Sunday, August 30, 2015


I feel so blessed with work!  Now you can take that any way you want too - seriously, joyfully, sarcastically or tongue in cheek (what does that mean exactly?)

What I mean by this statement is that I am having the best time 'keeping up' with my students of my various goings on.  We have 3 - count them - 1-2-3 - active Online Mystery Classes.  I so enjoy watching my students' reactions to certain techniques and how we work through various situations. We are developing new online friendships and many are repeat students - I lovingly call them my 'groupies'.  Students are reaching out across the country and world to share and interact with each other.  Our Secret Facebook Pages are so positive and happy that I am very proud to host them.

Add to this, we have a class that has some, what shall I call them????, johnny-on-the-spot, anxious annies, ahead of the game, eager beavers, chomping at the bit?  It doesn't matter how they are labeled I love them all and I am so happy to have had them come forward and excited to start on this new adventure.  The next class does not officially start until September 15 - S.O.S. IN CYBERSPACE - but we already have several people who are very active over on our Secret Facebook Page and making positive progress!  This is great for me because it gives me a chance to get a head start for when everyone chimes in.  So while the class hasn't started officially we have already posted some queries and responses.  This puts in place a great example for the newbies joining the group to see how things are handled and they already have the makings for the beginnings of a workbook.  Each person still gets 6 issues addressed some are just covered over an 8 months period of time instead of 6 months and those joining in are not missing one word or diagram from day one.

You only have until September 14 to join this group is you are interested.  Be sure to email me at  (More detailed information is available by scrolling down through older posts.)

The next 'keeping up' I am involved in is stitching the future mysteries.  Oh my!  It should be a sin to enjoy something so much!  I am in heaven!  Cats in a Dingy from Annie Lane  (Nov. 15) is going to be so cute and isn't overly complicated.  The Special Request Class - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories by Brenda Stofft  (Jan. 15) - is going to be quite busy.  There are gobs of techniques we can play with here too. Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving Critters (March 15) has all the wonderful autumn colors in it and has much to offer and techniques galore.  The Pillow Collage (May 15) from the collection designs by Needlepoint of Back Bay is going to be an astonishing class.  There is so much to create in this wonderful piece - velvet, ribbons, beads, fringe -that we will use a full year to give it justice (large canvas).  Registration is 'open' if you want to add your name to any of these lists but invoicing, etc., will not begin until a month prior to registration closing- which is one month prior to first lesson shown in parenthesis.  As you may gather, the buzz word for me in my classes is techniques - I love doing something funky here and there and playing with fantastic threads and embellishments. (Again for more details scroll through older posts.)

Add to that, I am being approached and prodded by designers wanting to add their designs to be auditioned for future classes.  I know you'll love the pieces we have in line for you for July and September 2016.  So, don't hesitate to let me know what you would like to see us play with.  Classes are arranged through September 2016 and more are on the drawing board being considered so don't think you guys are going to get to slack off on me.  We're just going to learn, learn, learn!  And have fun doing it.

Another 'keeping up' is getting models stitched for the TNNA Winter Market in San Diego in January.  Still have one model to go and I'll have those all done.  Then, of course, need to write the stitch guides.

The 'keeping up' that is really getting close is preparing kits for the EGA National Seminar in San Antonio!  How exciting!  I have two 2-day classes - Pumpkin Spiced Tea and Trio of Diamonds a self-finishing ornament class.

Somewhere in there is putting the polishing touches on Series V - but more about that later.

Oh, did I mention that I will be taking a class in Houston (certified master teachers are required to keep up CEUs) and the Nashville Retreat too!  Does anything think I am bored?

As stated earlier, if you would like more information about any of my classes, scroll down through several older posts or just drop me an email at  We'd love to hear from you.

So have a great day and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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