Saturday, February 20, 2021



I'm getting closer!  Next week I get my second Covid vaccine!  I'm very excited to get this done!  Hubby has both his.  Our son received his first one this past week.,


We posted our mid-month classes this past week.  Always so fun and they come around much too quickly.

We finally got to start the Two by Two canvas from Strictly Christmas.

The first session involved the border, the sky and the rainbow!.  Next up we will start playing with the characters - over 15!

In Spring Welcome from PLDesigns, we finished the needle felting technique to cover our bunny.

Everyone seems to be really enjoying the felting process.  I tried something new for me. I offered a Zoom meeting providing the opportunity for participants to discuss any issues they might have.  Good idea.  Problem was I'm not too good at Zoom.  I pretested and everything was great.  The minute the meeting went live, however, I could not get the mic to work, etc,.  Eventually we were able to communicate - but not before I became totally frustrated with my inefficiency with techy stuff! I have very little patience with stuff like this.

Next up we will add the finishing touches to the bunny and other stumpwork areas.  Stay tuned.

Lovable Llama 'grew' fur this lesson.

I was having so much fun on this guy that I had to make myself quit adding more and more fur.  Isn't it wonderful? ! ?

We are preparing our upcoming new class - American Train by Raymond Crawford.  This 6 session project begins mid-March.  The 6-lesson packet is $175.

The first two sessions will cover the Engine.  Each canvas will be covered in 2 sessions.  Sessions are planned to be shared every couple weeks - basically 2 a month.

To join the class just email us at  Canvases are in stock and ready to be sent out right away.   


We introduced our new book Stitching with Stars to shop owners last week for preordering.

Diagrams and many photos are packed into this little guy.  We have a guest star provided by the one and only Amy Bunger too!  Love it!

The preorders are going great and well above expectations. Contact your Local Needlepoint Shop and get your name on the list to receive one of the first books distributed! 

The two other 'siblings' of the Pocketbook Series are also joining the shipping with this new introduction.  Many want to make sure they have all three. They are great to have and not too burdensome to carry around.  


If you have not already done so be sure to check out the classes being hosted by ANG for the upcoming Seminar in Kansas City, MO.  Go have a look at - there you will find the forms needed to sign up, individual descriptions of all the classes being offered, and lodging information.  We would be delighted to have you in one of our three classes!

Space is limited so be sure to sign up early.

The Vessels from The Art Needlepoint

I love the design space that allows students the room to become comfortable with the technique being shared.


Many of you may not be aware that Duo Designs, Inc. introduced a line of hand painted canvases at a recent Trade Show.  You may see what we have to offer at our website  Have a look and if you find something you would like contact your local needlepoint shop or pick one from the list of retail shops provided on our website.  They will be happy to assist you with your next project selection.

ETSY SHOP - DuoDesignsbySandra

Check out our Etsy Shop for stitch guides and surplus class items,  A few canvases left over from classes are listed in the shop. I seem to manage to always over stock.  I don't like to disappoint my students if possible.

Please stay safe and warm.  Wishing we return to some normalcy before too much longer.

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