Saturday, November 4, 2023

Our snowbird kids - Teresa and Mark have arrived for the winter!  We are so excited.  Things are really buzzing around here as more and more snowbirders arrive daily - it is almost like grand central station! 
Although we have activities year round here, it moves to a whole different level when the winter residents arrive. A party-type atmosphere vibe sorta moves in!  Woo Hoo! 

Stitching around and on the Greek Isles!

Teresa and Bill on Water Taxi on the Grand Canal going to hotel in Venice

Top priority - Gelato!

On the ship and working!

There is a large screen for students to view if desired.

Students at work!

Class is in session.

Teresa intensely working on her mosaic at Mykonos Greece.

Teresa creating Windmill Mosaic on Mykonos Island of Greece

I chose the very 'exciting' interpretation of the oldest cathedral on the island for my mosaic.

Reminded me of kindergarten  days.

A few didn't make it for the group photo.

To enjoy the sites and beautiful scenes of this cruise be sure to go to the group Stitching and Needlework Events - Bruce Hart generously shared the trip through the lense of his camera and as always he did not disappoint.

Next stop - USA!

While the trip was great and the company even greater, it is always wonderful to get back home.

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