he pretty? Double Brick Stitch sounds masculine don't you think?

Now, as blogspot participants, you get to see this first.  It will not be downloaded to the Yahoo Group until later in the day.

Note, although the page is designed to be cut apart to fit the baseball card storage protectors, you may leave it intact and place in protector sheets in a notebook.  One other point, the baseball card storage protectors will hold 6 stitched samples (3 on front and 3 on back) -- believe me, when you get started on this you will be surprised how quickly your notebook will begin to bulge, so that is why I opted to cut them and take up a little less space.

That seems to be all I can think of right now.  I'd love to hear from you and be sure to feel free to post stitched samples to the folder provided for them on the Yahoo Group.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you a picture of my stitched sample and I'll show you a picture of my spreadsheet.  I will not be posting that announcement on Facebook.

Stitch with a Smile!



Annie said...

I would love to have a link to your spreadsheet if you don't mind sharing!

Monica said...

I am loving this format! Looking forward to the next stitch. Thank you for sharing your expertise. :-)