Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies!

I am just having too much fun with these. Right now my method of selecting which stitches to post is partly determined by what I  trying to put in my Stitch Sample Notebook.  (Please forgive me if I call it Sample Stitch Notebook or Stitch Sampler Notebook, or whatever may strike my fancy on any given day!)

I promised something a little different this week.  For this week's selection I have chosen the Woven Cross Stitch.  New stitchers might look at this stitch and say 'no way.'  However, that the one of the reasons we do a stitched sample.  By doing so we learn that there is a 'way.'

Carefully follow the diagram.  If you can count up to 12 you have it made!

The critical step of this stitch is that you weave the last stitch under a certain previous stitch.  In this instance, stitch 11/12 slides under stitch 5/6.  This step is what creates a completed weave.  I have broken the stitch down into 3 steps:  the first step is a cross stitch over 4 canvas threads;  the second step lays another cross on top of that but at a slightly different angle - that being 1 canvas thread variance;   and finally the third step creates yet another cross.  As shown inside the red circle, the last leg of this stitch must be woven under a previous stitch.  If you have difficulty getting the needle under the 5/6 stitch, try inserting the needle eye first to slide under.

Viola!  There you have it.  See that wasn't difficult at all.  

Be sure to watch for the Yahoo Group posting later today.  I will include a picture of my stitched sample.  Please join us in sharing your sample and threads used. There is lots of room for individual albums.

Until next time, remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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