Saturday, August 10, 2019


I am leaving in a couple days for Houston where I will be teaching at the ANG Seminar.  I will be engaged for 5 days - needless to say I will probably be tired near the end - lol.

I am so fortunate to be teaching pieces that I really enjoy and loved stitching.  Heck I feel that way about 99.9% of my class pieces.  It is very rare that I will agree to teach something that I just cannot put my heart into.

One of my classes will be on the Birthday Plaid.  This concept has become very popular lately for some reason.  Here it is shown in a Lee rectangular leather snap tray that is part of the class kit for Seminar.

I chuckle, however, as I first taught this class 15 years ago.  I found some old stitch guides from a class where they were copyrighted in 2004!  But the technique is the same today as it was before when Chottie taught it and many of us put our own personal twist to it.  Here is the version I taught back then.

I was particularly fond of the diagonal design.  These were made into a checkbook cover and eyeglass case.  Didn't have as many fancy possibilities then that we do today.

Upon my return from ANG Seminar I have 3 days at home and then I am off to teach at Stitchers Garden in Naperville (outside Chicago).  The 'What's That' from JP Needlepoint is a very colorful representation of beautiful cacti.

This class is sold out!

There are two techniques classes - one-day each - one on Beading on Needlework and What to Do With Ribbons and Such.  I understand there may be one or two spots still available for these classes but when they are gone they are gone.  There is no extra room.


Just a side note to announce that all ornament stands that were ordered and paid for have been shipped! Now to finish the classes - wooooo hooooo.

Next weekend I hope to share with you sneak peeks from this month's Online Mystery Classes. These are all so much fun and I don't know that I have a favorite.  As I finish each lesson I have a little difficulty putting one aside so that I can get the current lesson done for the next.  I just want to keep stitching!  But it all seems to work out and I love it.

We announced last week that the Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise for 2019 was sold out.  People are still trying to join us but there is just no room at the inn - literally.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures   (Secret Facebook Page - come join us)

This may have sparked interest in getting those registrations in for the Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise for April 2020.  The thoughts of the Netherlands is so exciting for me.  Visions of fields and fields of  beautiful colors of flowers just flood my mind!  I watch the various tourist clips over and over and never tire of the beauty!  Can't wait to be there in person.

We would love to have you join us!  Just hop over to Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures FB page and look at the brochure in the files section.  If you can't find it just drop us an email at and we'll get one off to you. Direct all travel related questions to our agent Liz at and stitching questions to me at

The S.S. Antionette!  Isn't she beautiful.  She holds 152 maximum so don't delay if you would like to come play on the Rhine.  We love these small, intimate ships that cruise the European Rivers to share a unique beauty with us.  All this and stitching with wonderful people of like minds!  Add to that fantastic food and drink - what more could one ask for.

Have a great week - me I'm going to pack!

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