Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies - April 24, 2013

Yep, it is Wednesday again.

As stated earlier, had a busy, busy weekend.  However, lucky you the whole year of stitches has long been finished and I just need to remember to update, polish and post.

This week's stitch is the Burden Stitch.

The stitch is fairly straight forward.  It requires a foundation set up of long stitches, either vertical or horizontal, a certain number of canvas threads apart - our sample is 2 canvas threads apart.  These foundation stitches can be of a different color, different texture and are wonderful in something like a metallic.
Next, the main stitch that couches down the foundation threads is a Gobelin stitch.  Depending on whether your foundation threads are vertical or horizontal, the Gobelin stitch moves in the opposite direction.  Our example shows our foundation threads being vertical therefore the Gobelin stitches will couch horizontally over them.

Burden Stitch Stitch Sampler Notebook Page

Burden Stitch on Vertical Foundation Threads

Just an aside, look at how the light hits the vertical threads differently than the horizontal threads, so much so, that it looks as if a different thread was used.  But no, it is all size 5 pearl cotton.

Notice that the couching thread (the top one) needs to slide under the foundation thread both at the beginning and ending of the stitch.  The Gobelin stitches are 4 threads wide.  (These stitches do not weave over and under but they are stitched in vertical rows as the diagram indicates.)

This stitch is diagrammed with the foundation threads vertically because I used this stitch on one of my designs of the lighthouse at Bass Harbour, Maine, that we were fortunate enough to visit.  I loved it!  For some reason it seems that the stitch helped my lighthouse look round.  Perfect.

Bass Harbour Lighthouse Vest  - global
Burden Stitch

Bass Harbour Lighthouse Vest

I think you can see on this piece that I used a medium gray foundation thread under the white couching thread to give more depth to my building.

The stitch fills an area fairly quickly.  And as stated, it can consist of several different size stitch width/length  scenarios.  Play and see what you discover when stitching.

The posts will be made to the Yahoo Group later this afternoon.  Be sure to check it out.

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile.


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