Saturday, December 5, 2015

FA LA LA LA LA     LA LA LA LA M . . .

Somewhere along the way we are supposed to stop and prepare for the holidays.  I'm having so much fun that I have difficulty pulling myself away from my canvases that I am playing with to do silly things like trim the tree, etc.  Guess I better do so soon or the holiday season will be over - LOL.  It will be over quickly anyway but I don't want to miss it.

I wanted to take a minute and remind you about my upcoming classes.  The next one open to the general public is at  Callaway Gardens in January and registration for those 3 classes are closed - sorry you missed them.

Next on the list is the Blue Bonnet Retreat which takes place in February- visit
 I am teaching two classes there.  The Pumpkin Spiced Tea is scheduled for February 13 and 14.

This is a 2-day class and involves needle felting with silk roving, bargello, stump work, and lots of interesting techniques.  

The second class is the Boston Terrier Cocktail which is through Ruth Schmuff Designs.

This guy with an attitude is also a 2-day class being taught February 15 and 16.  We will be doing needle felting in this one too and lots of cool techniques using cool threads!

NOTE: The last day to register for Boston Terrier Cocktail is December 10 if you want a canvas to work on in class.  These are hand painted canvases and will not arrive in time for class after that date.  You would need to work on a doodle cloth only if you register after that date.

Go check out the online registration form and come play with us!  It is a beautiful setting and wonderful people attend.  Go to and check out the classes and registration details.  We would love to have you join us.

For those of you who cannot travel but still love the idea of classes, we are still accepting registration for our next Online Mystery Class -  Brenda Stofft's Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories.

I was able to provide Brenda with a projected number of class participants and she currently has the canvases available so you will be able to get your canvas in time for class - first lesson scheduled for mid-January 2016.  Remember to ask for that special Christmas gift maybe!

To register:  Send me an email at and tell me you want to play with us! Then contact your LNS and get the canvas ordered right away.  We'd love to have you.

Scroll down through older posts to see more details about this and other scheduled Online Mystery Classes!

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