Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MARCH ! ! !  Really?  MARCH!

I remember my Mom saying as you get older time flies.  Boy she sure wasn't kidding on that one.  As I sit here looking out at mounds and mounds of snow and continue to deal with frozen water pipes, it is hard to visualize that it is actually March.

I just returned from a delightful Stitch Away Retreat with the Lone Start Chapter of ANG.  We were at a lovely resort on Lake Conroe, TX.  It was a little chilly every now and then for me but it sure was warmer than it was back home.

While there, great interest was stirred for the upcoming Online Mystery Classes!  These are so much fun!  Mod Ornaments is gearing down as I prepare to post Lesson 5 of 6 lessons.  So thoughts are running towards the new ones on the horizon.

Time is running out for registering for the next class in line (or should that be online?)  Harvest is a beautiful seasonal rendering for those who would like something that is non-holiday related.  The wonderful oranges, greens, creams, purples, blues, reds, bronzes, etc., can be displayed from early September through December here in the States.

For more particulars, scroll down through previous posts and view the canvas count options, size of the canvas, Robbyn's Nest model number for ordering, etc.

We will be doing some great techniques on this design too:  lots of dimension (well, heck I'm beginning to think that is my middle name!).  Bling will be very subtle and subdued - not flashy on this one.  Once again we'll likely play with or nue`, some stump work techniques including paddings, needle weaving, attachments of 'things', etc.  Who knows as I progress along on this beautiful design.

There is a private Facebook page set up for those of you are participating in this class.  I will begin sending out PayPal invoices on or about March 15 for $150.00 that covers all 6 lessons at once.  These can be paid through PayPal or a check may be mailed to us for processing for those who do not care for PayPal.  Once payment is received and processed you will be sent an invite to join the Facebook group.  

There will be 6 monthly lessons posted, the first being on or about April 15 (notice how I cover my butt with the 'on or about' verbiage?).

So to register just send me an email at duodesignsinc@yahoo.com and let me know you want in.  I'll send you an email acknowledgement.

Get your canvas ordered!

As a material list is developed I will be contacting some shops where I have taught in the past and solicit their interest in providing thread kits for those interested in purchasing them.  Stay posted for that.

In the meanwhile, please join us for this great class!

As a teaser, I am going to be throwing in a special Mystery that I'll start promoting in a few months.  Stay tuned for that.  It is super cute!

So remember to stitch with a smile!


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