Friday, April 26, 2013

Good morning.  Half century later  . . .

Fifty years ago today I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Teresa Marie.  How can that be?  It almost seems like someone else's dream.  Fifty years!  As a child growing up in the 'hollers' of West Virginia, I didn't know many people over fifty.  Fifty was ancient!  But now, on this end, it was just a blink of the eye.  Where did those fifty years go?

I'm not good at remembering things as far as particular dates, etc., other than my immediate family's birthdays and my wedding day.  So, what happened then is a fog.  We were too busy surviving to get sentimental and save things like first tooth, etc.  I wish it could have been different but it is what it is.

Here I am on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1963, less than two weeks away from the big event.  I am proudly wearing my homemade maternity outfit.  We did not wear tight fitting clothes during those days. In fact, we were staying pretty close to home.

Back then, most men were 'goin have a boy' and didn't discuss anything else - no names, etc.  My doctor told me that when he told Bill that he had a beautiful little girl he said that Bill said, "Awww, that's just what I wanted."  Funny how those babies can melt your hearts.

This is Terri's first official baby picture.  Our local stores (similar to WalMart) use to run a special for dirt cheap and we were able to take advantage and get an 'official' pic.  Of course, as you can see, she suffered from lack of food.  Ha.Ha..

Terri always excelled in school and was a very good child.  When her baby brother came along she became his second mother and he was 'her' baby.  

I won't say that we didn't have our moments once those rebellious years came along, but we got through them.  It is kinda difficult when you have two hard-headed women in the same household and one thinks she's the boss and the other thinks her mom is out of sync with the world (and I may have been).

After a few years of college, Terri went to work and picked up her college expenses through her student loans, etc.  She studied for the LSAT and went on to law school at the University of Kentucky School of Law.  She served her time clerking, etc., and eventually managed to open her own law firm in Louisville.  Rather than go the big corporate law office type practice, she chose to represent abused and neglected children.  Her rewards are not financial, needless to say.  To that love, she has added probate work and seems content with her practice.  Here's Terri the attorney.

She met and married a wonderful young man, Mark Kinberger.  They have celebrated over 20 years together.  I think their main hobby is collecting rescue cats and dogs - but that's another story.

Two years ago Terri had a devastating encounter with Guillain-Barré syndrome.  We almost lost her.  She had to relearn how to walk and work continually to rebuild her strength and muscles.  She fought a very courageous battle and she is winning!  After a little over a year of hard work, she even managed to do a 6K run when it was fearful she might not walk again.

Today, our daughter is struggling with the fact that she can't figure out where her husband is taking her for her special birthday dinner.  If I knew, I probably wouldn't tell her - no, I know I wouldn't tell her.  Mark will make it a special day I'm sure.

My daughter doesn't read blogs so she won't see this but I wanted to honor her anyway and let you all know that I am lucky to have very special people in my life and she is a special one indeed.  Not only is Terri my daughter, she is my business partner (Duo Designs, Inc.) and my best friend.

Terri have a wonderful day!  We are very proud of you!

Love you - Mom and Dad


NCPat said...

What a wonderful trip down your memory lane! Happy birthday to your daughter and your celebration of having such a wonderful friend!

Sandy said...

Sandy, I've met your daughter through the EGA and ANG in Louisville and she is truly a wonderful person. You should be proud of the great job you did raising her!!


Teresa Kinberger said...

Ha- I snuck up on you and have been reading your blogs! They were pretty good until this one- it made me cry. I guess I should be thankful that you didn't show any of the hideous pictures of me growing up (grin). Seriously, I am great fil to have such supportive parents. Love you both!!!