Sunday, February 3, 2013

Great Show, Wonderful Friends, New Friends = TNNA Market.

After a rocky start, we are having a great time here in Long Beach.

I have been quite busy with teaching 3 classes and trying to visit and say hello - I know I am missing several with whom I'd love to visit, but when I go by their booth they are very busy - and, I certainly am not going to interrupt a potential sale.

My first class was Sweetest Tree for Sundance Designs.

I had great students - some new faces and some returning ones (does that mean they didn't get it the first time?)  We had fun and still managed to accomplish a lot in the small time frame that we were allotted.  Unfortunately, I have no pics from that class.

The second class was A Time for Love, also for Sundance Designs.

Another great group of students - my students seem to always be the best!  I love them all.

We managed to get a few pics from this class.  I must say, however, these guys look like they are working awfully hard don't you think?  Their CPA can't say that market is all play from the looks of these photos.

My last class was Night Cap from Leigh Designs' Old Crow Series.  Another great bunch of students.  

There would be no pics from this class had not Amy Bunger immediately grab one of the gals and have her take our pics before class began.  Otherwise, again we were all so absorbed in the project that pics didn't cross anyone's minds.

Then, I worked in the Sundance booth for awhile and was able to visit with so many wonderful shop owners.  I will be visiting some of you in the next year or so, so be sure to discuss upcoming classes with your particular shop owner.

Later yesterday, we got to visit with THE Jo of THE Bible.  Here is a quick photo of her and Libby Sturdy (wonderful friend and designer) that Jo's husband Ralph took for us.  Doesn't it look like we are dressed to just do a song and dance any moment - all in our costume of choice - black and white.

Gotta go now and get breakfast and get ready for an 8 am class.  I hope to be able to have more later.

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