Saturday, February 3, 2018


It is so much fun to see what pictures individuals choose to post and share with us of what they saw at the TNNA Market in Vas Vegas.  So diverse!  There surely was something for everyone.

If you wandered over to JuliMar and Friends room you may have seen a couple of designs that I created a stitch guide for.

Ladies In Wait: #1

Not only does this design have loads of color coming at us but there are lots of stitches and techniques shared in the stitch guide.  Watch for it soon on our website under the stitch guides menu. Scheduled for this upcoming week.

Another fun piece was the beautiful goldfish.

Goldfish:  Day Dreaming

Online Mystery Classes:

I understand that kitting is almost complete for our upcoming new class - Snow Happy Trio!

Snow Happy Trio - Love You More Designs

As usual, we are going to have fun with this one.  Shiny, bling, felting, beads, who knows what will be in store!  Hope you are joining us for this one.  Email me at - still time to join in the fun!

Don't forget to register for the March class of the Catitudes from JP Needlepoint Designs.

Tee Hee Hee!  That's all I'm gonna say!

Be sure to check out our upcoming classes for the full year.  Just click on the featured agenda in the right-hand column of this blog.  And, if there is something fun and special you would like to see us feature, just get a group together and contact me.  We'll see what we can work out.

To register for any of our classes just email me at 

And what better way to pass the time on these dreary days we are experiencing here in Kentucky than to dream about our upcoming Riverboat Stitching Cruise. We continue to have new people join in our adventures. Did you know that on our riverboat stitching cruises that all the excursions are already paid for and included in your total price? That's right. There are no extra fees for the excursions. No tips either! When Viking Travel and UniWorld say our cruise is all inclusive from the time we get on the ship until the time we disembark they mean it! That also includes transfer fees! Check out the brochure of all the excursions we have the option to take without extra charge. The brochure is in the files section over on the FB page Needles 'N Fins! If you are not in the group just ask to join. This is so exciting!

Riveboat Beatrice

We are visiting 4 wonderful countries! Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Hungary - oh boy!  Can't wait.  Plans are accelerating at Arthur Acres!  So many needlework options - - - be sure to stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile.


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