Monday, September 7, 2015


Seems we always have an opposite for every feeling that we experience.  It is with sadness that we finish the Online Mystery Class - Harvest.  It has been such a happy adventure.  We have met and made many new friends through this venue.  I even had the opportunity to meet one participant face-to-face.  Several have expressed how they have made new friendships and look forward to nurturing these through our common love of our passion for needlepoint.  I plan to post a picture of the completed project totally finished in the very near future.

Several are moving on with us to future Online Mystery Classes - Anne Lane Cats in a Dinghy, Melissa Shirley Thanksgiving Critters, Brenda Stofft Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories, the collection Pillow Collage and many, many more.  So, not only will they be able to continue these new friendships, they will be afforded the opportunity of adding more to the list as new members join us in the many diverse classes of the future.

I am happy to advise that we are on the final week of registration of our next Online Mystery Class - S.O.S. in Cyberspace.  This fun embellishment class will give you the opportunity to seek advise and suggestions for areas that have caused you concern on current canvases in your stash.  The class will last for 6 months with the last postings taking place in February 2016.  Several who have signed up have already presented their first challenge for me and we are having fun analyzing them and offering suggestions.  This class will address 6 individual questions that you have but will also offer you the opportunity to share concerns of the other participants and see the answers for them as well.  We find that it is advisable to start a notebook to keep all the fantastic suggestions for future use.

It is fun to see how many share the same canvas  that I am addressing and comment that they will be saving the responses for when they work on their canvas.  Notice I said it was 'fun' to see, not 'surprised' to see because it is amazing how many share similar tastes.

You still have a week left to join us if you so choose.  Just drop me an email to and we can start the process.  If you need more detailed information just scroll down through older posts and there are several references to this next class that begins on September 15.

In the meanwhile, if you have a long holiday weekend enjoy it to the fullest and be sure to stitch with a smile!


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