Sunday, March 8, 2015


That's how many days are left to register for this wonderful Mystery Online Class, HARVEST!

Scroll down for earlier postings for all the details.  But, here's a quick recap:

Registration closes:  March 15, 2015

First Class Begins:  On or about April 15, 2015

Class Fee is $150 for a total of 6 lessons.

Lessons are posted one a month beginning April 15 for the first lesson. Detailed instructions, illustrations and pictures walk you through each and every aspect of this design.

Private Facebook Page has be created for participants to compare notes, share what works for them or doesn't, etc., ask questions, etc., etc.  Facebook Page is limited to the Harvest Class ONLY!

Canvas:  Order canvas from your local needlework shop.  It is Robbyn's Nest Design:  R-888 and can be ordered in 13ct or 18 ct.

Threads:  A materials list will be provided shortly.  You can purchase from your LNS, use your stash, or take advantage of those shops who are creating Thread Kits for purchase.  I will be providing this information on the Facebook Page once it is gathered.

To Register:  Simply send an email to and provide me with your email address and say "I want in!"  That's all there is to it.

You will start getting invoices and additional information on or about March 16 after registration closes.

We have a very nice group started and would love to have you join us!  Come on over!


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