Thursday, December 31, 2015

I can't believe it is already 2016.  Classes in 2015 were so fun and what wonderful new friends we made along the way.There is so much to look forward to this year! I am so fortunate to have such beautiful projects to share with you this coming year.  And, as always, I'm very excited.  Of course, if I'm not excited about it I won't be doing it.  So, what ya' say we just jump right in!

I am posting this schedule so that those who have interest can watch for trunk shows, special sales, etc. since so many post on the Internet and give easy access. The sooner you have your canvas the better off you will be - no stress!

Also, you can register at any time for any of the classes by emailing me at  Registering merely places you on the notification list for advising that invoices will be forwarded.   Invoices are sent out a month before the class starts. (You may also request to be invoiced earlier to adjust to your budget.)

mid-January - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories - Brenda Stofft

Yes, it is actually almost time to start!  It is such a fun canvas. The first lesson is ready to share with you and it will get you off to a great start for the new year.  Eggs have been distributed! What better way to start the New Year than with a happy, colorful project that you are sharing with friends?

mid-February - S.O.S. in Cyberspace

This is our second online embellishment class. The first went so well that we decided to continue and do it again.  The quality of canvases covered in this class is amazing!  It is wonderful.  This class is limited in size and filling fast.  This is the only class that is $200 for a 6-session packet. For complete details on this fun class, scroll waaaaayyyy down (July 27 initial posting) and there is a blow-by-blow description of how it works. To register email me at

mid-March - Thanksgiving Critters - Melissa Shirley

I choose to call this Autumn Critters because it is a beautiful fall/autumnal themed canvas and much more than Thanksgiving. We will have a lot to play with on this project and no one area is overwhelming!  We'll create different furs (wonder if needle felting might be involved some?), padding, weaving, ribbon maybe, beads surely, stump work techniques, we never know.

mid-May - Pillow Collage - the collection  - D-141 Needlepoint of Back Bay

18 ct.  26” x  15”

This project is scheduled to cover a year of time.  It is still a 6-lesson packet for $150 but each lesson will last for a period of 2 months.  Lots to do on this one. This design just oozes with dozens of techniques, thread introduction, beads, etc., etc.  I just know we'll have a ball creating our finished product.  Heck, we'll even paint if you want to!

mid-July - Happy Haunting Grounds - Eye Candy HW-134

This colorful, fun piece - typical Ada - is on 18ct with a design area of approximately 12" x 13".  My cut canvas is 17" x 18".  I was thrilled when Ada asked me to consider featuring this as one of my Mystery Classes.   Oh dear, whatever will we do with this happy thing?  Beads?  Ribbons? Bling? Fantastic threads? Techniques?   We'll just have to wait and see!

mid-September - Robin Wreath - Melissa Prince

18ct mono canvas with a design area of approximately 14" x 14"

I was very excited when Melissa said we could do this as a class.  This is one of a series of wreaths but it is the first one I saw and fell in love with.  I knew it would be perfect for our venue.  Look at all this stuff!  Fruit, nest, eggs, foliage, and a beautiful robin.  It is going to be so fantastic.  I am gathering threads like crazy and anxious to try out my ideas and share them with you!

mid-November - Santa's Reward - DND - D-03

This 12" x 12" design is handpainted on 13ct mono canvas.  This beautiful childhood memory is also available on 18ct canvas.  Please note, however, the class will be conducted on 13 ct.  We will be working shiny ornaments, delicious cookies, furry outfit, wonderful beard, etc.  What delightful memories will be revived while we are stitching this guy! Don't you just want to eat one of those cookies? Beautiful Devon!

mid-January 2017 - Large Easter Rabbit - Brenda Stofft -  B-264

18 ct monocanvas 14" x 16" Design

Okay, I could not resist the tease! This will be such a beautiful companion to our 2016 beginning so decided to make it a 2017 beginning also! Several names are already on the notification list! We will talk about him in more detail later.  Look at the 'stuff'!

As stated earlier, if you would like to be placed on the notification list for any of these classes, simply send me an email at  Invoices are generally distributed one month before the class starts - however, for those who so desire, we can invoice earlier so you can work magic with your budget.  At invoicing time you will receive an email stating that you have indicated an interest and the invoices will be sent that day (or soon thereafter).  At that time you can advise if you wish to withdraw from class consideration.  If you miss that opportunity (or I didn't see your email) and you receive an invoice, it is just a simple matter to delete the invoice if you want to withdraw.

Classes cover a 6-month time period.  You are invoiced up front for a 6-lesson packet of $150 (with the exception of the embellishment class S.O.S. in Cyberspace which is $200).  Once payment is processed you will receive an invitation to the secret Facebook page.  There you will find helpful memos about various things that I decided to write about - LOL - our FB rules,  the materials list, and meet other members as they are added, etc. 

There are a few shops that I provide contact information for that agreed to work on thread kits for those who desire to have them.  These are some shops where I have taught numerous times and trust their integrity and judgment.  Occasionally, a shop will also offer a special discount if you tell them you are a member of this group - they are members so can readily check to see if you are. (Shops are not allowed to advertise on this FB page - I share whatever pertinent information I discover concerning specials, etc., that relate to our project.) 

So we try to cover as many bases as possible to make this a pleasant experience for you.  What better way to take a class than to forego the travel expenses - flight, hotel, meals - time restrictions, preparation (we can wear our jammies!!!) etc.  Also, you get to interact with others and share their questions and solutions as we go along.  You will find that you will add new friends quickly.  We all share the same uncontrollable passion of the needle arts.

Please consider joining us!  We would love to have you!

May you all have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2016!

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