Saturday, April 18, 2020

Spring is in the Air (I think!)

One week the crocus and phlox are peeking out and the next there is snow!  Maybe Mother Nature is trying to keep us entertained during this time of confinement. Yesterday we saw a pair of Goldfinch. My goldfinch have been gone for 2 years.  We were very excited!  Doesn't take much to excite me and the beautiful birds feeding at our feeders entertain me throughout the day. I can see them out the corner of my eye where I stitch so it is easy for me to turn my head and enjoy them for a period of time.  I especially love the male cardinals and watching how they take care of their ladies.  The little chickadees and titmouse just flitting all over the place are also a joy.  The woodpeckers concentrate on the suet trays. We are also blessed with an annual visit of a rose breasted grosbeak but they don't linger and usually only stay for about 3 days.  But we still love seeing them and glad they visit with us on their journey. We use seed that attracts songbirds so we don't see many bluejays, red winged blackbirds, doves at the feeder but they do hang out on the fences and barn roof taking it all in. Sometimes they come in for cleanup as the grounds crew.


Lessons were posted this week for our Online Mystery Classes.

At the Seashore by Sandra Gilmore has a ton of stuff going on.  This week we concentrated on the two smaller tables, the various items on the tables and the books on the floor.

The Fall Welcome Wreath with scarecrow has started getting more color.  This session we included the purple mums and the red and gold zanias or marigolds (I am not known for my flower knowledge.)

Registration continues to go well for Kissmas Eve and Lovable Llama.

This precious couple is joining us mid-May for the first session.  That is next month!  YIKES! They are so cute and I love working on them.  Yep, you can still join us by emailing us at

Lovable Llama

Okay, this sweetie has created a little rumbling in the classroom.  I see this as a devil may care young man feeling his oats and being quite frisky as he flaunts around in the herd.  However one of my students see this as a cute young lady with her tassels on her ears and her colorful necklace.  Hmmmmm.  This class is scheduled to begin mid-July.  If you want to play with us just email us at

For our 2021 Online Mystery Classes we have added the patriotic Raymond Crawford American Train series.

 These 3 guys will likely be at least 8 sessions.  We'll see once we get the canvases to study.  I'm thinking of stitching each car independently but at the same time there will be common threads and stitches that go from one car to the other.  The current plan is to have this begin mid-January but a lot depends on how the painters will fare after the quarantine is lifted. If you are interested in being added to the notification list (no obligation) send email to

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

It seems the limited time sale went pretty well so I'll try to continue to do it.  I am going to call it a Blog Special.  The limited time will usually be for one week in duration (unless I forget to remove it - yikes). So tomorrow I will remove last week's special if there are any left and post a new one. That special is of the travel canvas class from a couple years ago cruise down the Danube by guest designer Kate Dickerson.

This week's Blog Special feature is a canvas of which I only have a very few. So it is first come-you get it.  It is the wonderful Songbirds from Danji.  This online class featured a lot of bling and some different stitches for many of my students.  As with last week we will include a stitch guide for a very limited time with purchase. The stitch guide alone is an $85 value.

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler - Free Stitch


Stay safe and well all!  Stitch to occupy those empty hours!  We are surely on the downhill slide!

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