Saturday, October 28, 2023

WOW!  That is all I can say about the past 2 months!!

Those of you who have been following us over the years know that we have had a very hectic past few months.  We made a major move in late summer, hosted a fabulous Retreat in September and just finished up a Stitching Cruise through and on the Greek Islands this October.

Like I said - WOW!

I am now hopeful to be returning to some normalcy here at - where?  Gotta come with a name for our abode as Arthur Acres is no more.  We have the major portion of our unpacking done.  A dramatic downsize offers some challenges that are not easy to get through but we push forward.  Hubby had a health hiccup along the way but we have gotten through that and he is back to his normal (whatever that is).

We are now focusing on our online classes and making sure we bring them up to date.  That should be cleaned up within the next couple off weeks!  Watch your group postings and let me know if anything is missing.

Next up is the background work for our next domestic Retreat.  Tentatively - yes, tentatively - we are steering towards the Florida west coast area around January 2025.

           We will, of course, have online classes in between - maybe even Zoom - who knows?

We will share details as they develop.  At our last meetings - Retreat and Cruise - the group consensus was for this dateline.  Also requested was to revitalize our Uniquely Yours sessions.  These sessions involve your personal canvas of choice and stash selections. There will be a minimum of 2 days with a possibility of 4 days class offerings.  Make sure to keep your calendar open for early January dates.  We will share the dates as soon as the contracts are finalized.  We are always excited to plan play dates with our stitchers.

Duo Designs Stitching Retreat General Butler Resort State Park - September 2023 - Highlights   

More perfect weather could not have been ordered for this fun event.  Those driving had a lovely canvas to enjoy and those flying had smooth sailing.

                                                Our view over the river with the morning fog.


Breakfast anyone?

                                                                    Registration is Open!

                                        Teresa and Gayla chatting with participants at Reception

                                            Or outdoor bar-b-que

Our featured artist - Gayla Elliott in the center
Shouldn't leave hungry

Oh wait!  We're stitching, right?

Must be interesting

                                                Teresa sharing ideas and thoughts with students

We were too busy teaching to be able to take pictures in the classrooms.

Next week hope to share some of the Stitching Cruise pictures - 

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