Saturday, April 25, 2020

The end of April is drawing very near.

Many years ago on this day I was full of vim and vinegar!  I couldn't find enough floors to mop! We had a 4-room house at the time. I was very restless and energetic.  My mother was visiting with us at the time and she was watching me like a hawk.  Finally she could stand it no longer and demanded of me ' Sandy, are you in labor?'  Well, h_ _ l, how was I supposed to know?  I had never been pregnant before and I was a mere child myself.  Anyway, sure enough the energy began to be replaced with pain.  By daybreak we were now a family of three.  Happy Birthday tomorrow to our beautiful daughter, my bff and my business partner Teresa! We are very proud of you and the woman you have become!  Keep up the good work! Love you forever!


During these trying times of being quarantined or self-isolated it is more important than ever to keep our minds active.  How lucky are we to have such a wonderful passion of needlework.  We are very fortunate to have fantastic shops that are there for us as well.  And feeding these shops are the fabulous thread distributors, canvas manufacturers/distributors, designers and creators.  Please place orders during this time so that our wonderful suppliers can keep going.  As a teacher/designer I have had no problem obtaining needed product at this point.  My shipments have been timely - which surprised me.   There are a few that have taken longer than normal but not many.  I believe the reason is because of limited hours for those few.  So don't hesitate ordering that wonderful thread that you think might look good on that particular spot on your canvas design!  Your LNS can use your help and will thank you.


In a few short weeks we will have our first posting for the ever cute Kissmas Eve canvas !

Still time to sign up!  The shop has put together the kit materials and is ready to help those who need assistance.  If you join the class the materials list will be posted in the secret Facebook page so you can browse your stash and visit your LNS if fortunate enough to have one.  Sure they may be closed but you can always call or email your order.

Don't forget Lovable Llama from Gayla Elliott designs in mid-July, Two by Two from Strictly Christmas in mid-September and Just Add Water from CBK Designs!

WOW!  Still lots of fun and excitement for 2020!  

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - private group for stitching journeys

I think the dust is settling from the cancellation of our Tulip Time on the Rhine stitching cruise as most people have gotten their funds for the cruise part taken care for the most part.  Many of you chose to slide over to our Tulip Time on the Rhine 2022 and we thank you very much for doing so.

In the meanwhile, we are gearing up for our Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Adventures.  This trip is slated for April 15-24, 2021. Some of us are going in a couple days early or staying over a couple of days extra as well.

Now, as many of you know the travel agents have a couple major setbacks going on currently.  First many have had to cut back staff drastically and work with a skeleton crew; or have had to shut down their office completely; or have agents working from home.  Next they are absolutely covered up with trying to mitigate the damage caused by this virus to recover for their clients as much travel dollars as they can - be it cruise ships, vacation villas, side excursions, air fare and/or insurance.  The point is please, please be patient and we will get through this!  I know not as quickly as some would like but remember that we do have staterooms reserved and they will not be sold until we release them.  Some are saying the NCL is stating over half full already.  So browse through the brochure, day dream, and email with your wishes.  Please copy us at so we can follow up for you. Russ (our agent) is on furlough and not currently able to work with us.  We have had several already send in their reservations which makes us very excited. If they (your paper work) are at Platinum Travel they will be processed once the offices reopen.  Our Governor has not allowed that to happen as yet.  Like many states we are in lockdown for self quarantine.  We have been requested to wear masks when outside our homes - but more importantly not to leave home unless for health reasons or essentials such as groceries and medicines. Things are predicted to ease up a little beginning next week or so - but, baby steps.

Now, if we could get the canvas painters back to work we will be able to breathe a little sigh of relief!

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

Time to share another super, duper special as our Blog Special for the upcoming week. Needle felting is really becoming more and more popular in our medium.  I taught how to needle felt on canvas many years ago and was almost run out of the country for such an idea!  But it has prevailed.  I fear that many do not have access to the wonderful wool roving that is out there and must depend on the big box stores.  This week we are featuring the wonderful roving wool distributed by Clover!
 Once you work with this fantastic wool you will wonder how you ever managed with the rough texture and unappealing colors offered by the big box stores.  Hop over the the shop - DuodesignsbySandra - and give these beautiful wools a try.  The blog special this week is free shipping on purchase of any 3 packages of wool. Free shipping will not apply to orders that contain tools or items other than wool roving. When taking advantage of this offer email us at and request a custom listing and notify what your color choices are.

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler - free weekly stitches


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