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Beautiful day in Kentucky! We have been able to sit out in the swing and enjoy the birds and watch the hummers (in between stitches of course).  People say to me all the time, I don't know how you do, how do you get so much stitching done?  Well, it is simple.  All I do now is stitch!  I am fortunate to have a hubby that does the cooking - major blessing - and the only disruptions are to get up and throw a load of clothes in the washer or dryer every now and then - and he helps with that too if he remembers.

I never work on just one project.  Right now I have on the frame a piece I'm stitching to propose to Blue Bonnet Studios for the 2019 Retreat - after I just removed the ornaments I created for the riverboat stitching cruise - Party on the Po.  All the while I am also rotating and adding stitches for the future lessons of the Online Mystery Classes.   Sitting next to me on the sofa is the beautiful Winter Cardinal that I will be teaching at Needlepoint in New England Retreat in April 2018 and I ponder it while I am filling an area with upright cross stitches on another piece.

I do not remember ever stitching a piece from start to finish - just that piece.  I always manage to jump around from one to the other.  But the magic is that the majority of them do get finished.  All my Online Mystery Classes get completed but I also finish models of classes that I teach face-to-face.

This works for me.  It would drive some people crazy.  But what I have created for me is a means of stitching continually and never getting bored.  If I am working on a piece, like the one for Blue Bonnet, and I suddenly have a brain storm come to me for a QUICKIE class project, I scoot the BBS piece aside and stitch the area on the other that inspired me.  I then return to my other piece.

So, for me, all the choices surrounding me prevent my every getting bored and that makes me happy. I rarely get myself in a corner, but when I do have a dangerously encroaching deadline somehow the bits of stitching I did while working on another piece are very helpful in that I can concentrate on finishing the piece rather than starting from scratch.  I hope I am explaining this okay.  Anyway, the answer to may sanity (if I may presume that I am sane) is that I always have a choice of something else to work on if I am not happy with how something is turning out at the moment on my current design on the frame.

Oh and I also have my 'busy' stitching.  That's what I call stitching that requires not much thought such as basketweave, filling a certain area, etc., that I can do while there may be a show that I want to listen to.  I am not much of a TV watcher but my husband lives in front of the TV when he is in the house. So,


     NOTICE:  Invoices have been mailed for the 6-Lesson Class Fee for Cupcakes (email me at duodesignsinc if you did not receive yours.)

     NOTICE:  Kits and the first lesson have been mailed for the QUICKIE - USA Star - we have two extra kits if interested - $100 - first come-first served.

Registration is now open for the next QUICKIE - Eagle Star from Raymond Crawford Designs.

The all inclusive class includes a hand painted canvas, threads, 2 classes posted in pdf format and shipping and handling.  This kit is $125. Email us at if you want to join the group.  There is a limited number of class kits so it is first-come, first-served.

In less than two weeks we will introduce our next new class the fun and funky CUPCAKES.  This is chocked full of fun stitches and lots of interesting threads.

This delightful design is from BB Needlepoint Designs.  Look at all the trouble we are going to get into.  We are introducing you to lots of unusual threads that many of you have never used before.  Things like Legacy, silk ribbon, Memory thread, 1/8" metallic ribbon, boucle even some beads and buttons.  How about rushing, couching, weaving, and who knows what else?  Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying this piece because we can try all sorts of techniques and the spaces are small enough that you get the opportunity to try something but it does not dictate the entire piece - so if you don't like a technique we can do something else but at least you have been introduced to that particular technique.

The first lesson for this class is scheduled to post mid-July.  PayPal invoices for the 6-lesson packet of $150 have been sent.  If you would like to join us just email me at and we can add you to the list.  If you have not already done so be sure to get your canvas ordered through your local needlepoint shop.  If you need assistance or do not have a LNS just contact us and we will get you fixed up. -

We will be saying goodbye to our wonderful Large Easter Rabbit this month.  Be sure to watch for the posting of the complete piece.  


It is unbelievable that it will be time for us to depart for this wonderful riverboat cruise on the Po in Italy.  Not only do we have an exclusive optional class project:

We now have some exclusive 3" ornaments available for cruise participants as well:

Aren't they cute?  And quick to work up too!  We have so much fun lined up that it is getting more and more difficult to be patient.  Did somebody say 'Goody Bag?"  


I am told that classes are filling for the Needlepoint in New England Retreat in CT April 2018.

Have you registered? If not you better hurry as you may miss out on your first choice.  Here's the link website -

I am teaching the wonderful exclusive from Maggie that I call Winter Cardinal.  So fun.  I believe there are a couple spots left but don't know for how long.  Go have a look!

I have some additional news as well.  I have been invited to teach at the Winterthur Retreat scheduled for March 23-25, 2018 at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware.  I will be teaching the Shepherd and His Flock

And I'll be teaching Fruit and Flowers
This is a new venue for me so I don't have a lot of information that I can add right now except to provide you with links for registering, getting more information, reviewing the various classes offered, etc.

The thing that attracted me to this event is the fact that any participant may bring a child between 10-18 years old to learn to needlepoint; they will be provided a canvas to work on and learn basic stitches and they get to come FREE!  I am always in favor of supporting anyone who is trying to get our young people more involved in our art.  

People are currently signing up now and if you pay in full you receive a 10% discount.
So go check out these various links:

This is for making a deposit:

This is to pay in full:

For available kit:

For questions and more information call (978) 226-8271 or email

Okay, must get back to it!  Have a great weekend!

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